Edmonton Oilers 

NHL – 1986 – Stanley Cup Finals – Edmonton Oilers Vs Philadelphia Flyers – Game 5

three away from engraving their names onthe Stanley Cup for the second straightyear standing in their way a bunch ofPhiladelphia Flyers who are trying todeny and remove from their minds thecelebrations that the City of Edmontonhas planned that's right there arealready celebrations and parties plannedfor tonight including the entireConvention Center at ten bucks apieceit's sold out for tonight tremendouspressure on the Edmonton Oilers then notto disappoint their fans working with uson USA again tonight is Mike Lee thegoaltender for the Hartford Whalers andMike this puts a very strange atmosphereinto the game a must performance for theOilers it certainly does Helen thereason that is is because it's adistraction in the Edmonton Oilers atthis point do not need any moredistractions and the pressures there andthey have to play without thinking aboutthis being the final game for them nowone of the important things from aPhiladelphia standpoint we must go backto the Quebec series to point that outQuebec of checked Kelly Lindberg infront of the Philadelphia net in Gamefive of that series and Pelle received aknee injury it became gradually moresevere and Kelly will not be able toplay tonight Bob frozen will be giventhe hot seat for the Flyers and how doesthat change thingswell it changes things from thisstandpoint the evidence really haven'thad to face froze from the beginning andvice versa and that could be tough onBob if Philadelphia allows him to breakinto the game gently not allowingEdmonton to pass the park at will infront of him and creating that that verydifficult situation for a goaltender andI think that he can be the key to thisgame and he has that ability to come upbig for the Philadelphia Flyerswell charting the progress of Bob throwsthe Flyers and the Oilers tonight willbe Al Albertand a lonely one time in a history theStanley Cup Finals has a team come backfrom a three to one deficit and that wasforty three years ago the Flyers mustwin three in a row it is an awesome taskbut they cannot think of it that waywhen they arrived here at Edmonton theirobjective was to win at least one gameso they would send the series back toPhiladelphia and Gary green that stillcan happen al it's very possible theseFlyers are too good of a hockey clubreally to just turtle they're not aboutto do that yes they're injured butthey've got Bobby frozen net tonight andhe's capable of being hot the otherthing I think that's going against themto a lot of extent that is the EdmontonOilers so these fans they have totallywrapped up this series and that has putsome fear into some of the EdmontonOilers that I talked to just before thegame first of all the fear that they mayget lynched if they don't win this gamewhen these fans can't party but the mainthing is is that they have a lot ofrespect for this Philadelphia team yepand they don't want to go back toPhiladelphia for the next couple ofgameswell the Edmonton Oilers could be sixtyminutes away from winning the StanleyCup but the Philadelphia Flyers sohoping that they're too anxious tooexcited in front of this expectant crowdand they're hoping that in sixty minutesof playing time these Edmonton Oilersinstead of starting their vacation alare on the phone making their airplaneand hotel reservationsto Philadelphia this weekend now youreally think it would be a naturalfeeling to feel envy to be a member ofthe Edmonton Oilers on a night when theyplay at home and on the verge ofclinching the Stanley Cup but I reallydon't feel Envy for a team that coulddisappoint a city of almost half amillion people and they could do that bylosing tonight so it should beinteresting Game five of the 1985Stanley Cup championship coming up nexton USA sportsanimalit is bedlam in the Northlands Coliseumin Edmonton Alberta the crown has beenstanding for the last minute as theEdmonton Oilers just 1 went away fromtheir second consecutive Stanley Cuphave taken the ice along with thePhiladelphia Flyers in game number fiveof the Stanley Cup Finals and as weawait the singing of the national anthemin o Canada we point out Bob frozeBobbie froze his in net Kelly Lindbergis injured and also we're kind ofdisappointed Tim Curry is not playingtonight he has been having a problemwith a bad knee but we figured in thistype of a situation that he might bedressed even for spot duty on the powerplay well I thought they would dressingjust to put him in front of that net forthat power play they could youand there are the Oilers a team thatduring the regular season fell