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UP AND DOWN STRUGGLES! NEED YOUR HELP! | NHL 18 Edmonton Oilers Franchise Mode Episode 4

this is Dolan et bien guys a big welcomeback to the Edmonton Oilers franchisemode here in NHL 18 is he we sit 18 17and 3 on the year two points back of afor-sure playoff spot the Vegas GoldenKnights holding on the wild-card spotsomehow the Arizona coyotes are holdingdown the division lead in the Pacificdon't ask me how team leaders will gocheck that out because guys you doremember the trade we made last episodeto get Dylan Larkin who is done alrightnot overall great but alright with 28points in 39 games played yes he pullingover becoming around friends Nielsendoing alright but the thing is we have alot of - players so what I'm gonna do iswe're gonna go stack that top line allour centers on the top line we alreadyhave all centers on the top line as itstands right now well what we're goingto get is we're going to go edit lineswe're gonna move things around right nowsee what we can do here and it's a stageyou I don't know why I want to move themup in terms of friends Nielsen but I'mnot sure Nielsen looks to be a prettysolid player up there rocks gonna movepull your RV up there we're gonna movethey don't rise have a little top linethat's that's the move I'm hoping BankNolan get dry settle some more pointstry something new can work together abit more huge having a fantastic yearright 33 points the defenseMatthew Benning 5 assists +2 he's beensolid we'll keep him up there with Oscarleft ball moves at 4 goals16 assists has been beautiful and Ethanbear in his time winning goal - 7 buthe'll grow nothing he's got to grow uphere in the NHL a little bitdarnell nurse five goals six assists andI'm Larson for gold six cysts the powerplay is the big thing I want to look atbecause we didn't do that last episodedry settle in Hopkins and Larson that'snot quite gonna work for me we got toget Dylan Larkin and Newton Hawkins upthere on that top line betting off tothe power play unit andCenter I'm out to get somebody else inhere in terms of maybe like a FranzNielsen type you know what I mean FranzNielsen on the powerplay now I shouldgive us a chance to get something goinghe's got a lot of assists so I like thatand cammalleri is a finisher to allgoals so should be able to get somethingaccomplished there and with Larson andnurse on the second power play unit weshould be good penalty kill penalty killlooks very solid pulley RV he comes forthis 84 that's because he's a two wayforward killing great penalties for usand getting that time he needs to growthis team come around looking sharp andnow that we've made those changes let'ssee what we can do see if we can make upsome ground here in to well we're goinginto January and we'll go get into thenext six games sounds like a good timeagainst Winnipeg is gonna be the firstchallenge and the scouting trip is donebefore we can figure out what we'regonna do with the Winnipeg game that'sall right we'll go Scout forwards in theonly child from one month to one winthere and then a 2-1 ot win alrightscore only a couple of goals and thatwill come back to bite us becauseAnaheim some of these scores more thenwe win 5-1 lose 6-3 and we're still onlya game above five hundred twenty one andtwenty and three ot shoe road losses ifyou'd like so I'm not liking this thisreally isn't the positive we need we'renow point back and playoffs okay so keepthat in mindit's Vancouver holding down that finalplayoff spot Calgary in the top seed sothe Pacific is all black except for theOilers right now and then you see NewtonHawkins 39 points dry sidle 35 so drysettle picked up some points six pointsin six games Strom doing his thing larkand doing his thing some Larkins back toa plus one and Cammalleri not quite buthe got the assist he only had four orthree assists last time around pull weare we doing this thing okay it's teamsstarting to turn the corner I thinkwe've got itjust need to get the consistent offensegoing I think we find the goaltendingneeds to be a little bit stronger weknew that all alongis he Arizona's got 54 points it's onlya spread of 9 points between us andtheir division leaders so we take acouple games here within the division wecould be sitting really really prettyagainst Arizona three nothing lossthat's unfortunate Jordan Staal for asecond third and Braden Christopherthat's a heck of a trade that reallyboosters the team I'll just show youover talking in terms of Jordan StaalJordan Staal at 29 years old 83 overallnot a bad pickup at all that defenseawareness unreal but we already havefriends Nielsen we need making thattrade 3-1 loss to Vegas suddenly wereraped below 500 again gotta turn itaround here against Vancouver ladies forsureand against mine and Cooper we won't getanother 4-3 loss another close one orthree win and come on Calgary has got tobe a victory 71 statement game statementgame right there seven it's one victorykeep it rollin capable and where's MikeDavid what's he doing he's doing 49points in 49 games we are 5 points backin the playoffs really couldn't haveafforded to have Vancouver beat us thereand they did you see here in NewtonHopkins marking up to 39 points