Bakersfield Condors 

NHL 18 LG Syracuse Crunch vs Bakersfield Condors

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youyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyouyougood evening everyone with any oldchampion ray Ferraro I'm Mike Emerytonight a great game that will keep youon the edge of yoursguys you know that the play will be goodthe both teams can really skate they'vegot enough guys that can score thatthere could be some fireworks tonight ohand he is Darrell well there's nosurprise there doc we expected aphysical game the contest will beaggressive from start to finishthere's an early hit to set the tonecarried to the corner by McDonald he hitsomebody strong shooter against a stronggoaltender the guy with a trapper 1 andwe're happy to have rape ferraro with usas well he is down near the ice withboth teams getting such greatgoaltending the key to tonight's game inmy opinion is going to be who can forcethe most turnovers and when they getthose turnovers how quickly can theytransition the play into a scoringchancethanks very much ray good soliddefensive play thereone-timer panel decideit's an onside play let's shot go gotthat in the trapper that slighthesitation by the shooter allow thegoaltender to make a beautiful bluffsave a little under four minutes playboth teams have tried hard but only thegoalies have been successful nothingnothing in their own end continuingcarried right through the 50 yard linepossession once again by James not muchgoing on now it looks a little bit likea tennis match where they're justbumping the ball back and forth to eachother no attack yeah that is the firstgoal scored after agreat start they were ready to play andit shows on a shot clock as well faceoffwin and now what will they do with gooddefensive play lose bombjust a jump of the buck and it's out ofthe wayterrific hand off[Applause]and possession established on the pickupby Carlson pitching it to burnSyracuse is headed to Center looking toCarlson puck is thrown to Gilmore[Applause]he works it along with a pass off theboards a safety never sleeps boys lookedlike he was good to try and pass thisright through his own goal crease but hebanked it off the boards through hispartner that bucks loose not too wellhim knocked it away with a stickdirecting that one to GilmoreI stand up Oh Jack JackNews pop knocked away by Gilmore thecondors are lugging it back through thedefensiveshot down the ice and again they aregoing to have to be in a defenseface office right in front of theirgoaltender icing his ball[Applause]the draw the tie up and his teamfales the Condors continue on at Senatepass cutand the pickupgets in what does he do whynow it's directed to McDonald possessionheld as he skates it up the wing bladeon to McDonaldoh great flopthat's a marvelous say the goalie makeshimself look big over six minutes to goit's a one-nothing game[Applause]they win it Bakersfield's in their ownend moving the puck nicely into the zoneloose puck taken by Anderson gets it ina good place[Applause]passing one off now to McDonald shot oncan't get it on that when the pucksounds heart when it hits the end boardslet me chick miss the net scoringchances ended awayCarlson's going to the box and the callis tripping there's always a start toyour power play night and this is numberone good job on the draw[Music][Music]condors are willing the puck in theirown end up the wing and moving well whattimer wonderful savecrap what's nextone terrific club same gets placed ongood opportunity to regroup here afterthat st. but now they got a win hedefense his own face offnice face-off were in their own endpressing onSyracuse was some splendid penaltykilling here snapping a pass to McDonaldmoving it to Anderson nearing the finalminute collected by Anderson the Condorspower play let them down at a key pointonce in a while an ugly goal is one thatwill get you going a little bit but ifyou pass a puck around the outsidelooking for that perfect play chancesare it's not going to happen that was agreat example of them shot he scoresjust before the period hands[Applause]my god standing pumpkinthe first frame is done Bakersfield'sdropped twice to nothing[Music]the Condors have a two-goal lead and theone that made it to was this one we'llbe right back[Music][Applause][Music][Music]you[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]puck dropped in the clock moving in thesecond period the defense was in the wayloose pop solid neutralize poke checkgets in what'll he dohas it back deep bass attempt to burngood use of the stick broke that bass upBakersfield's on the move up the laneheads along the boardsswung between the blue lines by Andersonand front terrific pad save Syracuseleaves the defensive zone he banked itright ahead at somebody that's beenaround and took a quick hook up themiddle of the ice nothing there so hebanks it off the boards to his partneranother zone they go standing st. with agloveThole gave him the glove side and hetook it away what a stop[Applause]they win the draw broke it up well withPope Chuckhe's got that one let's see what happensplay a stop there is a sicko we justwanted to see who it is he's taking offthe Condors power play gets anotherchance to operate has it been effectiveyet solid clean winand his days alive on a dad bounce off ateammate cleared on out by Carlsonthey must retreat and start back againtrying to go to McDonald guess in andhe'll look over his options brings ashot score he's got his second[Applause]there's have a three nothing leadthey've had the puck most of this gamejust over six minutes have gone by inthe second you see a pattern developinghere they're up now by 3 from my numberproving pitching this went to burns intoanother I wonder if that hit will changethe momentum of this game great cut ohhe's hammered Burns is playing his wallperfectly he's not a physical player buthe's trying to play that way to change amomentum in this game[Applause]this one goes diagonally into the zonepitching it to McDonald looking toAnderson but controlled by James[Applause]moving on through the neutral zone[Applause]he could start some danger here and atan angle to turn a fake point-blanksaying seems like he was in too tight onthe goaltender to the half-wallrecollectedhe gains the zone got the pad on itpukka seized by Gilmorestill play by McDonald they've got itand quickly to knock us hat trick notreally loud in here but they don'texpect that the Condors have scored yetagain and their lead gets bigger theyare doing very well on the shot boardtoothey win the draw and we'll now set upan attacking it on now out of their ownendgood job with the stick moved along andin lets it go he scores[Applause]performancethe Condors are threatening to run awaywith this