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area not about selling the invitewhat do you say oh shit sorry mymicrophone that's being lifted up I wasprobably really hard to hearno we yeah we came back in overtimeoh we came back and force overtime sorrywith 1.8 seconds left so yeah sorry I'mtrying to text and talk to you at thesame time yeah we're down for nothing atthe end of 2 or was it the end of 1 whatare you doing what do you do we got 5minutes wait wait I better pick up mystuff I'm sorry guys what's the totalbosstwo eight zero three nineoh fuck yeah I was playing ultimate teamearlier todayI got was his name Oh Elkins did thedamage he got the damage tattooed acrosshis chest I fuck people up with himI got like 95 chin and 100 stamina Ijust go fucking nuts on people andUltimate TeamKomar you come in alright yeah I gotMcGregorI've got Justin Goethe I've got mycreative guy I got I got busy ConorMcGregor yeahso question is flashed in the backcash would be there to eat 9:03 I thinkwhen I said two eight zero three ninetoo lateyeah we got two minutes before searchtime no we're just hanging out and thenthe Aussie threw us in a fuckingdropping game and he accidentally pressthe yes button I pass the rock to cashhe is the best intern I think Wow wait away to be internet biasedyou asshole I'm trying to think of likeall the cartoons I watched as a kidbecause I watch a shit ton of themAnimaniacs was a good oneI was way into Looney Tunes fuckingfucking big bad beetleborgs I know whatyou're talking aboutPharaohsI really like to land before timegrowing up that was a kick-ass movied'Alene Before Time the dinosaurs thelong necks and the big horns a racistasshole yellow yet dinosaur Fraggle RockI remember Fraggle Rock GI Joe Rugratsthat was another good one I watched allthe good Nickelodeon shit though Iwatched a lot of The Cosby Show growingup hey there's a good wholesome showlike like late 80sis it mid to late 90sCliquot vision magnet ari HaitNickelodeon's history dates back toDecember 1st 1977 dickheads yep inColumbus Ohio it's not just fuckingoldest shit but they didn't blow upuntil the 90s yeah but then they gotshit like running Stimpy where thoselike gold oh yeah you remember the showoh uhI had the punisher is like this big guydressed in a gimp suit that poor slimeon children thinking about it now it waskind of fucked up some grown-ass man ina leather suit yepit's true it's even more fucked upAshton Kutcher's the new to catch apredatorfuck them till they die so each againboy you just you just leaves a littlelike whole it is a fee on in Game ofThronesthey have no testosterone anything yepoh when you castrate when you castratesomebody their body stops producingcertain hormones and they cause the sexdrive it's like when you neuter your catbut I'd say save even more money justtell em I'm on board with that ideafuck them till they die now my dick justslapping without a couple times it'llkill him I think I think death needs tobecome more prominent again hangings andshit because it teaches like it hold onno the thing behind that is itdesensitizes is a bit cuz like like herenow the ultimate thing that everyone isdying but if people are abusing theirrights when they're alive and liketaking away other people's it's aproblem it's a problem we have too manypeople as it is so if we're keeping allthe people around including the peoplethat are scumbags and just here to hurtother people and what the fuck's thepoint just give them that crowd out andthen I bet you they'll stop diddlingkids when you see them fucking hangingin the streetsburn them cook cooking his skin yeahdeath is one thing torture is anotherthing think about ityeah they can it'll just be with a stompwhich will be more traumatic for the kidwe backtrack to like five minutes agowhat when does even come up what thathappened what I miss something yeah getrid of religion and child molestationgoes awayand it's even more fucked upI have a four foot one game too Bubbaunderscore cheeksa message them but both of them areoffline on discord I don't know yetthat's one trying to figure outthere's no Rob $12.99 on PlayStation so12 999 neither late yephang on I gotta take a picture of us inthereit's we set it nowgetting let me Piper's shit stop andshow upall rightso yeah we can do a drop and ifeverybody wantsI already sent the stuff in so if wewant to switch to just a public searchand after that I'll go through the statsfrom game one hand up half a top hathey wait who's not playing this gamewhat was your last game that's notanything Boston where Boston go I saystep let's come on play who's playingwho plays defenseno he's you play you play Center heplays right-wing so he meant wellBoston was our Center for the actualgame so you could play right-wing unlesskoma wants to take center just call mywife betterlet's walk a little roomlet's not goingOh bud step enough there's no gamealready dead never mindwait a second guys everyone back out forone second I don't want to play goalieif we're doing a drop-in what come ondefense I didn't want to let go awaytonight let alone fucking in a droppinggamethere we go that's a little better forhimno you're gonna lose either way and Ineeded to tell that me and blame me Isaw it I was watching the whole timeshe's punchy or something who's Cash'svocal - it says meow[Music]I don't want to play sometimes when Iget a boner I like to put a tissue overand pretend it's a ghost there's nothingthat's quick with ityou win this parity only here piano manwhere do I strike us it's