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Big Trades Shake Up The Team| NHL 18 Edmonton Oilers Franchise Mode Commentary Ep.8

[Music]this is ex nice gaming wow thisfranchise mode hasn't gone our way weare currently five points out of aplayoff spot behind the Calgary Flamessafe have played two more games on usbut through 35 games played we only have32 points things need to tighten it upas you could see our leading pointproducer is Leon draisaitl and I believeit was Connor McDavid then NugentHopkins rounding out the top three andthere it iswe only have 210 goal scorers we got acouple 7-6 is so they are coming but weneed something happen so we are gonna doa line change I'll shake it up a bithere and see how that goes so we'll goedit our lines and right now we gotborough with McDavid and Hopkins plea RVdry-cell Uchiyama moto strum and cajoláthen rat cheek as Ian and Benson we aregonna move Cooley RV up and Yamamoto tothe first line then we're gonna popkinsdrive cylon Beru actually we're gonnachange this up these are going overthere and our fourth line is gonna staythe same go check our defensive pairingswe are gonna change Larson and BenningKevin B that's and Chris Russell willround up that and our scratch playersare Mitch Callahan Ryan Mantha andlaurette for swath which is injured sowe do have Stewart Skinner up here asour backup goalie right now so let'sslim through let's say 10 games seewhere we are after ten games hopefullybetter than 14 17 and 4we're coming off a tough 2-1 loss toOttawa and Arizona was to four that'sfive games there and then we'd be goingup to the 21st against Detroit we dohave a five day break and we got a tradeoffer our sixth round and seventh roundfor Jay Beagle their sixth round intheir fifth round sure I got a playerout of it and we're gonna go a systemplayer or assistant coach replacesplayer we get a 4-3 shootout loss a 4-1win over the Coyotes 3-2 shootout lossto the Colorado Avalanche and then nextgames against San Jose and we get a 5-3loss we need to start winning and a 5-4loss to the Coyotes Nashville and therock for sois alright so we are sendingStuart Skinner down to this one StuartSkinner down to the minors hopefully hecan produce down there as a goalie turninto a good goalie and we do have to putin for SWAas our backup goalie 78 overallhopefully he goes up natural for nothinglost Gerardo 4-3 loss and Tyler Bensonhas been hurtHarrycapable in the system we are gonna callup let's go with how old's this guy 19we're gonna bring out Safin believethat's how you pronounce it Safin I didwhat we need it toto be only hot did a goalie get hurthere what for song got hurtthat's why and we'll bring up Nick Ellisthis time and we'll send down that Safinkid again I thought it was a Ford weneeded to bring up but clearly it wasn'tand that it linesMitch Callahan can come in here and ourgoalies we just hit the injury bug thereor somethingNick Ellis can come in there best linesdown here in the HL against Montreal weget to one overtime loss not going ourway a 5-2 win over Columbus Tyler Bensonis available so Mitch Callahan is comingout and Benson is going in trying to geta rookies up faster than usual but youknow how that goes and again Chicago thelast game in this simulation and we geta trade our third round and fifth roundfor Vermette their fourth round and thefifth round I am gonna decline thattrade that's a 4-3 shootout win we are17 21 and 7 so we went 3 4 and 3 sothat's 9 points out of a possible 20that's still not good enough we'll gocheck here Connor McDavid 36 points andwe are sitting in 6th place now go seethe point totals here McDavid 36 drysettle 33 Nuge 28 fully RV there we gohe's starting to score so our first lineis getting it done Lucic 24 Strohm 24yeah my mom is starting to come up soit's not we're not doing terrible it'sjust we can't win games just like theyare this year if they can't win thegames top of it 15 17 and 5 with a 911save percentage and a two point sevenfour goals means that's not terriblelike our goalies this year want to know1 & 2 1 2 butdon't know what's going on here so we'llsimulate 10 more games maybe make somelineup changes right now we aren't gonnachange our first line because they seemto do be doing ok it's our second linethat's starting to drop so what I'mgonna do is we're gonna have Petula goupLucic can stay there and nooch is gonnaplay Center on the third line hopefullythat works some things out and we'll do10 more games and that's where I'llleave you guys off today and that willbe 5 collar out of 6 up to Buffalo