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The Finalists: 1983 Edmonton Oilers and 1984 New York Islanders

remember this series I got this startedlast summer and then I got to this and Iwent alright I'll get that done tomorrowand tomorrow and tomorrow the meantime II got this now I used to have thisbefore but I had to reorder cuz I don'tknow what happened to it ever since Iwas I didn't when I was a kid and andthis was this was a magazine I read alot so there I am at 11 years of agethis some hefty reading Pete Peters upin the corner it's fantastic that yearfor the Bruins thought that I cared Iwasn't a Bruins fan at that point YorkIslanders and I'm gonna get into thisbecause this is this is where twodynasties converge and one goes up andone goes way down Islanders drive forfive no laughing matter there's talkthat the Islanders are beneficiaries ofa diluted league that their fourconsecutive Stanley Cups come at a timewhen most teams in the league are tooweak to rest the cup away from them thatin another year the Islanders would notbe nearly as awesome that talk isnothing more than talk the Islanders area complete team with tons of talent inevery position this is not merehyperbole the facts can be traced backas far as Indianapolis home of theIslanders Central Hockey League farmteam the checkers are a dynasty in theirown right having won two consecutive CHLchampionships and according to theHockey News 10 best serve a the bestminor league franchise Kelly Rudi is thecheckers number one goalie tops in theCHL but with Billy Smith and RollieMelanson occupy and the Islanders nethe's unable to escape Indianapolis thismay be the year he's moved up to theparent team but there's talk he may betraded to Washington but he'll have ahard time dislodging the Smith Melansontandem which helped the Islanders whenthe Jennings Trophy as the topgoaltending Smith is getting older buthe proved that when the money's on theline he's at his best all of which meansit wouldn't be surprising to see one ofthe three traded awaythey didn't trade Smith that didn'thappen on defense the Islanders have agood prospect in Gordon who was votedthe CHL out Stanand most improved blue liner last seasonDanine will try to crack a very talentedIslanders Blue Line core which is led byCaptain Denny Potvin who had 54 assists69 12 goals 54 assists and 69 games andThomas Johnson 13 goals and 35 assistsbut those are just offensive gemsthere's plenty of defensive stars suchas Dave Langevin and Ken moral who's wonfour Stanley Cups and an Olympic gold infive yearsStefon person and gourd Lane aredependable and the Islanders also havePaul Buddha Lear the number one choicein 1981 waiting to dislodge one of theveteran rear guards at center thecheckers have Scott house and Scotthousing think about that ahGarth m.a.cGUI GaN I'm gonna try and Dave Simpsonthe former Canadian Major Junior Playerof the Year they finished eightheleventh and 13 respectively and CHLscoring but the Islanders have arguablythe best center in the league with BryanTrottier trache finished with 34 goalsand 55 assists last season but offensiveaside offense aside he's probably thebest two-way Center in the league he's asuperb faceoff man a crushing checkerand with his five foot 10 195 pound bodyhe's one of the league's most solidplayers players were shorter back thenTrott jays understudies are not asspectacular offensively though they'reevery bit as rugged brent Sutter theyounger the to Sutter's on the team hadan excellent playoff scoring 10 goalsand 11 assists he won't garner menyheadlines but rises to the occasion inthe playoffs but scoring is furthertestimony to the latter fact as he wasthe only as he was only ordinary in theregular season but skated with zest andvigor of his younger days in LA Goeringis growing old and may find himselfphased out this season Billy Carroll andoffensive liability is one of the bestpenalty killers in the NHLIndy left winger Steve Stoyanov itch wasa first team all-star but the aislesprobably have the finest collection ofleft wingers in the league Johnson nowhe had 31 goals and 40 assists yeah andduring the playoffs he added 7 goals and11 assists Bob born was the Islandersbest player in the playoffs with eightgoals and 20 assists I need to debatethat though we need to discusswe need to discuss that as a channelyeah and an aunt an goalie scoredagainst the Rangers rates is one of thebest ever in the history of the playoffsClark gillies the giant who opposingteams are not supposed to awaken forfear of his wrath is undeniably thetoughest player in the league and givesthe Isles a crucial crucial intangiblehe yeah Clark gillies was holy craptough greg gilbert and Matt's Halloweenare two excellent young prospects whofit the Islander mold the checkersaren't overwhelming at right wing butthe aisles have