behindthe Philadelphia Flyers for the bestrecord in the NHL so trying to avengethat as the crowd continues to stand asrecording star Larry Gatlin now movesinto the spotlight and he will besinging the star-spangled banner and oldCanada join us in welcoming as he singsthe American national anthem LarryGatlin[Applause]you see by the dawn's early light whatso proudly we hailed at the twilight'slast gleaming whose broad stripes andbright stars through the perilous fightor the ramparts we watched were sogallantly streaming and the Rockets redglare the bombs bursting in air gaveproof through the night in the longestseason in NHL history fewer stops it forhis defenseman formula as the Oilersknow how quickly the Flyers will try tocome out here in this first periodMessier his leading passer head to makeyear he sends him on Brad Morris wrapsit around the boards and it goes all theway down icing is waved off as fewerstops it for his veteran defensemanKevin low intercepted by Joe Pattersonand he is nailed into the boards thereby Messier messier works afraidthe red line drops it for Anderson hisslapper and it's deflected hi Messi aflying sneeze right with it to the pointJacksonRandee grab over skates but Jackson doesnot keep a littlesnick Oh Susanfifty-two seconds and we go back andforth well Mike Keenan knew coming intothis game that he was going to have somereal difficulties up against the teamthat could win it right here in theirown building and they could grow canparty tonightget another second Stanley Cup ring andall of those sorts but Mike Keenan alsoknows that his young players especiallyhave gotten him through a fair amount ofpressure this season he's looking tothose young players once again tonightbut Mike Keenan is also looking to aplayer like Brian throm to finally breakout tonight and start leading thishockey club offensively they pull andwho's playing with the bruised ribs he'sbeen wearing a flak jacket and areliable source had indicated that theribs not only bruised may even be brokenbut pulling his plate full and we have awhistle with it hospital along with DaveBrown number 21 looking to rattle someof the Oilers in the penalty box storeswings open immediately just a minute 30seconds into the first period for ourlocal systems we'll pause now USA Sportsis bringing you the Stanley Cupselection you choosing something newevery day you don't go along and beboringif you're tired of the same old sockdrink drink a big red and say[Music]red[Music]you're looking at the penalty box andthat is Don Jackson sitting in it he isaccompanied by number 21 Dave Brownwho's playing his first game in thisseries for the Philadelphia Flyers Brownand Jackson both get it for slashing 103is the time and here we go on anotherfour on four situation and Wayne Gretzkymakes his first appearance on the iceGretzky with six goals in this seriesfour on a four on four situation and nowone of the Oilers has slammed into hisnet it could be Paul Coffey that'sexactly who it is that he really lookedas though he got caught off guard whenhe hit that post[Applause]that really came as a surprise Brianprop was in there and he just collidedwith coffee you can see how coffee wentinto the post hitting his backfirst drop kind of ducked that elbow upa little bit and really caught coffeeoff-balanceboy the Oilers sure don't need that ifthey're hoping to clinch things heretonight Paul Coffey has beenof course the poor play off for themwhat an omen that may be right therePaul Coffey who has smashed alldefensive scoring records in thisplayoff and Glen Sather having his fewwords in the direction of Brian poppopping who is also in the running forthe Conn Smythe Trophy as the mostvaluable player in this playoff nowslowly takes a deep breath as he skatesto the bench well he came up on his ownthree accord so that looks pretty goodat least for Paul Coffey being able tocontinue to play when he went into thatpost I think he hit his lower back andas a result maybe a little bit sore butI don't think it's going to be anythingthat will keep Paul Coffey out of thelineup here tonight it was game three inwhich the Oilers beat the Flyers for theflurry as more confrontations Crossmanand formalin the veteran defenseman wegenerally stay away from that kind of athing showing you how early it isgetting testy between these two teams itwas in Game three of the Oilers one forthe three that they scored three timeswhen the size were fourhere is curry looking for his first goalin the series drops it back to fullgallon and Crossman starts out flyers bythe way no slouch on a foreign toursituation also one of the butter