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I think it's always a difficult thing toplay against your original team Ryan'sgone through that once obviously on theisland and that was more home for him atthat timeso he's experienced the once Jordancoming home here will experience it hishis own way but there's alwayscomparisons made you know both teams areon the outside looking in neither ofthem want to be where they where theyare right now each of the players hashad their own their own season andthere's no doubt that comparisons willbe drawn between the players yet they'recompletely different players that arethere on teams for different reasons andyou know we're happy with the one theyhave and I know that I know Jordanobviously very well he's a greatindividual and I know they're happy withthe one they have I talked to him quiteregularly still some when we went outthere obviously but I think he'll beexcited to come back here and playhopefully the fans give him a goodovation I mean spent I spent a lot oftime here we put in some good years goodyears as well so hopefully they theChairman loud and but I mean he'sobviously having a good year so it'sdefinitely when you and your buddieslike that go somewhere else you stillwant them to succeed and that's good tosee him playing off let me and taughthow to talk just kind of you know youknow kind of what your role is on theteam I think that being put on thepenalty kill has been a bigresponsibility for me and something Itake a lot of pride in and you knowplaying center I I honestly haven'tplayed this much senator this year as inthe rest of my career so it's nice tokind of have that consistent positionthe last little while and I thought youknow the third lines are growing alittle bit you know try to have a littlebit of an identity and also beyond thepower play to you get some touches youfeel good about you know a game get someconfidence and you know and all I thinkjust slow to find those roles I mean theseason isn't isn't over yet we don'twant to play for we got a lot to workout for next year and yeah I'm one ofthose guys that if I can solidify myrole in this team's really gonna help usin the long run and with such greatplayers you want to just find your roleyour nation I think I've kind of foundthat with the special teams and you knowbeing the right-handed shot down


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