the best in the businessand Mike Bossy last season boss he was afirst team all-star fourth in leaguescoring with 60 goals his fourth 60 goalseason and 58 assists and winner of theLady Byng trophy for sportsmanshipBob Nystrom Duane Sutter and Anderscolor are the team's other right wingerswith lace trim and Sutter consummateplayoff performers Fred Crichton as thecheckers coach but he has no chance ofdislodging al Arbor possibly the best athis position in the league the checkersgeneral manager manages the aislesbowtie bill Tory has proven behind hisglasses are some of the keenest eyes forspotting talent in any league and whatabout Pat LaFontaine and Pat flatly theaisles first-round picks in 82 and 83LaFontaine set the QMJHL on fire with ascoring prowess and the fact he wasdrafted by the Isles resulted from sheergenius on the part of Toryas for flatly played with Canada in theWorld Championships from West Germanythat was West Germany that wasn't justGermany back then was West Germany andwas one of the few non pros on the teamboth laugh Fontaine and flatly will playin the OlympicsLaFontaine for the Americans and theexperience they gained should thereshould make them better players don'tworry the Isles will be there inpostseason party they've got too muchtalent waiting in the wings one goal andend goal and center defense to crumble afifth Cup it wouldn't be a long shot sothere you go there's the glowing reviewof all things that are the Islandersafter 1983 so that's that's key is toremember this is after 1983 now let's gothrough the Oilers and then I promisethe reading section of today's videowill be done when the bookies lay downthe odds for the 1982 know when thebookies lay downthe odds for the 1982-83 winner of theStanley Cup the Edmonton Oilers willprobably be one of the favorites this isbefore 83-84 does this book not knowwhen it was written in the true spiritof bum Phillips the Oilers knocked onthe Stanley Cup door last season andthey'll be looking to break it down thisseason after easily winning the smitedivision last season and reaching thefinals of the Stanley Cup in a record 11games the Oilers in everyone's bookswere supposed to easily defeat the agingNew York Islanders in the Stanley Cupinstead the Oilers lost in four straightgames what really worked against theOilers was an experience and theoutstanding net minding of Billy Smithhaving now experienced the finals theOilers know what they meant what thatwhat they must do to win it all by allaccounts then the Oilers should be ingood position to go all the way butisn't that what many people were sayingabout the Oilers two seasons ago weren'tthey supposed to roll over the week LosAngeles Kings in the opening round ofthe 1981-82 playoffs having surprisedeveryone when they knocked off thevaunted Montreal Canadiens and theplayoffs the season before that theKings humiliated the brash Oilers in theplayoffs and they tasted more of thesame in the Islanders polishing off lastspring and that was that was the thenarrative coming out of 83 the leader ofthe Oilers of course is Wayne Gretzkyand four seasons in the NHL he'saccomplished everything with theexception of winning the Stanley Cupfour years know Stanley Cups holy crap Iwonder what young players in the NHLhaven't wanted a Stanley Cup yet a lotof them this season is regular-seasonfeats will be clouded by his poorplayoff performance against theIslanders last spring the Islandersproved he is indeed a mere mortalalthough the entire Oilers team flaggedin the playoffs it's hardly fair toblame Gretzky for the entire thing soGretzky had a bad playoff in the finalsagainst the Islanders and there werepeople going Ralph Gretzky you can fighthis way through this hard checking oh Ithink he's kind of soft that's tellinganybody else happens all the time as youknow these young kids come in and untilthey win something people like he's goodenough and then he went sunny all rightboy we always knew he's one of thegreatest one thing is clear and theOilers are far from a one-man teamGretzky's right wingers yourcurry the underrated Finn who had a letus finest season with 48 goals 106points check Yaroslav poozer occupiedthe left wing position for a while butwas replaced by Willie Lindstrom who theOilers got in a trade with Winnipeg butthe lack of a consistent left winger onthis line may hurt the Oilers eventhough Gretzky and curry are as good aduo as some quality T triosthey could benefit from someone who willplay from game one to game 80 with themand of course it's usually rememberedthe great Glenn Anderson played on thatline which is not entirely true butthat's what we they look at the depthArnaud's Anderson curry and Gretzky yeahthe Oilers boasts the fastest line inthe league in Glenn Anderson MarkMessier and Ken lensman that was a greatsecond line the troika was voted