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Edmonton Oilers 2017-2018 Season- RECAP on the positives

hey everybody it your boy ray McEntireback with another video and with me inmuch better guest my friend Adam thanksfor having me Ryan it's it's an honor tobe heretoday's video is going to be about the2017-2018 Oilers seasonthis video will forget all the good sowhy don't you start us off right IRA menI'm glad to okay well first is obviouslykarmic gaming obviously yeah in 82 gameshe produced 41 goals sixty seven assistsfor a grand total of 108 points whichmeans that he had won the scoring titlein back-to-back seasons inconceivableinconceivable that future looked verybright for himit looks very bright yeah how excitedare you to watch him for nine seasonsnine more seasons we have four awesomeyeah the next positive thing is jujuKara he had a great season and provesthat he can play at the NHL level wouldyou agree yes I good man you yeah Iagree I completely agree yeah and he had21 points which is awesome but moreimportantly he protects his teammateswhich is huge the other big thing is itlooks like he has great chemistry withLeon dry settle and yes II Pooley Irieso that's gonna be huge for next seasonthe next guy is Leon travel who hadanother association putting up sevenpoints that is only seven points lessthen last seasonthis means that he has put up twoback-to-back70 point seasons I believe he will putput up another 80 point season next yearyeah we will yepcan I get what what what what what whatso our next guy is Ryan Nugent Hopkinshashtag keep Newt foreverseriously first off he was leading theOilers in scoring before I got injuredlast season and seemed to never miss thestep once he came back so then thatleads to him finishing third in Oilersscoring which is huge and I either showshow good he is offensively which I thinkhe is a great offensive player or thelack of depth we had throughout theseason but we'll get to that next videohis defensive game however has improvedimmensely over the last couple seasonsunder coach Todd McCloud which has beenamazing you like Tom McLaury yeah he's agreat good coach here's a pretty softcoaches yeah we're right there in forsomething good yeah also dude you'reHopkins just an amazing player yeah mannow we move on to Kent outlet who had arough start of the season but he lookedat having regained his game near at theend of the season let's not forget thathe was a huge part of us making theplayoffs yeah I was yeah playoffs don'ttalk about playoffs you kidding meplayoffs I just hope we can win a gamehe will those backnext next year for sure I mean havingtwo kids is pretty tough yeah yeah hewas a I know lot of pressurea lot of pressure and I don't know aboutyou but if you had two kids would it bea little difficult for you to do be agoaltender playing 82 games in theseason yes yeah okay so next up is Yesipool erp he showed a lot of growth andseems to have gotten a little morecomfortable with the NHL style of playwhich is huge he has a wicked shot whichwill most likely be utilized on thepower play as long as things get set inplace in proper place that is he hadracked up 12 goals and eight assistswhich total uptake what was it 20 pointsyeah 21 points that doesn't seem likemuch but like we said he wasn't utilizedvery well this season and we'll get tothe next video but he has a lot ofpotential and I personally cannot waitto watch him next season especiallyeating pizza right yes[Music]there the smell of pizza in the air badbut not least we got Thai rally wholooks promising as he put up five goalsand four assists in 14 games seeing thatchemistry he had went McDavid when theseason was climax goneit was a glimmer of hope and it was itwas a huge glimmer of hope so I'm gonnasee hopefully some on the horizon yeahwhat is it they've sent us hope[Music]so that's our outlook on the positivesof the 2017-2018 Oilers season thanksfor watching and stay tuned for the nextvideo where we tackle the negatives andearly improvements yeah it's gonna begood the bat for his teammatesI'm messing this up I'm at living yeahbut what well what

This video is part one for a recap on the Oilers 2017-2018 season. This video talks all about the teams positives. Next video will highlight the negatives. Check it out, let me know what you think, hit that subscribe button and lastly don’t forget to smash that like button. Also a big thanks to Adam for joining me and being a cool special guest in this weeks video.

Players featured in this video:
Connor McDavid-97
Ty Rattie-8
Leon Draisaitl- 29
Ryan Nugent Hopkins- 93
Cam Talbot- 33
Jesse PulJujarvi- 77
Oscar Klefbom-77
Jujhar Kharia-16

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