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Edmonton Oilers situation with Milan Lucic is “untenable” and he must be moved “whatever it takes,”

[Music]this in from NHL inside of Franksaravali of TSN a rather dire take onthe Edmonton Oilers situation especiallyin regards to Milan looted future withthe team speaking to Alain lower tideMitchell on TSN one two six Oh on Fridaysaravali said I'm concerned about theMilan Lucic situation I mean you talkabout Eric Carlson and what a mess thathas been in Ottawa and he talked aboutJeff Skinner and the fact that he hasn tbeen traded from Carolina and JustinFork and some other guys where you feellike the can has been kicked so far downthe road I don't think Milan lue touchesin all that difference of a categorywhen you consider what h es gone throughand really the position the oil is ourink it's almost untenable this is justthe first part of Sarah Valles extendedtake on the Lew church situation he'llgo through Sarah Valles points here oneby one does he makes a number of them tostart I have to give some credit toSarah Valley for stirring up things Idon't agree with many of his points herebut he gets marks for sparkingcontroversy which is all part of the funand reality of NHL hockey talk on thisinitial point saravali comparing the LouChurch situation to the Carlsonsituation makes little and no sense theyare not at all in the same category theCarlson situation is indeed untenableit's a fiasco it's shaping up assomething of a disaster for the Ottawafranchise the loot it situation is farfrom it for him and for the Oilers MilanLukic speaks to the media at Rogersplace following the conclusion of theEdmonton Oilers 2017 2018 NHL Davidbloom Postmedia Carlson has made itclear he wants a trade and there's alsobeen a major bizarre and upsettingincident between him and his wife andanother player and that players wife thekind of interpersonal blow-up missingfrom the Looch situation Looch it'spersonal life is said to be part of theequation in Edmonton but his agent JerryJohansson has made it clear in nouncertain terms that Lucic is comingback to the Oilers as year Hansen toldthe journals Jim Mathesonwhat's going on with Milan absolutelynothing Milan had a bad year the teamhad a bad year a cheese coming back toplay for the Edmonton Oilersthat's not exactly a fancy storyline butthat's what it isI have no idea how this story got outthere I expect Milan to have a good yearand the EULA's to have a good year 100 %h es coming back that's his planh e's got a no move clause let's move onto Sarah Valles next point which was myunderstanding is from what we reportedweeks ago is that Milan Lucic is open tofinding a new home somewhere elseATS the one who holds a lot of thesecards with the no trade clause thesituation that he holds there and myunderstanding is that helps interestedin willing to go to a new destinationparticularly if he can get to a USmarkethere's what year Hanson told Mathesonabout Lucic asking for a trade Milan didnt ask for a trade in pita GM Chiarelli100% has not come to us about movingMilan if he wants to get out from underthe contract he has to talk to usI accept there might well be a bit ofspin here from Johansson but the onlyreally important thing in the agentsmessage is his emphatic insistence thatLou chips is coming back to Edmonton sowhile Paulsen has it made it evident he8unhappy and once out of Ottawa I have noidea if Skinner and fork wants out ofCarolina the opposite message is comingfrom the lucha camp saravali continuedon to explore with Mitchell thepossibility of Lucic getting traded nowthe question is if the EULA's cansomehow find a way to do that and isthere a push from any other teams to tryand make a move like that now that we'vegotten past free agency it almost seemslike the urgency kind of falls off acliff once you've got to July 2nd sowhat happens in that situation how doyou fill the hole on D for the Oilers Ijust can't imagine going into next withall the issues they had to close outlast more-or-less and Peter Chiarellibasically saying well it's up to youguys to figure it out I mean that's notreally how it works it's up to themanager to figure out a solution andfind a way to make this team betterbecause this team on paper or at leastcertainly isn t better edmonton oilersMilan Lucic 27 with Calgary Flamesgoalie Mike Smith 41 in Calgary onSaturday March 31st 2018Larry McDougald the Canadian press itwould have been fine and deed for theOilers to make more and better moves inrecent weeks but I haven't seen anysuggestions in the relof the palatable about how Chiarellicould have greatly improved the squadsaravali and others may wish thatChiarelli had moved loot it and tradedfor a top winner and a top demon but wasany of that remotely possible only ifthe Oilers gave up Brian Nugent Hopkinsor Oscar clef bomb and all the 9thoverall pick in the draft that was usedto take heaven booter would it have beenwise to do make such moves that was itsmarter to see if injured players likeAndres akira clef bomb and camp Albertcan bounce back and if forwards likeJesse pulled you Javy Ryan Strome jujukara Drake Caggiula kayla yamamoto andTyrus he might improve was it also not agood plan to see if coach Todd McClellanmight be able to devise a better gameplan with his new group of assistantcoaches as for his work at the tradedeadline Chiarelli did at least fourfour words in Tobias reader and Kylebroad siakam he did so on relativelycheap contracts it's not like he sat onhis hands and accomplished not one thinga cheese given McClellan a few moretools to work with saravali finallysuggested them to move Looch itthe Oilers might have to add a sweetenera small one he said let's be honest toothe Oilers don't have a lot ofsweeteners descending around they don'thave a treasure trove of candy to behanding out this is nt Halloween it wasthe hesitancy to add the right sweetenerthat might be holding up a deal saravalisuggested part of it too is probablysome stubbornness on the Oilers partsaying well wait a second why do we needto add this getting hung up on howexactly much of a sweetener there wouldneed to be given that helps not that farremoved from a productive to start hiscareer in Edmonton so I think it's oneof those really tough situations I don'tthink there is any question in my mindthat the Oilers are a better teamwithout him saravali then made the casethat the EULA's had decided they werebest off to move out Taylor Hall andJordan Emily so the same should now bedone with Lucius whatever it takes inorder to make it happen I don't see whyMilan Lucic would be any different hmmSara Valles line of thinking againbreaks down here is not one of thebiggest criticisms of pierre le that hemade a mistake in moving out Taylor Halland Jordan Emily and got too little inreturn if these moves were andneed mistakes whywould Chiarelli want tonow make a similar mistake in pay toohigh a price to move out lucha CH andwhat is the urgency in such a move againJohansson has a made it crystal clearthat loot itch is willing to come backto Edmonton and proved himself to be agood player again if other NHL teams areonly willing to take on loot if theOilers give up the high draft pick or anexcellent prospect or a good player whynot instead just see hawlucha stirs whenhe gets back to Edmonton this he couldend up playing well and the entirematter will blow over or he could end upplaying well and improving his tradevalue at worst he'll likely play at thesame level which would make him an okaytwo-way third-line winger and superiorenforcer so a player with some value tothe Oilers even if he isn t earning hissix million dollars paycheck in the endI don't quite get to where saravali iscoming from he seems to be trying toramp up the pressure to trade Lucic bycomparing his situation to the carlsonfiasco and saying the eulogy be willingto pay a high price to solve thisso-called untenable situation but thissituation isn t untenable its tenableand movingly chitchat a loss doesn'tsound like sharp management of playerassets all due respect to saravali itsounds like bad advice or am I missingsomething here at the cult staplesColburn Hansen Stafford when it come maybe EULA's better off not bringing inanother vem cardi Strohm back on boardwith new 3.1 million dollars per dealstaples the rise and fall of Tyler Ennisnew Leafs playing Coeur D Edmontonroster taking shape staples Nick ShawAntony Duclair players of interest tocap strap toil as staples Jessie Paul GJava is not nail Yakupov be patient

Edmonton Oilers situation with Milan Lucic is “untenable” and he must be moved “whatever it takes,” says NHL insider. Huh?!
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