firstsecond and fifth respectively in thespeed category in the Hockey News 10best serve a collectively the lineproduced 129 goals and 285 assistsMessier was voted to the league's firstall-star team and he's only 22 eightdays younger than Gretzky hmm imaginethat 22 I wasn't waiting yet it's donehe was hampered by a shoulder injury inthe playoffs but he should be healthyfrom the start of the season Andersongot involved in the embarrassing BillySmith playoff fiasco did he or did henot Club Anderson and Gretzky withintent to injure Billy Smith was brutalbut that aside he is one of the mostexciting players league like Billy Smithyou get anywhere near the net and hewould Club you with his stick so whilewe all talked about we watched thesethings on on interview clinic Oh wasthat intent oh there was intent withBilly yeah there you do at the start ofthe game there was intent I'm prettysure he's doing that at everybody at thestart of the game the Oilers have a fineselection of defensive forwards in Davehunter Ray Cote Pat Hughes Dave LumleyTom Ralston and Dave Semenko handerunders one of the best checkers inleague and Cote came on in the playoffshaving been promoted from Moncton andexcelled Hughes and Lumley are grindingwingers who chip in with timely goalswhile Ralston may be the odd man out atthe pivot picture Semenko is the Oilersdesignated tough guynot just designated the ultimate toughguy Kevin gillies I guess gillies wasall-around Semenko was just tough ondefense the Oilers are explosive PaulCoffey proved he's one of the best inthis position he led all his rivals with29 goals and 96 assistsand was the second team all-star Charliehuh tea coffee's blue line partner onethe Emory edge award with the blessedbest plus/minus figure in the league andhas emerged from a shadow of anonymityand hottie went back into them anonymityfor the most part as this publicationwent to press Kevin Smith was thirdKevin Kevin SmithKevin law was still a free agent andalthough negotiations were getting nastywith the owners he was expected to beback in Edmonton this season the Oilersother defenseman captain leaf OaklandRandy Gregg and Don Jackson are allcapable although there were those whowould suggest that some changes have tobe made on the blue line of theatresyou're going to go all the way and emohas proven to be one of the NHL's betteryoung goalies and Grant Fuhr is waitingin the wings for a chance to redeemhimself he was a rookie sensationsuffered in the sophomore season lastyear and is yet to really establishhimself again there you go younggoaltender struggles in the second yearand everything is crappy done chancesare that the Oilers will be back intothe Cup final this time and if they candeal for a frontline winger thoughbarbers name is often mentioned they mayhave what it takes to go all the way asfor new faces within the organizationsenator mark have sight is stillawaiting full-time duty and left wingerTodd's true be a junior grad will belooking to stick with the big club theone pitfall the Oilers have to avoid isthe one that engulfed the MinnesotaNorth Stars the stars like the Oilersmade it to the finals and lost they weresupposed to come on and win at thefollowing season that was three yearsago when the Stars have not progressedin fact they've been getting furtheraway from the cup every year that finalstep winning the Cup is obviously themost difficult there you go there's thereading portion does that give you agood feeling for 83 they go to the finalthey beat Winnipeg three straightthey beat Calgary and five they beatChicago and for 11 games 10 of them winsthey get to the final they're in a rushthe Islanders crushed them the Islanderswin all four games the scores are two tonothing six to three five to one andfour to two and coming out of thatfinals you look Gretzky 38 points in 16games and he's criticized curry 23points Messier 21 Anderson 20 all ofthose guysBava point a game and there was a lot ofcriticism heaped on heaped on evidencebecause it was perceived that they couldnot play defense this was a team thatwas all offense coffee seven goals andseven assists lensman six goals in eightassists Lindstrom two goals and 11assists hunter four goals and sevenassistsKevin low one goal and eight assistsHughes two goals and five assists huh Tone goal in six Jackson three and threeGreg two and four and Cote three and twoin that Andy Moke eleven and five threepoint zero four goals against an 1/8 96safe percentage now remember this is the80s and 896 safe percentage was actuallypretty good and and he he was a solidgoaltender then but he got eclipsed byfear of the following season but let'stake a look at the 1983 Islanders herethis is the winning team Bob born eightgoals and 20 assists 28 points was hethe best Islander no Mike Bossy had 17goals that year Mike Bossy was