teamswith each team skating a mantesting out that back he is flagged downbynopal Rob Sutter breaking in kicked outby fuel stop Sutter on a penalty shot inthe last gamelet's key goes back forward and nowhouselet's be worn out for the Oilers Gretzkyaround Poulin tally honey and pullintakes it away from him Poulin popInmarsat three on two for the Flyerscooling and it's coffee he gets backHulan still has it Dvorak closes in andhe can't get the shot off look to passit off in styletwo number 9's Messier all over Dvorakand March skates of Earth two and a halfminutes gone byfirst Prairie in those score 33 secondsto go on the penalties Dvorak place it ahead back can kicked out by fuel Morristhis side light in front and pull infacing it down his Dvorak gets to itslides it allowed Messier as it's theFlyers now on the four on four keepingthe pressure on Edmonton let's be sacksout and coming back for it is gamePoland anis will be an icing against thePhiladelphia Flyers three minutes intothe first point of the play no scorehere in Edmonton and just three secondson the dual penalties the Jackson ofEdmonton and Brown of Philadelphia andthat the Flyers tried to come out andslow the Edmonton Oilers down by maybejust doing a little bit of chippy hockeyplaying that way may have worked so faryou can see here this movenumber 14 runCharlie honey got right through andthere was just a little bit off balancestill got his shot away though you'rejust standing his ground and making asafe getting back to the Flyers theyhave rarely come out and at least beenable to contain the Edmonton Oilers stopthem from skating and that is going tobe a big part of their game tonight RonSutter stopped in the penalty shot butremember was game one that on abreakaway he scored the winning goal togive the Flyers their lone victory inthis cirrage the faceoff to the weightof Bob froze puck the face and frozequickly gets the pan out there versusplayed in two games for a total of 55minutes as Messier goes in offside andin the 55 minutes against Edmonton frozehas given up just one goal no scorefirst courage will be back right afterthis now's the time to stop what you'redoing and start for Toyota where you seethis sign Toyota dealers are talkingdeals on over 28,000 trucks and cargovans no arguing about price on thisstandard at fifty nine ninety eightToyota's lowest price truck specialfactory dealer incentives can save youbig bucks hurry in for the best cargovan and truck selection they're in stocknow I like the formal extra cab we lovea ball[Music]16 minutes and 49 seconds left in thisfirst courage yeri Curry on the benchperhaps plotting his first goal in thisplayoff series and the PhiladelphiaFlyers who have done the job on curryalso fearful that he could break out inpunches in his Napier moving in slamsacross ice and it's taken by a JoePatterson 3 on 2 for the Flyers sent usa low breaking behind the defense and isjolted by Jackson gets by Hal and markHarrell with Anderson right on his back[Applause]Senna Salo shoots at a hood zezo crossice[Applause]and it is social hits this man Pattersonbut the whistle blows at offside calledagainst Philadelphia let's go to Altrout whoo now the return address onthis box says Hockey Hall of FameToronto Ontario Canadait may be open tonight it may be not ifit does this is what we'll find insidethe Stanley Cup that Lord Stanleydonated in 1892 next to it over here inthe box containing the Conn SmytheTrophy and of course the awardee of thistrophy will remain a mystery until thisgame is over back to you and Gary Garyif the Oilers win tonight and clinchedthe Cup the Conn Smythe Award can godown to tonight's game we see threepotential winners on the Oilers I reallythink that it has come down to theKnights game out couldn't agree with youmore Wayne Gretzky Paul Coffey and GrantFuhr in my estimation a lot of peoplefeel that Mark Messier has accomplishedjust as much but it is really closeGretzky in the last two games five goalsand you know quietly he is right behindGary curry tario has 18 goals for theplayoffs one shy of the all-time recordGretzky now has 16 and herelooking for 17 he has crucial miski onhis leftbanglethe Friars trying to get it out and theydo we are four minutes into the firstpair you know score coffee with coolanttaking the body goosal miss key snaps itacross to Couric at the MOA too long forquestion clothes leaves it go bustingoff the boards and it goes through clampto center ice puffing who is actuallythe leading scorer for the Oilersagainst the Flyers in this series withthe goal and seven assists Gretzky issix goals and one assist Charlie honeytakes