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Episode 117 – Kevin Quinn, Edmonton Oilers

welcome to episode number 117 of thevoice behind the voice I'm Sean Aronsonthe TV and radio broadcaster for the st.Paul Saints an independent minor leaguebaseball team in the Twin Cities wellit's been two weeks since I've actuallyrecorded an open because the previoustwo weeks were recorded at the same timebefore we embarked on our 10 game roadtrip and came back home so it's been awhile since I've updated you on howamazing the st. Paul Saints have beendoing 15 and 7 on the season as I recordthis in first place all alone a game upit's hard to get excited though becauseI remember what happened last year whenthe team was 27 and 13 after 40 gameshad a seven-game lead in the divisionand at the end of the season we were 48and 52 and 14 games back of first placeso you realize things can change in theblink of an eye you just hope that allthe pieces stay together number one inthe league in pitching number four inbatting average number four and runsscored it's been pretty good to watch sofar but a long long way to go we haven'teven hit the quarter pull just yet butit's been fun to watch it's beenexciting so much so that piece ofhistory perhaps could happen tonight asI record this on Monday our managerGeorge Sammis sits at 999 careermanagerial wins most of those have comein a st. Paul Saints uniform 816 of themto be exact but he has one win away frombecoming the fourth manager by allaccounts that we can find the fourthmanager and independent league historyto reach a thousand wins I have nevermet a guy in my 18 years of doingplay-by-play and I've had a few managersin my time but I've never met a managerthat has had that has wanted to win asbadly or more than George does I realizeall these managers want to win but veryfew if any have I ever met that has thedesire the want and and really it's allhe can think about is winning and if hedoes not win a championship it's it's alost season inhis books and unfortunately for for himand for the st. Paul Saints it's beensince 2004 that that's happened but it'sbeen an enjoyable ride for the last 12years that I've been here too to witnessall the victories I haven't tallied itup yet I'm probably do that before thebroadcast tonight tally up how many ofthe 816 victories here with the Saintsand overall when he gets at number 1000that I have been a part of but it'sclearly more than any other broadcasterthat has been around in any of hisstints whether it be when he got startedin Waterbury or as a couple of years inNew Jersey or now is you know 15 yearshere in st. Paul I've been the guythat's been here the longest for themost win so it's been a lot of fun towatch we bought him a couple ofdifferent gifts the coaching staff ourathletic trainer and myself bought him acouple of giftsI'll give it away and even if he doesn'twin 1000 tonight and this goes livetomorrow but we bought this very verynice kind of leather bag and then hisfavorite show right now is the blacklistso scour the internet to find what wecould be closest to a Raymond Reddingtonhat for those of either Black List fanswe bought him a Reddington hat and he'salways talking about Reddington and whathe wears in the Hat and stuff like thatso we went out and bought him one ofthose as well and I know that ourgeneral manager in the front officebuying a bunch of gifts for him as wellbut it could be a monumental nighttonight or sometime soonspeaking of monumental let's get toepisode number 117 it is Kevin Quinn ofthe Edmonton Oilers I will fully admitin the previous 116 episodes I havefound a lot of information on all myguests and I was prepared and moreprepared than I could have ever been forthis one I was not and I don't know if Ibrought it up on the podcast itself orif I told Kevin afterwards but I scouredeverywhere the Canadian broadcasters arejust harder to find information on and Ihad the bare bones skeleton stuff sowhereas you're used to me asking somepretty in-depth questions I hate thesurface type questions so how'd you getstarted how did you go from this job tothat job type of thingwe do get into a little bit of thatbecause I'm trying to tie his careertogether but we definitely dive into youknow some of the stories a little bitdeeper but this was the one where I wasstumped and when I get stumped Iadmitted to you I admitted it to him itdoes not happen very often I think thiswas the first official one I wonder ifin doing research if I lived in Canadaif I would have found more piece ofinformation I just I don't know that butbut Kevin was great we did this at thehotel where the team stays at he couldnot have been any nicer and evenafterwards he said I'm impressed witheverything that you had and I said lookI have to apologize to you because I hadnothing so it was a good conversationand very very happy that he sat downwith me at the end of the NHL seasonwhich seems like a hundred years ago nowbut this is the order that that we hadto do is I had a bunch of them in myback pocket knowing that the baseballseason was was coming up here if youhave not subscribed to the podcast youcan do so on iTunes wherever you getyour podcast be sure to rate us and alsofollow us on social media twitter at thevoice btv Facebook facebook.combackslash The Voice B TV you can alwaysemail me the voice B TV at gmail.com allright let's get to itepisode number 117 with Kevin Quinn ofthe Edmonton Oilers JW roll he opened Igot taken to the locker room and I had ashower with my just took off my shoulderpads and my helmet and everything andhad a shower just that the upper halfcame back onto the field and said to thecoach I'm ready to get back in he saidthe game's over a neighbor's friendneighbors dad said I think I'm gonnatake you to the hospitalhmm have you got everything it was aFriday night[Music]

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In episode 117 it’s Kevin Quinn of the Edmonton Oilers.  He discusses:

– Majoring in psychology in college

– Growing up and having Dan Kelly be a hero of his

– Stepping aside during the final game at Rexall Place to allow 82-year-old Bob Cole could call the game

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