game let's just see it beforethe second period is over if there canbe any kind of resistance broke thatplay up it[Applause]surely all deflected awaygathered up again by Anderson nice boatcheck by McDonaldGoods dick working for that reason it'sa chance for the offense[Applause]fires that's why luck is thrown toAnderson the Pope chat workedbut in Fri that pops loose deflectedaway by Anderson directing that when toMcDonaldfree puck now the Condors have controlof the puck in their own assgood job of clearing[Applause]now it's directed to Carlton passing oneup now to Bertsnapping a pass to McDonald he's inhe's got the hat trick and listen theonly ones you can hear is teamthe Condors have built a tremendous leadand also built some wonderful confidencewhat will they say in the secondintermission probably not much just beatthe clock - we've played two periodshere of a three period game the bestpart of the day is coming outlike a sticker on the inside cover[Music][Applause]third period about to begin the rearviewmirror will help us with the first twoand so Alexa Baker Shields coachingstaff doc told us before the game theywant to get off to a good start and theyhave in a lot of areas especially on ascoreboard they are well in control ofthis game let's see how they play in thelast 20 close in play that shot camefrom just six inches you want to scoregoals you have to go to this area yougot to find a way to put it in the netmr. he put it in his own net it countsagainst him[Applause]what an embarrassing play I don't knowwhat he's thinking what on this greenearth is he thinking he shot the pocketin his own net go ever see makers Fieldsgoal as take them to an even larger leadon a night that they have had theoffense going the third period of playfrom the outside stick save on thechanging Shaun[Music][Music]clean went on the draw Syracuse has itin the defensive zone good defensiveplay hand-eye and center icetwo sticks together it goes to theoffense shoots phenomenal night for thisguy Bakersfield's goal has built it whoanow in the code that means there mightbe something going on hereat least one guy's hot this is not thefirst time we've seen this in this gamemoving it to McDonald blocked away passattempt to burnswhistle blonde play stopped referee willhand out a pen Carlson's Bell on theheels of that it looks like we mighthave some war here well when you actlike that you can better be ready todefend yourself great opportunity butthe pass didn't connectBakersfield setting things up in thedefensive zoneshoots off his glove shoots oh and hemissed the net you have to give yourselfthe chance here you cannot blow thispuck past the netpossession taken up by James trying togo to nakos gets in looks over hisoptions here brings a shot with no timewhatsoever he turned it aside you wantto score goals you have to go to thisarea down to ringside we go yet againray what you thinking just an incrediblenight the puck has been on his stick allnight he is not missed yet whoa and oneguy is really hot right now and maybeit'll be too well this is where youmight be looking to change the momentumof this game here doctor we'll see ifanything else takes place after thatpossession taken by James Bakersfieldpower play could have made a bigdifference but did not while they hadsome success earlier in the game guysthe power play there wasn'tthey had a little bit of trouble gettinginto some say he starsone of the bad guys Bakersfield's goalhas taped them to an even larger need ona night that they have had the offensegoingthird period of playand the puck taken over by James theCommodores have possession of their ownin great stick work prevents the passfrom game complete making some headwayin their own endtaken over by Jane[Applause]Bakersfield's moving well through theneutral zonetaken over now by McDonald free pop popan offender that roadblock was set up[Applause]a power-play that can generate goals isdull look out here what do you thinkhe's asking and looking for a dancepartner and down to McDonald possessionseized by Carlson that was a great jobshot back down more time off the clockbut covered whistle blown I think thisis a good point to hear from Ray Ferraragaluf causes move the puck extremelywell tonight both on the forehand in thebackhand and hasn't mattered the pucksbeen delivered perfectly he has beenspectacular ray quick work on thefaceoff holds in the corner wonderfulstop not a lot of room to score from inthat area great saves Wowyou can't ask for a better opportunityin the scoring zone what a great glovesave and yet again here is rafer ourAndersons had several opportunities toshoot the one-timer he's got anexcellent release eventually it pays offok ray let's see how it goes for up heregood clean win on the draw great stickwork prevents the pass from beingcompletehe's got that centering pass set out andhe'll make him chase itSyracuse another splendid penalty killthe problem we've taken so manypenalties is four or five forwards andtwo or three defenseman are the onlyguys that get on the ice so they'reexhausted and the other guys are like afrozen we'll be sitting on the benchslid to Savard pitching this one toburns into the end of attack to sticktogether they cancel thatgot a kitty can it out of there and hetakes the heat off by clearing fireswonderful save on a Turk riff exploringjamsyou[Applause]and so timeout is taken and both teamsget a chance to gather together forstrategy just over four minutesremaining in the periodBakersfield's game plan has workedperfectly but it couldn't have dreamedthey'd get this mini though that shothit a man sent on by carlson squared allthe way down and it's enticingdefensive zone wind to Savardpitching it to burns gains the bluelinetries to get it on net looking toMcDonald in all alone wonderful savedidn't go for the deep thereand they've got it again nearing thefinal minute of regulation 20- Carlson Syracuse looking to hit man upthe length and that will help to atleast clear the puck awayluck has thrown two green into theattacking end to the backhand and shootsgood quick poke check they're nice Daweiroped in by Carlson directing that oneto McDonald Rocky's couldn't get throughpicks it up in his own endand it's lifted back out of trouble latein the game offside his call just likeit is earlyand they've won the neutral zoneface-off great job on a cut passfreezes play[Applause]good job on the draw[Applause]on the outside a shotand that's the end of the game it was agreat time the game is over a lopsidedvictory I look at the shots and wonderif they didn't count the warmupno hesitation at all and the thoughtprocess is what it should beshoot the puck[Applause][Music][Music]youyouyouyouyouyou

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