it in kicked out by throws honeyputs it in front bushel risky takes adivehistorysooner or later yari curry was going toscore he's been held off the scoreboardfor four game that's the longest everthis season here's the shotthe shoveling type of shot that currygot away Gretzky had an x-raythe deflection just prior to this but itwas Gary curry who finally put that puckby Bonnie froze Gary curry its firstgoal of the Stanley Cup final and thisis after he scored 12 goals in theChicago series and he ties the all-timeplayoff record intied with Reggie leaves of thePhiladelphia Flyers and now curry hasthe rest of this game to become thefirst 20 goal scorer ever in Stanley Cuphistoryso yeah in Korea scored 71 goals duringthe course of the regular season hasstruck for number 19 here in the playoffthat has been a 90 goal season for yaricurry Gretzky and honey get the assistsat 454 here's counselor Rebaone-nothing the or lose jump in frontbut on a team that has not lost in theplayoffs here at home right in all theirrecord this year and they have won 15straight at home in the playoffs tyingthe montreal canadiens for it bad recordnow this team the Edmonton Oilers cannotstop at that one though because watchthe Philadelphia players come right backdown the ice good Chuck and thenPatterson gets an excellent opportunityhere just couldn't quite find the openroom rent here moving very quickly fromhis right to his left let's watch itagain here gives off the rebound and goPatterson just comes streaking in therelet's the shot go quicklymaybe just a little bit too quickly heis coming down the right wing side beinga left-hand shot it was a littleto hit that shot away just the way thathe was balanced at the time you'replaying his 18th straight Stanley Cupgame he played the last 12 for theOilers in the regular season so this ishis 30th straight and remember Fuhrerwas not in that when the Oilers won theseries last year against the Islandersfrom the point and it is deflected backthe other wayBureau was injured in that Islanderfinal Harris Lindstrom his shot scoresfor the Edmonton Oilers has been theplay of watch number 19 he goes down theright-wing board side what's a littlebit by mark now just blinds up with aGoodrich up right along the ice beatsthrows on the stick side and really whenyou concede the way that Lynch them gotoff that shot we pretty much knew wherehe was trying to go with it when hewasn't in the greatest position when hetook that shot the Lili Lindstrom reallyhas been a surprise during the course ofplayoffs this year and a very pleasantsurprise in 33 our old butter and he hadscored goals in each of the first twogames including the game-winner in gamenumber two and the Oilers now lead it bythe score of two to nothing a roughscarf Oh Bobby froze in his start hereagainst Edmonton Lindstrom the goalmissing a the assists at 5:31 so twogoals within 37 seconds for the EdmontonOilers they lead it to two nothing drylocal systems we pause now that's a leakup by USA I'm Carolyn of Carolyn stoutfashions because I wear the same stylesthat I offer in Carolyn Stout fashions Imake sure these clothes are well madethe latest styles and price dried Ischedule new things to arrive daily Iwill like new things at Carolyn Stoutfashions you'll find clothes personallyselected for you a friendly sales staffand Carolyn's always has a sales rack ifyour clothes are not becoming to you youshould be coming to Carolyn stoutfashions so much for being overanxiouswell let's take a look at that goal byWillie lynnster one more time and againthe way that he got away from thatpartial hook by mark how he soldpersistency on the part of LilyLindstrom and then a great shot he gotawaythe Oilers hoping history repeats lastyear they split the first two games withthe Islanders and then won three in arowto capture the cup here in game five ithas been the same scenario splitting thefirst two in Philadelphia and taking thenext two year this is Game five Poulinshot Huell just standing up on thescreen and was in the right placepulling again craven keeps it in Marshat the port as he was hurried byAnderson andit is Messier puts on the brakesAnderson picks it up looking for Nategirl in fun[Applause]and it comes back to center eyes 13minutes 20 seconds to go in his firstpart wepulling it on to the nothing lowlyKorean lynched from the goal scourge[Applause]Paul coffee grounds then it gets awayfrom with summer right on the stick ofcourage hurry to push on this dudefor the legs Gretzky back to the pointhoneyanalystsPlus ice - he'll tell his shot issmothered as honey comes back and then ajolt a little boys