youknow what we'll go up to the tradedeadline and against Detroit we got a3-2 win Victor don't need them declineSan Jose we need that one we lose twonothing a 3-1 win over the Vegas GoldenKnights and 1 1 we are looking we don'tneed defense we need four words in oursystem and here's a trade Vermette againdeclined against LA Kings we get a 3-1loss against Toronto a 6-2 lossand Adam Larson is available defense Idon't know why Mitch callaghan's playingdefense my god Larsen's back againstColorado we get a 4-3 win that's goodwe're gonna continueour first rounder for Andrews Lee afourth-round fifth round and six down Ineed that first rounder in 2024 betterfor first there a fourth and a fifth Iam actually gonna set that trade andthey have to send Peru down though youknow what send him down edit linesapparently they didn't send him downokayI'll put in we're gonna actually go dosome roster movescuz where's Roberta see in the systemyeah he is so we'll call him up and thenHL will send Mitch Callaghan down andwe'll go to edit lines I'm gonna putfour batter in on the fourth linebelieve he's a right wing alright therewe go and we're gonna go a HL and we'rejust gonna do best lines down herehopefully maybe something changes andfor Burt for our second down declinethat trade 3-2 loss to Colorado for twoagainst New York Philadelphia we get atwo of one shooter when they areoffering us Marian Hossa for ChrisRussell and Stuart Skinner and a thirdand a fourthI'm gonna set that maybe that's thescoring thing we need right there andwe'll see using the system okay editlinesand we are gonna take Jay Bigelow if youguys think I should have done a tradeshouldn't have accepted a trade let meknow we're out of hosts of playing withMcDavid and pulley RV when Yamamotocomes back that's gonna be a tough onewho we take out probably rachie weremember bad up here so our lines aren'tlooking not terribly bad right now getBS gone and I think that's all we needto do so best lines in Bakersfield andagainst the Rangers we get a 3-2 shooterwin and Yamamoto is available to playWow I didn't mean to date this team notfast but yeah my motives gonna go in forat go2 he's a left-wing I really knowCenter yeahall right against Buffalo Tyler Bensonis available in return we are gonna sendtheir son Benson down games Buffalo 5 towin st. Louis a 3-2 win Montreal we geta 1 nothing when there we go suddenlywe're winning games now Buffalo againwe're here 6-4 win la for nothing losscan't win every game in a row calculatea 5-2 loss those are games we needed towin though 4-1 lostDallas that's when let's win this gameagainst Minnesota will slim simulate onemore and a 5-2 win so at the start ofthis we were 14 17 and 3 or 4 now we're27 29 and 7 we did go on a winningstreak then a losing streak so we'resubpar right now we're still sitting in6th place but we are only 3 pointsbehind the flames 7 & 8 behind Vancouverin Anaheim we are on San Jose is aheadof us by 15 points but there are still19 games to play if you win 10 of thoseas 20 points we got 81 points that's notgood enough we need to win like 15 ofthose and we will hold a team meetingand a lot of them went down and we'llsee who's leading points I saw a drysettle you think McDavid would live inplay McDavid with a lot of rookiesso hopefully pulley RV can go up McDavid48 points new Dilys 42 for bad it has 40the guys I picked up 36 and 40 pointsnot bad strong 36 prb 35 left bomb 35kjeweler 26 yeah mimouna 19 so it's notthat bad we are gonna do some lineupchanges knowing who's scoring and allthat in Talbots 22 and 22 so there we goNicholas four and three not too badand it's just loading here so last thingfor today is changing up the lines I dolike this line knowing for bradda hasmore than could you look you go up thereCaggiula go play Center Nuge up thereand I like those lineups the way theyare now I do have a lot of young talentBruin 19 yeah I'm over 20 strong twentyfive twenty three twenty four twentyfive twenty to twenty so if I couldstick with these young guys except forhost was probably gonna retire afterthis I could probably make a playoffteam but that's it for this episode ifyou haven't subscribed please do withyou and leave a like and I'm gonna posta pack opening video again my second oneon NHL 18 and if I pull anything goodit's gonna be a trade day eventually butI'll keep you guys tuned for that thanksfor watching have a great day

A lot of injuries to the main roster. Can a couple trades help the team out and make a push for the playoffs?

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