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NHL® 18 Washington Capitals Franchise Edmonton Oilers At Washington Capitals 1st Period

and he takes the heat off by clearingthe capital's power play will resettrying the probe up the Ling shoots onepad hit somebody penton's gotten it backout they checked the clock get ready todefend[Applause]wonderful blocktrying to get something generated up towinkfast cut strong play snapping a pass tocleft ball nice play with the sticknothing more woke upmoved along and in got a clear headpenalty call coming watch for a signalherethe Oilers get to-four delay of gamedolly tried to do doc was clear the zoneto get a breather unfortunately it wentinto the crowd it's a five on three it'sa power play and it's a chance to dosome damagethanks off win herewhistle and a rest[Applause]the Capitals come into the night's gamefeeling great about the way they'veplayed over the last 10 games I wastalking to their coach this morning andhe said there's not one facet that he'sbeen dissatisfied they really want totake the game to their opponent he'sreally struggled lately shoot oh thatone hit someone on the wayshoes the shot is off from that positionon the ice he's gone and hit the netmake the goalie make a scene gains thezone looks for room looking for optionsfor the blast fool what a break shot hitthe mantucked away what a shotstick save on tough one to follow andthat one cleared by the penalty killers[Applause]trying harder to get it out of the zoneset back down so now they can get thechange they wanted[Applause]same side to Carlsonhe tried but he turned it overcatawampus to the corner no way he'sgetting by there[Applause]James the zone and looks over hisoptions directed that went to Andrewlet's it go sticked away a shotwith no reaction time onceinstead of acting like this after thewhistle up a boat each plate whistledthe whistle like thisjust under four minutes have passedstill nothing on the scoresheet yet[Applause]we have a winner that pops loose not tenBelvinloose puck couldn't drag it through tuckout a plan to the bench area right pastray Ferraro the Oilers talk about theirmantra of blocking shots will over thelast few games it's remarkable how manythey've got in front of themgood faceoff win got through skilledplay by oshislides it to the pointperfect tip by the stick little passfrom his goalie here two sticks togetherthey cancelroutine play done with Washington'spower play failed them this time andthey had plenty of time that power playsure look good guys they had all kindsof shots in traffic just not able tochange the number on the big board onside gives it over to the point whattimer freezes play[Applause]hope he's able to make what turns out tobe a relatively routine butterfly stopgrab the two centerman tied up but therewas a good reach there he's in on anonside play at the point of try scoopedup by forfeitI'm covered whistle blown Kuznets offspent drive for so long he's oh thethings that he can change has changedthe tape on his stick from white toblack and then black to white he changesthe way he drives to the rink after awhile it gets into your head so deeplyyou forget to move your feet and a greatsave in clothes not off and you're allalone in front of the goaltender fromthis area of the ice great save shotthat shot came frompressure mounting here shot deflectedhangs on to that one and he'll see afaceoff right near[Applause]long time since this wasn't thegarden-variety stop for a goalie down inthe butterfly turn besidebig faceoff win[Applause][Music][Applause]butterfly trying to take away thepercentages but he doesn't cover the netsome shots only one goal a lot ofopportunities love the mindset ofgetting pucks of people to the net theCapitals from the neutral zones start towork[Applause]looks like this trap has got a holetill we get feet low to the bluffsjust under 8 minutes gone here in thefirstWashington's lead on the strength ofthat recent goal is to that isloosen with defensive play that's nicecut past let's see what happenscontrolled by batteryhe gains the zone offside stops theclock[Music]Edmonton's got that pop off the tire[Applause]in the slime can't get it on that is notreally much place to go with the shothe's trying to be perfecthe misses and the puck rings around theboards hammers one looking for optionsbig blasts huge stop bythey need a breather bull tender doesthe right thing by making a safe gettinga whistle and stopping play this isfrustrating the goaltender makes a saveby getting just the chunk of the shot[Applause]Washington's prevailed on anotherfaceoff wonderful play by the defensegreat job on a cut passthat pass tipped away by the oppositionOh careful shot answered quickly a quickdeveloping play right in front almostlooks like he's too close to thegoaltender looking to drive cycle gamesthe zone turn the shot on that I want tosay he brought his best shot at him shotstopped Chris Shaw outstanding save madeoff a terrific chanceEdmonton's organizing back in thedefensive zone slice down great chancehere two on oneand possession has changed brilliantmove on that passnicely received at the pointthe Capitals are lugging it back throughthe defensive and along the board stillbattle mashed in perfect centering passlet's go that shot here the man[Applause]up the wing making some headway fireswonderful say[Applause]comingI don't know how much of this Pakistopped guys but it was just enough todo but other than ends[Music]a little over five minutes to goWashington's advantage in this game hasjust been enhanced it's a pair of goalsoff the faceoff he ties his man up andso the puck goes to his team marveloussave no time on that one you talkedabout cutting down the angle perfectlyexecuted by the goaltenderdumped in the battle for the pocket hecan't get freeLu's couldn't get through the Oilerslook to make a difference up the winggets in what do they dopassing went off now to Camilleri and hegains the souldogged determination there by orphenWashington's accelerating on in neutralice spirited back along and they can getthe forwards off anywaygood job with this dickup two wing skating with it now goalneither the bench extra hand over theboards on the delayed penalty pitchingit to clef ballhe has shut right off their hosts thetype of player that responds to thistype of game it's going to be aggressivefrom start to finish and his team wantsto have the upper handso no goal the referee waves is offmight have been hit by a heistwe'll see the team that scored the goaldoc started celebrating and now they'regoing to review this they're going to goupstairs and see if this was a legalgoal or not[Applause]with the decisionthe clock has bled down to the lastminute good use of the stick drop thatass up now it's directed to Lucic that'spending by number 72 the pointed compost[Applause]compelled to dry cycle places a heavyshot like that is great but you gottahit the netlandis dogs going to the box a playerhit the ice and the call on them isdripping this is an easy call for theofficial dock player made no attempt toplay the pocket just tripped up theattacking player the Oilers power playgets another chance to operate hasn'tbeen effective yet the Capitals with aclean win on the drone Washington'sclearedfirst period has come to a close we'llget a rest so all the teams Washington'sgot a lead of one[Music]the Oilers with the scoring of this goalhave clawed their way back closer yousee if there's any more momentum fromthem when we come back in just a moment[Music][Music]


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