Derek Smeath tookdown three pirates at our school[Applause]and it's a total hockeywell the fans here in Edmonton booingthat one you can see right from thepoint Derrick Smith gets off a good shotnumber 24 there's the rebound it comesout rich Sutter number 15 just hasenough patience to hang on to gethimself into good position now he knowshe can get that shot up his only concernis here is making sure he's got the roomleap leap ogle and I believe it was wascoming across and almost blocked thatshot I'm sorry it was Charlie huddiethat came across that crease and Charliehoney may have been able to stop thatshot but he just went a little bit toofar took himself out of the creaseso rich Sutter who scored in the first46 seconds of game number fourfinally Stearns the confidence of theFlyers here in the first period DerrickSmith gets the assist 723 is the timethree quick starts in the three gameshere at Edmonton yet Hospital and hewinds it around pure stops it for hisdefenseman Kogelo : lays it on the stickof low out it goes on the left wingHunter and Lynch look caroms it aloudthat also has to help the confidence ofBobby froze offside call against theEdmonton Oilers we have the 11 minutesand 57 seconds to go in this first hurryI am i cleaning yesterday aboutthis player Rick pocket and the playershave so many good young players but thisman particularly has got a real keensense for going for that net with hisshot and he has got a real bullet of adrive their pocket pretty aggressiveplayer and they keep going to have avery bright future in the NHL especiallywith that shot in the way that he canget it off and he worked hard to get inthat position a sixth round draft pickonly 20 years oldtakut who led the Flyers in penaltyminutes with 181 total on the Oilersleading it and we go all the way backthe other way Don Jackson from theOilers who has sat out some games duringthe course of playoffs and has beeninserted back into the lineup of courseto play along with his partner RandyDrake they've been inseparable for thefirst of the last few years until thisseason now Mike Keenan right nowrealizes that that one goal that histeam has scored is a big turnaroundbecause beam down to two nothing againstthis Edmonton Oilers team earlycan really be devastating to your hockeyclub confidence-wise but with RichieSutter coming back and scoring that goalnow the Flyers are right back into itSutter has quite only three games inthis series and has scored two goals athis rich center who earlier this seasonwas sent down to the mine whose mark howa nice move to get away from Lindstromand the Flyers on the attack again it'sthe Sutter twins rich spires that hejust missed it wide Ron shudder in thecorner he is smash near by Jackson andonce thefor Edmonton he's being trailed byMcLellan Lindstrom andWillie had problems handling that heavyshot Garret Smith right off the side ofhis neck and we have a whistle and apenalty coming up there is hospitalalong the ice and McClellan from theNorthlands Coliseum you're watching theStanley Cup Playoffs on USA it hopes therules with the bulldog tenacity it'swarranted for 30,000 miles yet it costsunder $30 this impressive automotiveaccomplishment is until the carthe Sears Guardsmen raided two steelbelts and a 30,000 bottle warranty forless than $30confidence installed at sears headhospitai has been trying to stay out ofthis place very hard the last couple ofgames well he's finally in there andhospital it's a two minute minor here8:45 is the time and you can seehospitai here guilty of holding and hasthe result he's going to the penalty boxthat was his old pal Kevin McMullan maybe dragged down to the ice the EdmontonOilers after their power play wasdormant in the first three games one of14 scored four of seven in game numberfour and they've been working it fromthe points that was the change it isperfect sat on at let's go stop by foesand it goes all the way down a change instrategy for Edmonton in that fourthgamethey generally like to go into themiddle it in the slat area but now we'llwork the puck between their appointmentand also look for that quick sign on thepointAnderson slits Phil hell he has Messierin frontAnderson Dixit loose Charlie honey whohad one of the power play goals Messiercan't hold on analyst cleared but notout of coffee keeps it in the Messierquasi honey with time and it'sinterceptedhoney was looking for Gretzky he had hisshot but passed it up a minute gone bythe penalty a hospitaiand now it is coffee winding it up inhis own zonecomfy comes to the red line over theblue line and he wheels it around Marshbeats crucial whiskey to the pot