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Coors Light Countdown | Condors v Stockton

Oha 10-game season series between theBakersfield Condors a in the Stocktonheat wraps up tonight at 7 o'clockinside Rabobank arena it's been astrange season series between these twosides is Stockton won the opening sixgames of the series all in regulationbut the condors have won the last threeincluding a 6-4 win over Stockton onSaturday night at Stockton arena Bakerstill will get the pro debut tonight ofRicky fuller Colin Larkin lar came outof UMass Boston was the Player of theYear in that conference and lookingforward to his pro debut here tonightfor the Condors yeah they're goodexperienced players I'm excited to getrolling here at the Condors and justlooking forward to getting on gettingsome game action for the first timewe'll use him in a role that's you knowgonna really help his game out he'spretty good with the puck he sees theice wall he protects the puck well sowe're gonna play him with theChristopher and Bugsy tonight and I'msure he's gonna be very excited to playhis first pro game and those guys willhelp him out yeah I had a couplemeetings with them to the end of mycollege career I knew they were therewatching and they expressed a lot ofinterest towards me and they wanted togive me an opportunity and I'm extremelythankful for that yeah I thought weplayed well I thought we came up with agood start you know that game could havebeen easily for nothing after the firstperiod but it wasn't and when we likeyou mentioned early we took a lot ofpenalties we've got a curve that wetalked about it this week duringpractice we got to be far moredisciplined locked and we'll play on theline with Brad Malone and BradenChristopher Laura Prasad gets the startsomething for the claw doors and Joshcurry has 13 points in his last ninegamesStockton fell behind three nothing onSunday against San Diego but came backto beat the gulls 5 4 in a shootout theyfell to Ontario on Wednesday by a 3-1count they'll send Ryan Faragher betweenthe pipes here tonight against thecondors and defenseman Rasmus Andersonhas 10 points in his last 10 games wecan only actually go in tonight at 6:45of Condors countdown clock sports radio970 a heart radio app on your mobiledeviceNHL from rod LeMay arena Ryanholt condors TV

The Condors look for their 4th straight win over the Heat.

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