Bakersfield Condors 

Condors Live Condor on ESPN Sportscenter

with Michigan yet Mike McKay he's notgonna be happy about that all rightlet's HL hockey Bakersfield Californiaagainst the Ontario rainthey brought a condor for Santa we'regonna flashback five years ago duringthe anthem the Condor yeah got away fromits handler oh no one could secure itand and and we actually ran this onSportsCenter five years ago and at ayoung Stan Verret did the highlightreally I'm not sure the Condor will beinvited back one of your better linesfight at the Condor back stand it's thesame Condor Quinta Queen Victoria Wow itlooks good for his age yeah thoseconstant age well they even gave out aCondor bobblehead kind of now does thismean you could bring a condor on a planeas a support animal whenever the Condorswon the game the Queen foreverimmortalizedso you didn't remember doing thathighlight uh I've done a lot ofhighlights Neil over the years and asyou know I know but usually I'm the onethat can't remember any yeah but no Imean I remember the bird now okay theCondor yeah but yeah so I just vaguelyremember what

Queen Victoria, the live Andean Condor, made an encore performance and an encore appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter

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