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Condors hockey over three million fanshave experienced the fun excitement andpassion since 1998 and you can be a partof it all with a condor 365 membershipthe best seats in the arena are the onesyou call your own[Music]the Condors 365 membership comes with awhole host of exclusive benefits it's noproblem when you miss a game with anever wasted ticket program members onlycan avoid the rush with 15 minute earlyentry enjoy members only concessionlines and make it easier on your budgetwith year-round payment plants plus haveaccess to unique experiences such assitting on the bench during warmups rubelbows with special guests orhigh-fiving the players as they take theice our premium memberships only add tothe experience with increased neverwasted ticket options parking passes andaccess to the club room a private areawould select enter option a full bar anda patio overlooking the action ourcorporate flex memberships combinepremium benefits with the flexibility touse your club level tickets whenever andhowever you want energize your employeesdrive sales build your brand and createI remember moments for the people whomean the most to your business use theCondors to help you land your next bigdeal but you're condors 365 membershipisn't just about the game nightexperience your member benefits extendaway from the ring - with memberdrawings you can win concert tickets andmore our member events have includedwine tasting with the team meet andgreets with the players and coacheshalf-price movies and even early accessto special events and our dedicatedservice team is here to help with anyissue or need that you may havecondors players shine the internationalspotlight on our city we areBakersfield's only professional sportsexperience our players are one step awayfrom NHL glory and with a Condors 365membership you are one step closer tothe action call three to four puck todayto join the club or visit condors towncalm

Over 3 Million fans have experienced the fun of Condors hockey since 1998!
Learn about what it means to be a Condors365 Member:
*Exclusive benefits
*Save time and cash
*Unique member experiences
*Premium memberships
*Business memberships
*Access to the team with Members-Only Events

Create ‘I Remember’ moments with friends, family and business partners. Become a Condors365 Member today!
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