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COMMUNITY | Oilers Hockey Clinic Presented by ATCO

[Music]for the last decade the Oilers hockeyclinic has been bringing the Oilersexperience to different communitiesin its second year with his partnershipwith ad hope the event here inLloydminster started off with a visitfrom Pam Talbot Fernandafollowed by the clinic which taughtyoung players a variety of differentskills including development[Music]well it's just a fun opportunity he's ahockey player at hearts and he playshere and Lloydminster and for him tojoin a hockey camp with the Oilers ofcourse he's I think it's just great forthe kids it builds passion for the gameit's super exciting for them they bothlove hockey and they[Music]so this is amazingthis is just a great event for our citywe have a huge huge population we have ayoung community and you can see that atvery evident a lot of families and it'sjust an awesome opportunity for them tocome out enjoy a burger out close herewe've got the oiler players and alumniwe've got a school going on it's just agreat weekend we really wanted to expandthe relationship with the Oilers beyondjust being the energy provider that'swhy this partnership with the Oilers isa just so important because it goesbeyond the Edmonton and Calgary whereour head offices are those localcommunities arefor this critical task so we know onething about the Oilers it isn't just abelief in an area it is oil countryimportant to us that we connected as onein many ways possible and this is just aterrific way for us to get into thecommunity get our fans out and say ohthanks we had well over a thousandentries for 100 spots which again agreat sign for the popularity of this aswe move it around the province it wasgood there was a steady flow of peopleit's great to see how many other fansare out in this part so it was a lot offun and that's some different people soit's good I was a hectare no that's forsure my hands a little bit sore fromsigning all that but you know it'salways a great time to tick them out tothese kinds of things and to see all theexpressions on the kids faces so itmakes it worth it they're super eagerthey're they're keen you know it's funto teach these kids because they justwant to sit there and listen they'relike sponges right now so you know as acoach coming in I it makes your life somuch easierand you enjoy doing what you're doinghow to stick handle better catch passeson the back end and shoot better moreaccurate it's just like you like you'relearning and having fun at the same timereporting at the Oilers hockey clinicand Lloyd men searched for early TV Ikept it[Music]

Young hockey players in Lloydminster had the opportunity to learn from the pros at the Oilers Hockey Clinic presented by ATCO. This is the 10th year the clinic has traveled around Oil Country.

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