butGretzky runs it down honey is bumped byRimes Sutter and there it goes all theway down the eyes I really thought thatthe Philadelphia Flyers make changetheir penalty killing strategies just alittle bit tonight start keying in onthe Edmonton points because both pointswere deadly to them during two of thefour power play goals in the last game25 seconds left in the power play Dvorakramps it off the boards and gets the jobdone the Flyers are the very effectivepenalty killing unit only second of theOilers this year in short-handed goalsGretzky cannot sneak it in with nicesecond slap to the power play well itwas very close with guts he couldn'tquite keep it in meanwhile Randy Gregggetting up a little bit slowlyremembered Gregg who played in the lastgame but did not play here on Sundaynight or Saturday night I should saybecause of an injury you can see Gregggoing down pretty hard right near afterbig Brad Marsh putting him in thatposition Randy Gregg suffered a kneeinjury and had some difficulties butvery surprisingly he was right back inthe lineup here in Edmonton on TuesdaynightEdmonton choo in Philadelphia warm theoil is coming out quicklyin 37 seconds coming and Linstromscoring that rich sonner came back tothe three goals were scored in a span oftwo minutes and 29 seconds 9:20 left inperiod one to four act and he gets itout and a penalty the hospital is overPeter says oh we're looking for flyersshoots ahead to sitosterolhe takes it on side sin asadoby Kevin lo the Collinwood sessilechasing after himand it is MacLeod leaveMcClellan's can't get a good shot offbefore I see quite a bit of ice timehere in this first pair in Joe Pattersonwith Marsh helping out and Lindstromshoots it back 8 minutes 39 seconds leftin Prairie number one close and it's thefighters coming out Craven who has beena big scorer in the last two games forPhiladelphiawheeling on Jackson and back the otherwayand he has ruled chorion - let's keeplookingand it was shot Sammy byso the Oilers had several trailers onthat playfor our local systems we'll pause nowUSA Sports is bringing you the StanleyCupGeorge Cox automotive is Austin'sfavorite vehicle specialist for over 20years for foreign and american-made carsand George Cox collision specialists areAustin's foremost unibody repairprofessionals together they care foryour car inside and out so whether it'sbody by Fisher or body by Benz drive toGeorge Cox for professional personalizedcar care at 108 20 research or 52:25East first it's really easy to figureout how the Edmonton hockey team got itsname it's derived from the vastpetroleum resources that lie under theAlberta soil behind me one of the rigsthat is used to extract the black goldfrom the ground we've come to theAlberta petroleum industry trainingcenter and I've drawn the only logicalconclusion this is where people come tolearn how to be oily well the wellgushing at the start of this firstperiod two quick goals by the Oilerswhat Philadelphia's striking back andit's a 2-1 Edmonton lead eight minutesleft in the first run Sutter chasing italong with Randy Craig where gets therefirst there's the whistle and we'll comeall the way back to the philadelphiazone well maybe for the last time thisyear we'll remind you that this game isauthorized under television rightsgranted by the National Hockey League isintended solely for the privatenon-commercial use of our audience anypublication reproduction retransmissionor other use of the picturesdescriptions and accounts of this gamewithout the express written consent ofthe National Hockey League is strictlyprohibitedwell in the last game Gary thePhiladelphia Flyers scored a goal in thefirst 46 seconds they had a penalty shotthey had a short-handed goal it stilldid help perhaps coming from behind andthey look good in game number threealthough falling short is more to thosesuiting and yet it really hasn't beenover the course of seasonto come from behind presenting to thatvery good when you have to play catch uphockey but I think the whole characterand that's what you're referring to ofthis Philadelphia team could well provedifferent tonight Peter says Oh bringsout to Center shoots Anna and DerekSmith this after it along with RonSutter and that puck is golfed over theglass and a Stanley Cup playoff Silvanear into the crowd Charlie honey wasone of those players that I had talkedto just prior to the game and in fact Ithink a lot of the guys were a littleconcerned about the great braving andgoing on here and Emmett and yesterdaycope she just couldn't believe how theradios and the media were reallyblasting away the fact that the party istonight