not like youlisten that homo shitwhoa what's that I like rock music likeBilly Talentthere's no way they're notoh they're gone they're ready to gowe're playing this you hear that we'llwinoh I'm Way out of position already oh mygod is musty playing that you know whatI don't want to play that I don't have achoice okaytired of getting molested between theposts that's been the topic of the nightrooster yeah yeah cut off the opponent'shands cuz they keep molesting methat computer computer is deadly rightthereI should have passed the blue wayearlier you know what saywhat's our goalie doing maybe you shouldhave playedwhat'd ya knowlook at his eyes all night long neutralzone faceoff one possession establishedhereweakly yeah and I'm gonna switch to quitthe game goalie suck balls there we go[Music]I'm not gonna lie whoever green was Ilet you take that hits so hard computercomputers I'm saying itgood savegoodit'sif that guy was not pushing up mybutthole we didn't have to do itwell we Figgis they lost the cup why Ithink I was read that's all mego I took one shot and I'm like okaythat's my videothat guy was not bad out of funoh wow go go go go goI try to get the loot down to theseconds Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe youkilling on face offs oh my god is thecomputer center inoh hell no my controller was not my handoh I made it good save we have threecherry pickers slip that guy no I stayI'm gonna touch you pie heresit down Rando one time up wide openwe prize and stop that first shot notbothered me come onThornton fuck with meon boards if you need be just like thatwould back in it boys I'm gonna behonest guys I didn't shoot that puck soI don't know how it weather rapwhat two minutes agowelcome sure it's a pussy walk I wastrying to get him to dospook them my spook dumbget away from my goal you see that yousee I would clear the crease see thatshit just clear no I probably shouldhave cleared it I probably should clearit I should have listened to youholy shit how did I get that so muchWow that's all me dude I thought myfucking plane would deflect the fuck andstudy defeats it why can't we get thatlucky during our games II and I helpedI got an assist and I cleared thatpassing lanemight be something coming up here he hasbeen looking for this for a while Cabo'sgot another in a lot less to faceoffwins Vegas is skating in their own zonewhy every following other oh oh shitThank You bluewell I gotta get a sense on that yeahwe haven't even left yet I haven't hadnothing spanking oh fuck that's not whatI wantedsorry reghey get out of here I'm going straightup I might get a penalty for thatOh Noestablished on the pickup mileageI was in position Isis came forwardit seems every time we play together ourattack is always really low but wealways have like similar shots I alwayshave an A+ on office I don't mind if Idon't like D on defense and DS fordefense right get it two times e time Ithought good effective Oh a computer allright nany wins those I think once in awhile theywhy pick 10 why why I took that shitoh no you came on you kicked it sobbingno no that was me just skatingI was I was trying to stop you can't getso fucking hard my fault they're chasingme super duper Ohall right open net twoI don't know how that know how he glovedthat there's nowhere near the corneryeah yeah guys I meant to do a talk butusually commentators a talking shitabout me fuck this gameOh oh shitif I would have hit that wellor you know poke it works - how does itconsidered rabbitOh what that kid not going I poke checkthosehere you goI wanted to get yellow a goal okay goodjob you sure about thatwhoa take away Pina feel sorry what wasShakespeare did you sayI wasn't paying attention you saidsomething I feel like it's importantokayall right boyswell fucking play what's that dude yeahbut this guy looks legit hugging me thewhole way I was trying it from it yeahit's my goalwe gotta fight in your place are yousureall right give me the rock guys CostaCoast guys watch itoho look at watching and get the assistoh no my guy has to hit the net for thatto happenpolice Palma Galli Patrick no no andGoku saves the day I helped guys Icontributed to this game don't youforget that I blocked that last shotwell good game guys guys I got twoassists I got i had 5% defense later andmore hit apparently I'm the only one onthis team that knows how to hit withouttaking a penalty except for except forcash he's pretty good at that he's onthe leaderboards for thaton the l-left party poopersuh-huh flat he's playing fortnight andhe's broadcasting that make spoons allnightI mean spoons onlinehow off what's going onnot much just finished playing for giantleague we we were down for nothinggoing into the second and then we cameback and took the first game intoovertime with 1.8 seconds left then welost and the second game we won byforfeit because the other team didn'tshow up I took over last place teams andI'm managing like the worst email thankyou after trade deadlineare you guys doing battle royale or PVokay ladee it says flat he's playingfortnight he's broadcasting Chris canhello it's like one of those videoswhere people gobble at the turkeys andthe al gobble back it's just like aninstinct for me hey cam you want to playfart night all right we're gonna

Welcome to the AnimalShanty! I’m PudgyMoose, and i play competetive nhl every sunday, monday, wednesday and thursday.

No products available OR Your Access ID is not registered as an Amazon Associate.

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