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L.A. Kings vs Edmonton Oilers

[Music][Applause]the northernmost franchise in the leagueEdmonton Alberta where there's wonderfultradition in hockey and fastChampionships for the Edmonton Oilers[Applause]looking to Kirkuk oski Debbie take longdid itElly's got in the first one boy I sawthis coming they had the momentumneutralized faceoff win on two Salim ohhere's a wrister saytrying to go to Hendrix Edmonton'smoving the puck up the wing out in frieddeflected off the blockerpossession taken up by core Petoskeyperfect centering passI shot drives at Nesta that solid workby the Oilers big save he covers and afaceoff will follow[Applause]what's able to make the stop here on avery difficult scoring chance[Applause]the Kings starting back in their own endanother solid packs a pass attempt toClifford Chrissyplay over the glass a souvenir for someyoung fan he'll over played here in thebowling hanging on the board so farnothing Oh trim to save terrific chanceripping save on a great chance seemslike he was in too tight on a goaltenderwonderful save on the redirect la is inpossession as they travel in thedefensive zonewe'll drop back and maybe somethingbetter all havetook a look didn't like what he saw sohe will circle back that play went offdirecting that one to Hall Pass cuttinmight go the other way now that's goodstanding safe what magic to even get theshot away knocked right off the stickthe Oilers in their own end inpossession as they travel moving wellwith it between the blue lines take iton by Taylor Hall could work with thestick possession taken up in thedefensive zone by Sauernice smooth to shake on through turnedaway Los Angeles controls the play intheir ownand they've got a three-on-two here thepass wouldn't gopitching it to Pouliot nicely into thezone slides it to the point terrificsaved there didn't looks like he hadanything to shoot at and he made ittough you want to score goals you haveto go to this area[Applause]put it into net[Applause][Music][Applause]moving it to Hall he's got a perfectpass cut the ice in half right from theslide outstanding save just undirected astop[Applause][Music][Applause]the king's control from the face-off[Applause]gathered in by Cooper can hewonderful centering passionates right toitone-timerback in fraud and it's driven awayfreezes play over nine minutes till showhim on the clock this period only a pairof goals so far equally dividedLos Angeles in their own end inpossession that is defensepoint-to-point pass from the left-wingtape to tape to Centeroutstanding safe what magic even to getthere and get the shotmakes himself look big wonderful save onthe noise dollar shopthe Oilers have broken the time just onsheer maththey think they're gonna get the nextone look at thewalked it back to the opposite cornerlooks ahead to start something outsidestops the car[Applause]blue line control Tripel till attest to[Applause]directed to why notLos Angeles carries it through theneutral zone puck collected back behindthe net by Niketan moves up the sidewith it now that's a good solid e quiteCoolio Los Angeles with possession inthe defensive zone up to wing with itnow wow what a save there doc- booyah[Applause]nearing the last minute of play in thefirst[Applause][Music]looking to hit man or do anything to getit out of the defensive zone great grabof that pass up the right wing two guystogether with force big forks he waslooking a knock him in a new third rowLos Angeles moves well through theneutral zone[Applause]not suitable and turns in as they turnher life back so chance[Applause][Music][Applause]Elly's got a faceoff win the Kingscontrolling play now in their own endPass cutslid to clifford moves into the shadowof the boys one into another I wonder ifthat hit will change the momentum ofthis game great job to slip on by Pat6:1 puck is thrown to sallowin the slot he's got itthe pass is off the mark what a chancethat would have been[Applause]put a tie and we're still in the secondperiod much uncertainty about which waythis game is going to go a little underfour minutes gone in this period la'sRica the time drives to the net[Applause]quick pitch to Everly got a piece of itmaking progress to the neutral zoneand clear that's a terrific job - tuckout a play over the glass - anotherface-off coming up as they can't play itwhere Atlanta dowdy takes it behind hisown cage passing one off now - Yakupovstill has control through the neutralzone in on the two on two can they getreinforcements here I can't find thetarget you know what Tom I can see whyyou missed you that there was nothingthe great block say buddy keep[Applause]Edmonton's lugging it along in their ownend shifting gears shook through greathe gets throughand still wizard in their own end tosallow making progress through theneutral zone cradled in center I spiedPuglia still has control in neutral eyespointed the cleft balmpass good collisionheads on to the corner[Applause]la is goal gives them a lead by tworaises a question to here in the secondperiod do they start to play it a littleconservative or do they go at them andtry and make this three right away theKings with possession through theneutral zone laid on to sallow perfecttip by the stick closed off and sealedon the board steffensen's in their ownend hopefully shifting from defense tooffense here and possession has changedbrilliant move on that passtaking hold up by