Bakersfield Condors 

Bakersfield Condors play NHL 18

these rosters updated or what and Idon't think I'm in the game the EASports like tweeted at me saying Iwasn't in it yeah you said that to methen another fan saying can you updatethe rosters please so the New York kidscan get in it we go to the rosters ofcondors on the whole I want to knowwho's underrated he's got a good ratingthemselves but anything over 70 can youget low 72 hey crystal Christo 260crystals underrated that's underrated OhJoey at you that should be I should beable to know he's overratedall right chasers got no speed oh my god17 are you serious there's no good stick1 steps yeah going after the fight himin Dillon Joey oh no you're supposed tolet me win make it look close not a lotof oh yeah important I came out I go ina big fortnight down 40 nights in rightnowyeah the game I mean Drake is evenplaying at the best it's actually so funwhat are gonna be a blow-off Joey no nono no go away this is a very evenlymatched dated are we gonna fight or dowin this one in real lifeoh it's not even closecan't get a freaking shot an experiencedfighter oh my god attaboy Eddie I amanother are you kidding no Rosie brokenTwiggy Rosie go get a stick where's myother guy where's my other guy where'smy other guy Oh where's your team greatquestion great question we weathered thestormyou guys could compare this to yourrecent play right you know the fivematch unbeaten streakhanging around hanging around what doyou guys make of the hash texts Enkicondors I heard about thatno yeah there was a coach who was itfrom San Diego I get Bakersfield creditthey they hung around like a bad stinkwell people are using us defining us asstink young as their whole team'sunderratedoh that goes in and wall go what youmean triple B BB you guys didn't hit thenetthat's a talk game let's see me shockedyeah easy game 1515 the power play thisyou know how to give non exist people wegotta play threes you're playing HLthrees that'll be fine I'll be Pacificyou're Atlantic boys you're saying thegame is getting more realistic everyyear yeah well if you set it that wayhuhwhat does it have to do to make it evenmore realistic you know anything was thegame missing I don't know but I thinklike I don't want it to be realistic nono like you're playing video games for areason like I want to see huge hit seestuff like yeah like this is this iswhat I like to seethat game no no I gotta score five morehe could take the lead here that's a 3/5it could be you ah that's just a goodplay there is that it that I would'vescored that I don't know

Joey LaLeggia and Joe Gambardella play as the Condors in NHL 18.

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