the convention centers whereit's at it's almost as though therewasn't even a game no wonder this youngclub was referred to as being a littlecocky and confident all the people herein Edmonton are pretty much that way inreference to their hockey Charlie honeywho signed with the Oilers is a freeagentnumber 22 gets it out to currythere is Gretzky now roaming at centerice and looking to pick up that punkingoal with us honey with two men on himplays it off the boards in Crossman theyvery tired defenseman sensitive right infrontFeuer looking at it as pullin laces itdown here's Crossman head again black bythe defense kept in by Philadelphiaand now it's the or losers shooting outto take the pressure off seven minutesleft period number one coffee misses onthe pass a neared giveaway to PolandDvorak plays it to center ice andGretzky gets it out of the stick ofcoffee crucial mystic honeymoonand he is banged my rhymes son who comesall the way back[Applause]I'm Jackson along with which Sutter asits slapped to center iceErikssonrushan whiskey holds himand alley oil is having problemsadvancing when is McClellan who statesit outMcClellan well he hills for the Oliver'sat last year's finalpenalty is called on a cloud or spiderspunter with a man in front puntersstaying with it centering pass wisdomkicked out by foalswhere's the dinner got the shot on sixminutes left in period number one helmetalong with Gary green and out travelingat night blue news bringing to theStanley Cup Playoffs on USA my palMets it around whoathey say he kept gonna and how Edmontonchases it backwe fold Allahand Kevin low returns to full gallon andhe has talked it right out him therewere flyers for trekking and swarmingthey have no other recourse here in Gamefive Chunkin will have to wait becauseClavin is in his own husbandry groups5:15 left in Korean one Oilers to theone goal leadSen Anderson cut in Messier cross-iceand marsh now finds the pond grandpa'sthe veteran plays it out ahead to Kramerclaimant who had a short-handed goalagainst the oily acneic puts in a headto miss y'allsj-o Vanara pulls the trigger and it'ssteered into the corner by Bobby frozeCrossman we pass to tuck ithis longshot and easily steered into thecorner buy fuel wash hitting fuel andand that was open but it's interceptedmy question whiskey wheeling I'm Dvorakbehind the back to coffee he shootswhat a shot by coffee but what a pass bynumber 99 you know every time this guy'smom and dad shows up for a game he doessomething spectacularI think his task is backhand tasticis pretty spectacular he knew exactlywhere copy[Applause]exactly what paul koffy and waynegretzky do very wellcoffee rush is up with the play justlike a right winger and yari curriesposition right here in he puts his wristand put that puck by Bobby's Rhodes andit's three to one in favor of the Oilerswith four minutes and 20 secondsremaining in period number one and rightnow in his wish center right on thescene as you watchedGretzky setting up coffee once more forcoast to coast in all 50 statesit's the Stanley Cup Playoffs on USAnow's the time to stop what you're doingand start for Toyota wherever you seethis sign your Toyota dealer is waitingto help you land a bargain come on over28,000 trucks and cargo vans load up forless with truck extra value packages youcan save them just $659 special factorydealer incentives could hook you somebig savings on cargo vans and Toyota'sbest-selling four by twos there it stopnow wait over to your Toyota dealer andreel in a bargain he tried to play foras long as he could on a gimpy knee butfinally the knee gave out PelleLindbergh on the sidelines tonight thegoaltender for Philadelphia and he'll bemy guest at the end of the first periodafter that we'll take a look at oldEdmondson 1885 only seven years beforeLord Stanley donated the Cup to hockeyand Brian Lewis the referee sortingthings out tempers flaring after theOilers have taken a three-to-one leadwell let's take a look at this goal onemore time the backhand pass Pike Gretzkybut what's coffee when he comes in he'sgot his head up all the way he's lookingsee how much room Bobby froze is goingto give him he's got his target and hefinds his mark puffing his 11th goal ofthe playoffs which is a record for adefenseman Gretzky on the assist at 1531 and Gary green what about Bobby frozewell I don't think Bobby froze has beennecessarily sharp tonight by any meansbut it's a very difficult situation tocome into al when youthe hottest scoring machine in hockeyand you haven't played or at least youhaven't started a game during the courseof the playoffs this season Ryan Lewishas