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NHL 18 Expansion Franchise | Halifax Highlanders | EP 43 | 3rd Round Vs Edmonton Oilers!!!

hey everybody what's up Joseph here andwelcome back the pisode of the NHL 18 afranchise mode with the HalifaxHighlanders and the third round I thinkI think right third round yeah againstthe Edmonton Oilers and here is whatthey look like so they're back upListon 2980 to exact starter not badwhere did their main goalie Sergeywhatever he's a twenty six mediumstarter see see sometimes those mediumstarters turn out to have high overallit's just depends on how you play themand all that stuff he's 89 so talk abouta beast man and here's the defensivecore surrogates have 87 left bomb 82Larson 81 nurse 82 gamble 81 Murphy 81so basically it's just surrogate chefman yeah just stir catch oh that's okaythere blue line sucks you should have noproblem with that hopefully and theirfirst slide ohCedric 87 corner McGee is 95 and Jessepull you Harveythere I said it right I think I don'tknow88 second line Skinnerdry sidle 87 and Du Bois 85 and taunt 81steel 82 and cannon I want to saycannons but cannon I don't know man 83sentient 80 Roberts 80 and Miller 79 sobasically I mean Du Bois he's an 85 yeahokay but mainly it's justCedric corner Jesse and Leon just thosefour really but if you want to includethe wall then go file means go for itso they got a pretty pretty stacked teamkind of sorta but I still think weshould be fine our records were veryvery similar so let's see who can comeout on top shall we better be us that'sthe lineup it's gonna be very even soI'm I'm kind of worried about that firstperiod oh yes baby yeahsecond period Oh beautiful animal watchout the third oh maybe we shouldn'twatch the third huh yes we should okaystole thank you babyoh nice Idol no goodall right I will take that that's uhnever get there periodgood job there Halifax perfect routes inthe other round who's the other one theIslanders and Sabres oh oh allrightlooks like our AHL team is doing finedown there ten and four first perioduh-oh second period okay third period ohyeah okay yeah that's fine that's finethat's fine that's fine that's fine yeahyou lose one more Osgood I'm putting mygear in thereOh me to do thatwhoops I better go back and assign thatScout I'll do it for this game for cryinout loudCole's first period good good hey babyoh nice no where's that Scout athaven't scouted in Russia yet so let'sgo to Russia three weeks perfect thereyou goI guess we always could take a look atthe prospects for the draft right Iguess I could do that afterokay so serious to one game for comingup our HL squad okay there want to knowin their series okay go all the factsaha baby right away oh alright forceperiod second periodnice third periodOh up in the series boys are you let'sget it man you got this y'all got thiscome on come on sweep I'm not reallysweep them but still you know what Imeanfirst period Oh baby yessecond period okay now we gotta watchthis alright we're watching the thirdcome on Halifax don't we kill good goodgood good goodpower plate no that's it they're notgonna score three goals yeah baby we'regoing to Stanley Cup again you so I'mtalking about that is what I am atalking about man going back to theStanley Cup I mean we are the defendingcenter Cup champions I think right wedid win last year I think no I didn'twin last year was there you before thatgoing up against the Islanders all-starsquad doing down hereseries tied 2-2 okay all right so Idon't want to make this a short one solet's go ahead and take a look at thedraft class shall we wait hold on Ibetter go to I can't take a look at ourpicks right now can I no I can'tbut I believe we have like a ton offirst-round picks from different teamsand second-round picks and stuff solet's see what we can do here shall weOh franchise offensive defensive vid ohno oh oh man okay okayand we got you oh my god I haven'tscouted you yet it's WHL the dub well Imean your franchise defensive mins so Iknow you're gonna be good to go anywaythey got Dexter yeah you'll be good togo right awayyou'll probably be good to go right away dude any gems down here my top ninehigh top nine high top nine medium eliteexactally in the second round Centerokay I do need centers okay cool cool Iget that I'm always say I'm gonna tryand go for that defenseman but I meanlike what how am I gonna do that I doneed some centers I would be nice then Ican just get rid of mr. Renne here allrightstill fourth liner come on man whyshould I want to call you up seeking tocome right there and then defenseman whodo I get rid of from here I get thatoffensive defensive man I mean likeseriously I guess I could get rid ofCarson here considering he's only on 85but he's 25 years old but by next yearhe'll be 26all right so interesting to see whathappens that's for damn suredo you have any starts during theregular season yeah you did okay justjust checking all right all right wellI'm gonna get back to boys we will takeon the New York Islanders for theStanley Cup Finals and that's gonna be agood oneso thank you all for watching my name isJoseph hopefully you enjoyed and asalways

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