down to my notice thisone it's two minutes for interferencethe Kings go on the property for thevery first timelet's sent along by lander he's put todoubting here the it's a to gnaw persecondKenny hope a little over 4 minutesremainingLa's advantage in this game as Jeff gota piece of up with the clocktastic shut down the Kings are movingthe park in the defensive zoneask what break sticks a didn't getthroughhammer shot to the boy oh great reactionthere's that one was tipped on goal anoutstanding deflection but an evenbetter safe momentum is on the side ofthe Kings who took back this isoverwhelmingcorralled by Lewis big time save bigtime shooterdad sayheightens in this final minute of thesecond period in period Los Angeles intheir own end lugging that farpitching this one to Clifford Brown tothe slot and si thankfully ELISA doc youcould take a prep what a seat and theyneeded that to take the pressure off youcan't ask much more from your goaltenderthan this that's an excellent wrist shotthat he's able to deny the Keaton'sblocked so many pucks over the lastcouple of games you would think he'dlike to stick handle one over once in awhile the Kings win that faceoff slidesit to the point Oh another save catsplay stopped[Music][Applause]while the shooters pretty disappointedguys he delivered that pun quickly itwas actually get the goaltender was justbetter than him on the wrist shot[Music]Edmonton's got a defensive zone win chipthe CLEF bomb on to Everland oh andhere's a three-on-two a cover and playis stoppedwhat's been the one key reason that histeam's been able to hold on to this leadhe's faced a high percentage of topquality shots he stopped virtuallyeverything the second period has come toa close eventful when it comes toscoring goals yet there's a big leadhere Los Angeles in a high-scoring gamehere but they lead by two[Applause]Edmonton's got another wind marvelous abike quick a quality chance a bettersafeback in his defensive end again goodsave there Edmonton's got a huge hill toclimbthey've just not gotten the sage theyneed[Applause]looking to Yakupovtell to Lewis he'd given a pass now hegets one magnificent glove save passesto the slotEdmonton's continuing on in their ownendslid to Yakupov looking for a betterlane goes to the frontand possession established on the pickupby Drew Doughty skate kick out of thescrum wonderful stop you want to scoregoals you have to go to this areaterrific interceptionLos Angeles carrying it up the windpicks it up in his own end[Applause]Luis has another face-off block it awayand honey stick on it trying to go toPercel foisted wine to fucka Koskiand he'll cover and it's a pleasure tobring in the third place on our crewbrink side here's ray Farrar Edmonton'sgonna rule these missed chances they'vehad so many from good spots on the icethey've missed the net so many timesthey've done nothing but hurt themselvesthere are my array it's it's sort ofhard to watch those isn't it so manyclose calls in this game would bedifferent pass attempt to haul got thatpass near the blue line and now looksaheadand those pump captured by Niketan Kento[Applause][Music][Applause]Edmonton's deficit is onlybecause of that last goal let's see ifthey can tie it up here in the thirdgood job on that face-off tying the manout looks ahead to start somethingthe Edmonton's in their own end luggingit along considering past to the slidetied up on the boards[Applause]it's a three-on-two whole they defendthis and that shut messyou have to give yourself the chancethat pot can not miss the net like thatsnapping a patch to Percel receives thatpass from the other side pat on the sidegreat bad stop and the loose puckgathered in by Muslim directing that oneto sallow laid on to Cliffordit's an odd man rush it's a three-on-twopitching it to Percel and this play haswhistled down it is offsideElly's got another face-off wind stillhas control at center back in hisdefensive end to get it to Reinhardt[Applause]he's got that one let's see what happensthe Oilers through the neutral zone moveit alongback there's a blue line to halt greatshooting position Tarathe Kings happen in the defensive zonea popular guy when he's on the ice histeammates watch the puck he's passing itbeautifully he's got two assists movingit through Berlinwaited to haulnow it's directed to Percel chip toHendricks great job wanna cut packspicks it up in his own endsimmering passion great shooting Lanepuck is thrown to for fikowskibass to the slop ponderworking close enougha quick developing play right in frontalmost looks like he's off attackthe king setting things up in their ownend - voice on - Clifford passing oneoff now - Sal oh let's it flymr. net you score on that chance thatgives you some breathing room the restof the way and set away - yeah KapaunEdmonton's carrying it through Centernow the puck rounded up by MarianGaborik takes that pass that was justslipped ahead to him really good movewolf sticks a[Music]we're in the last minute of play andstill something could happenpoint-to-point it goes to clink hammerpossession scenes pile and[Applause]he's terrificterrific opportunity with this puckbeing so close this is all areactionaries he had a great chance buthe has snap they make their goalie totry and get this back he can start somedanger here that puck just hit his glovethe Kings love that along in thedefensive zone[Applause]you[Music]

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