called a penalty a roughing penaltyon Jackson of the Oilers at 15:40 so theFlyers now with an opportunity to getone back but the Flyers have been adisastrous on the powerplay they havescored just two of twenty three attemptsin this series how on the screen of thetip place s o+ minh from the point howfires kicks a free pound in fun sinceall shy and gets it back to his appointment palagain the quick whisk shot and therebound goes wine let's go able to getaffect his defensive you can see theBrian cross was really hustling aroundout thereDennis fallow and prop this is theiropportunity to redeem themselves reallyin this series Mike Keenan expects thatsinneth alo and prop have got to scorein order for them to win well this istheir opportunity each have been held atjust one goal in the cerise Inosantoplaying with a bad shoulder hardly couldshoot here is sessile and of course theFlyers missing Tim Kerr desperately popis covered by low Hoagland racism andclear Cynara here's a break it is Carlywith huddlethe Firefly so the speed of color thespeed of the Oilers pumping equalizingthe matter on the ice will be back tothe Northlands Coliseum with 3:13 leftin the first period Oilers lead by twoit hopes the rules bulldog tenacity it'swarranted for 30,000 miles yet it costsunder $30 this compressive automotiveaccomplishment isn'tit's on the carthe Sears Guardsmentwo steel belts andfor less than 30confidence installed in the penalty boxright now and that is because of his infraction 1647 is the time andthat killed the Philadelphia Flyerspower play opportunity and in 53 secondsfirst of all we take a look at thathooking penalty by cross in the 53seconds the image and Oilers will gettheir chance on the power play now thethree minutes left as Messier brings itout looking for Anderson in front Marshties him up and Anderson right on thescene Anderson Whelan Messier Andersonbeing loaded from behind by Dvorakso tough to remove from the park as isMessier but Marsh does it thereDvorak hit from behind by AndersonMessier swatting at it[Applause]and pullin kicks in after Dvorakplay gramps's final game is afraidthose between the legs and MessierRosalind we always will now be a manadvantage as Gretzky and curry step onthe iceit is sad all the way down and an icingis called as a team's Warrick peopleSwank now the power play for Edmontona minute three seconds in the penalty toduck Crossman and this is windfallcoffee and Charlie hottie will no doubtsee some action back at the points youcan remember that in the last gamecoffee and honey both scored on powerplay attempts and those were great shotscoming from the blue line the crowdchanting the cup stays here and theEdmonton Oilers are the three two onewe've 216 left in the first current andon the power play a chance right herethe really did damage to the Flyerscrucial dispute with Korean Gretzky huhtea and coffee will be poised at thepoints lens Sutter will take the draw itgoes to honey coffee takes the lookright and I met with crucial whiskeyparked in front curry very patient oilertea coffee fires scoresfrom that point when he gets that passhow difficult that ismake the shot at the same time as you'rereceiving the pass the timing that isinvolved it's just unbelievable the waythat coffee is able to get that shotaway and then you think about theaccuracy of the Sun let's watch and howit is set up Sally honey does a prettygood job of passing that puck quicklybefore any player to get out there on POcoffee he just let her go and it beatBobby frode's goaltender who has no timeto get across and that bullet shotthrows just had it in the glove but itwas too hard and fighted rightful it ishalo on in favor of the Oilers by theway the backup goaltender as the clownover skates but an offside is calledJennsen is the backup goaltender for theFlyers who played this year in Hersheyand he may be nervous right nowwondering whether he may see some actioncoffee gets the goal his second of thisgame 12 to the playoffs honey and curryget the assists at 1757 the power playgoal for the Oilers Kevin McClelland theaggressive center Iseman going to thebench right now before the Flyers are introuble here they're in trouble cominginto this game but down four to oneright now minutes and 44 secondsremaining on the clock in this firstperiod of play the fans are revved upand it's quite obvious though are theEdmonton OilersCoffee taking great pride in breakingthe records that had been establishedbefore by the great ones the names ofBobby Orr and Brad Park and Dennis Klattvan and now Paul Coffey owns all the

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