the Larkand getting it done on that second linehe's really having a good time dry cell37 points strong 37 cammalleri up to 28men Camilleri it's just blitzing awaynow and nielsen okay okay this team'sstarting to look goodsee slep chef doing all right and EthanBaer 32 games played a goal and anassist in the game okay he's doingalright and who did we put in on thatfourth line I forget was it a bird abirds looking around sharp if it was Idon't think it was let's go check thelines I forget who's on our fourth lineright now we need to reward some guyswith some more time here we're going toedit lines see what we can doso it is a bird a bird with his tenpoints on the ear while moving the rightwing and move jewelle over the left thatshould get those guys a little bit morecomfortable again could you all thesudden of minus 13 on the air Kara - 3 88 points on that 8 points for Kara andat this stage you up to 16 points on theair trends Nielson no 23 is opposed toCoolio RVs 22 Camilleri I don't knowremove Camilleri you know what will movecammalleri up to the top line and seewhat he can do is make Dave in them Ishould be the move see what we do withthat team and hopefully get these boysgoing with guys I don't know lots ofthought here in this episode because weare bouncing all around doing well doingbad doing okay the goaltending reallyI'd like to blame but three nothing RITlike for gold losses are my concernsgoaltending so go up to the Florida gameand we'll try and get up to the tradedeadline in this one edit scoutingassignment will go over to Russia Scoutdefenseman for five weeks see what wecan get there was only 25 them should beable to scale pretty well they'reagainst colorado four-nothing win allrightbig victory right there against TampaBay another one and we get a 4-3shootout loss it's point I'll take pointagainst LA big division game right herecome on boysGreg pattern on waivers minor top todefenseman yet will decline that andagainst LA a 4-2 loss that's unfortunateAnaheim San Jose seven six three one andthen against Florida and now it remains25 24 and 5 on the season 55 points nowthey ain't going to find us in anydivision spot as we are four points backof a playoff spot still Connor McDavid57 points 54 games played kind ofMcDavid looking for that 90 point seasondry saddle 46 points Newton Hopkins 43Larkin 42 okay so Larkins really turnedthe corner here getting it done for usyou shouldgoing up in stats right away he resolvedin swearing it's up to an 88 and thenyou got 39 for strong 32 for cammalleriwho is just blitzing away getting itdonetop Baum 27 friends Nielson 26 Cooliov22 and that's the stage you of 17kichul s still not - came to having astruggle go but everybody else startingto put up points bare like to see him dobetter like see him do better but he'sgot a growing to his role lots for sureala Montoya this is where it's been isthe backup role is really struggled forus all of a sudden someone toyou wasdoing really good and you see cam Talbot263 goals against average we are finewith cam Talbot net up thank captainTalbot doing his hang 57 points forConnor McDavid and have one toy astruggling need morrow to both those twoConnor mcDavid's really got to get itgoing cancel and we'll go calendar andget this underwaywe'll get towards the trade deadlinehere we'll go up to the Anaheim game andthat's where we'll close out thisepisode see how we do against Floridathree to shoot applause and Vegas 2-1loss again in another division loss andwe at least get the victory there aretwo back-to-back victories come onBoston give us that victory Jordan Staalfor the second and fourth rounder nostill not giving up - Jordan Staal don'tthink so or giving up my second roundand pardon me dr. install for threeovertime loss and then another potteryloss man we're just beating ourselves todeath here with these ot loss it's gotto be get in those points we're stillabove 500 but now it's the tradedeadline and we have decisions to makeboys we got to figure out what we'regonna do to get into the playoffs we'reonly three games back mind you aboutsolid playoff spot Connor McDavid doingthis thing in 61 games played 61 pointsdon't lark and doing it but we justdon't have any other goal scorers otherthan McDavid really dry settle 16 insight nobody doing another and camelhairy and dry Seidel like I mean yeahsure we've spread around the goalscoring budit's been rather brutal Ethan Baron oldpoints like this team is a mystery to mebarn above boys show you the goaltendingone more time and see if we need to makea moveget rid of cam tile with 263 914 nowMontoya turn in the corner I don't thinkwe do guys this stall on the TV I'mTyson thank you for tuning into theOilers franchise mode let me know in thecomments section below what yourthoughts are and I will catch guys isthat next one

The Edmonton Oilers head towards the trade deadline with a bunch of problems! I will need your help in the comments section to figure out how to change our fortunes in this NHL 18 Franchise Mode! The ups and downs of a typical Oilers season are wearing on the players, and management! Thanks for watching NHL 18 Franchise Mode on Dolynny TV!

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