lightsout that year he did only have 26 pointsto blind Bob born but I would I wouldsay the boss he was their best playerbrent Sutter 10 goals 11 assists DwayneSotter 9 goals 12 assists neither ofthem were the most gifted forwardsoffensively but you know what they couldfight they could check and they couldscore in the playoffs they were justdeadly togetherany team in the NHL now would beoverjoyed to have brothers that couldplay like they did Potvin eighth goal in28 goals in 2012 assists kurachi eightgoals and 12 assistsCinelli 7 goals and 11 assists Kyle overthree goals and 12 assists nice trim 7goals and 6 assists and Bob Nystrom wasas tough as they got to Ken Mauro fivegoals 7 assists butch scoring four goalsNate assists Johnson 2 goals and 10assists person 1 gold 5 assists Marekone goal and 3 assists this is thefourth time they won they won with BillySmith with a 13 and 3 record 2 point 6 9goals against 913 save percentage Ididn't write the name here but these arerolling Melanson stats in those playoffs2 and 2 2 point 5 5 goals against 911save percentage I was a foolish child atthe time and felt that rolling Melansonshould be the starter and they shouldtrade Billy Smith remember thinking thatas a kid and I knowlooking back now just how silly thatreally was the Islanders got there bybeating Washington in four three gamesto one because it was only a best offive series back then the Rangers theybeaten six they beat Boston and sex andthen they swept the Oilers it was atougher road for the Islanders to getthere they faced I would say toughercompetition then did the Oilers and yetthey had the energy to sweep the Oilersin that in that round so what changedbetween 83 and 84 age changed thingsexperience change things Gretzky comesin and even though the Oilers playedmore games in 1984 Gretzky had lesspoints there was more scoring to spreadaround Gretzky had 13 goals in 22assists for 35 points curry had 14 goalsand 14 assists so that's a massiveimprovement from the year beforeMessier eight goals and 18 assists 26points Coffey eight goals and 12 assistsAnderson six goals and 11 assists so hedrops Ken lensman 10 goals we allremember him as a rap and he was butlensman was also a major part of thoseOilers in 1984 10 goals in thoseplayoffs Pat Hughes 2 goals in 11assists Dave hunter 5 goals of 5 assistsWillie Lindstrom 5 goals and fiveassists Dave Semenko 5 goals and fiveassists for Dave Semenko that's insaneand I think they played 20 games thatthat year 3 nope not even 19 they played19 games he had 10 points McClellan hadfour goals and six assists Randy Greggthree goals and seven assists Kevin lowthree goals in seven assists Charliehoney one goal nine assists fear tookover grant fears goals against in theplayoffs 2.99 with a save percentage of911 which is about the equivalent oflike a 9:30 in today's playoffs I wouldsay that that fears 9/11 would be theequivalent of a 9:30 by today's standardand --mo won all four games he playedbut 2.76 goals against while that looksgoodthe 891 save percentage kind of sunk himand it was at this point that Grant Fuhrtook over and mogh kind of got sulkywith the Oilers organization and thatwould lead to him going to Boston wherehe didn't win a Stanley Cup but I wasvery very glad to see him in bossbecause they needed them it was a threethree-game sweep again over Winnipeg inthe first round that year then they beatCalgary in seven that's when the Battleof Alberta really heated up they beatMinnesota in a sweep in the next roundand then they beat the Islanders in fiveso they only lost four games 115 thatyear they only lost five games the yearbefore but for those were in a row andthey got knocked out of the playoffs nowwhen you look over the Islanders side ofthe board Clark gillies leads the waywith 12 goals and seven assists which isimpressive but bossy eight goals and tenassists and and bossy it started fallingfor him then I thought I'd made amistake I'm like why isn't Clark Kelly'son the previous year Clark gillies onlyplayed eight games in 1983 in theplayoffs net two assists and doublecheck that Pat flatly nine goals and sixassists and this is why we felt when theIslanders lost that year that it wasgoing to happen they were going to stillbe excellent you heard the the glowingreview of what the Islanders had theseprospects coming up their AHL team thencalled the CHL it was this greatfranchise they were winning everythinglook at all these prospects they alllook great they've got this stackedroster everything's awesome but crotchygoals and six assists that's down fromthe 20 points he had the year beforeBrent Sutter four goals and four goalsand ten assists Greg Gilbert five goalsand seven assists Pat LaFontaine threegoals and six assists and by today'sstandard I would think that fans wouldcomplain LaFontaine wasn't used enoughespecially against the Oilers when theystarted getting overwhelmed the onsenthree goals and five assists Paulmudaliar one goal in seven assists butchgrowing one goal in five assists so halfof what he had the year before Potvinone goal and five assists a huge dropfrom the year before person six assistscolor two goals and two assists DwayneCenter one goal and three assists in thefinals and in the playoffs Billy Smithlooked human twelve wins eight losses2.7 three goals against 905 safepercentage how they get here they beatthe Rangers in five in the first roundso again three games to two kits thebest of fiveWashington in five Montreal and six andthen they lost to Edmonton four games toone the score of these this series wonnothing Edmonton in Game onethen the Islanders won Game two six toone and that was when people are likeall right yeah well the Oilers got agame this year but the Islanders aregonna win it again then the Oilers 1 7 2to 7 to 2 and 5 to 2 and the 7 and the 5didn't it didn't surprise anybody butthe fact that the Islanders only got twogoals did now if if you interview anymembers of the Islanders about this timethey'll tell you the 1984 playoffs theywere spent they had won 19 Series in arow before this 19 series in a rowthat's that's a record that nobody willever touch nobody's ever gonna win 19series and Rogin it's never gonna happenthis this team was tired it was done andas soon as this final was over and andthey fell out the the veteran players ofthe Islanders it started to erodequickly whether it was it was Mike Bossyhaving back problems or was just thefact that the trought Jays offense leftnow Crouch it was excellent defensivelyso he continued on to a very long careerincluding key roles with the Penguins inboth their first and second year winningthe Stanley Cup in 91 and 92 trache wasa major part of that even though hewasn't a scoring part of it this iswhere the Islanders fell and and thisteam has never really come back from ityou look at their track record since 8384 and it's it's not great I thinkthey've made two conference finals sincethen I want to say 87 and 93 but youknow it's it it's it's a weird thing andthis is why when we talk about dynastiescoming to an end nobody looked back atthose Islanders and said the dynasty wasover we all kind of expected 85 to go ohlook it's the Oilers and the Islandersagain and it wasn't the students becamethe teachers the teachersshowed their age the next year and itwas just it was that attrition it wasjust that constant battle those extragames you got to think that with thosethose 19 series that they played anextra season of playoff hockey comparedto what most other teams were playingit's a lot of hockey over a period offive yearsand it does tend to wear you down thisis why when I talk about the war ofattrition in the playoffs you know thisis what it is this is what it does thisis why I talk about it now players arein better shape now than they were thenconditionings completely changed playersplayed so little its older older and yetthe league's getting younger and it'sgetting bigger so you know it's it's adifferent game now than what it was thencan you imagine a Stanley Cup final nowwhere you'd see scores of 6 1 7 2 7 2 5- that's insanenone of these games go to overtime noneof them and there's no tension late inthe game for any of the mother than gameone here game one here and Game fourhere but even this which is a 4-2 winfor the Islanders you're not looking ata ton of tension because they were upthree games to nothing at the time sothere you go the finalists I knew Icouldn't just talk about the a throughOilers and I had to talk about the 83Oilers and the 84 Islanders and when Iget up to it there's the the Red Wingsand the Penguins when they did the samething in the 2000s where they met againand things switched the Oilers wouldbecome the bane of my existence at onceI became a burns fan which would be acouple years after this but at thispoint who was I cheering for I wascheering for the Oilers because I I hadseen these guys win every time so I hadseen them win in 81 82 and I was like II want to see somebody else win and ane4 I finally got that and I reallyexpected them to come back and winanother one but there you goso there's your finalists from 83 and 84and I will continue this series thisseries will go on and I will at what atwhat the series is profiling the teamsthat got close almost won the StanleyCup but didn't quite so the 83 Oilersand the 84 Islanderstheir paths would cross no more let meknow your thoughts in the commentsection below hit like and subscribe afew browsing your way through you justhappen upon this video and holy crap Iactually did the finalists video

I did the last video on this playlist in August. I know that’s too long.

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