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ARCHIVE | Oilers Pre-Game Interviews vs. Florida

[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]for one quick one-off tough road tripjust how do you guys reset and refocusfor this one with the Panthers well Ithink you have to kind of bury the roadtrip we discuss some of the things thatwent wrong and some things went rightand you have to hold this team bring thebust on this obviously we've had somesuccess more recently in our building socoming home it's nice to break up what'sa pretty road heavy month so it's alwaysnice to sleep in your own bed and kindof recharge and get ready for anotherteam or do you want to see you guysimprove night well I think the start issomething that's key I think we weredown to oh and in every game on thattrip and early too and I don't think wegot through a rotation our lines beforewere downloadable so for me the startand then I mean you know the energymight have been there the last threegames but we got to find a way to keepthe puck out of our net early so that'sthe biggest thing I think because we'veshown the resolve to get back intohockey games but chasing games it's arecipe for disasteryeah you know in all three games thatended up to two to two and three threebut I think all that work to get backinto a hockey game it's tough to thentake over the game and you leave thoselate goals to chance to lose hockeygames I think that's what we've seen sowe've shown the resolving the characteryou two back into one but I'd love tosee the character to show up on time andbe ready to get out in front to nothingto stare down to been able to put yourfinger on why I mean there's always youknow different reasoning I can't explaingiving up the first goal ten times onthe first shot and it's gone indifferent ways you know I don't thinkyou know sometimes if a trafficsometimes deflections sometimes powerplay goal it's just kind of been aensemble of different occurrences thathave created but we have to find a wayto correct it[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah I was a couple tough ones and thinkwe did uh did a lot of good things and Isay it's what a couple of dolls games wereally need to find a way to win somebig points on the line so it's tough andsome of the games is just a one-goalgame so it's it's tough it's verydisappointing it's obviously a toughtough time of the year for for everybodyin the league we cannot walk around hereand be worried about getting traded orwhatever so we just kind of focus on ontonight's game to start with and and allthe energy and all the focus has to bein this room because it's a lot of gamesto play and I'm not gonna stand here andsay we you're not gonna make theplayoffs I don't want to be the firstguy standing here and say that becausewe have a lot of a lot of work to do soyou're just gonna be here focus on thegame tonight I mean it's tough to standhere and have a really real answer tothat obviously it's not good enough weall know how important your with withthe starts and this in this league it'svery tough to to start from the huntfrom behind obviously against thoseteams - we did a hell of a job comingback and and obviously the last game butI mean it's tough to to play a goodhockey game when you're down to nothingwin first five minutes so we've got tobe more ready and everybody has to takeresponsibility in those games[Music]Road Trip nova standings are what theyare how do you guys try and keepyourselves motivated and not get boggeddown by the maybe some of thatnegativity yeah I mean there's a lot toplay for for a lot of guys so I mean youknow we get paid to come to the rinkevery day and do our best perform it'sour job that's kind of been the messageall year I think you know no matter howI disappoint her ups and downs ago I wasjust got to come in the ring cover cardand ready to play and you know it's funto play in this league and it's fun tobe an NHL every game you know if youdon't have that mindset it's you'retaking it for granted and I think that'swhere kind of like you can go off offthe rails a bit so you know it's a funleague we got a good life and we come tomake every day work hard and fun to playgames yeah I think that you individuallyjust want to bring your best game foryour best foot forward I think you knowyou always want to continue to getbetter I think anytime you stop doingthat I think you know someone's gonnacatch you so speak and you know everygame is a good opportunity for a lot ofthings where there's bursts Leonard isas a team so you know I think personallyI had a couple good games and the roadtrip wasn't so great for me so you knowI want to come back and have a good gameand you know unfortunately we lost threetough games so you know we got to comeback with a good effort in front of thehome fans and you know it's a lot morefun winning every day at the rink that'sfor sure so we got to get back on trackyeah I've got a lot of games to kind ofwatch that so I'm hopefully just step inand make little plays keep it simple Ithink obviously when he's you knowrolling like is you want to give him a which you can and just try to beready for your chances and you know Ithink seeing a guy like that all yearhow good he is you want to just bringyour best game be ready to go andjust your stick on the ice be ready forthose chance you're gonna get[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]Vince I'm not just one goal deficits buttwo or three goal deficits lately didyou try to do anything mentally for theteam like divide the game in two partsor say let's win the first ten minuteshow do you how do you approach some ofthem it's funny you asked that questionbecause last game I lived it for sevenyears San Jose is a big ten minute 50minute game and you gotta play the 10minute game and get through it becausethey come up with a lot of emotion a lotof jump and then you then you got to winthe second game which is the 50 minutegame and we've talked about that in thepast we talked about in San Jose and youknow lo and behold we're down for a shoton goal again so there's a lot ofdifferent ways of trying to to jolt theteam in the last few games I don't thinkwe've been poor out of the gate we'vebeen scored on out of the gate andthere's a difference between those twoand you know I know there was some talkin in LA about you know only gettingthree shots on goal we only gave up fiveit was that type of five or six pardonme that was that type of game in LA andthat was with two two penalty kills so Ithought in the second there we took overI thought we came out with good intentin the last couple of games but gotscored on and we've got to fix thatsomehow we've got to find a way to playwith the lead we've got to find a way towin one goal games that we lost allthree on on the road and we got work todo Todd coming back for this game Idon't you guys put so much emphasis ontrying to get something out of that ruledidn't work out you come back hereI guess what's the fragile what's thatwhat story what's the mental state ofthis team right now and how do you getthem up and say this is still animportant game we still got to get outI'm playing and not let them drop toomuch whatwhy it's a concern because of theimportance of this past weekend and nowyou're coming home for a brief stay andthen taking off again it's like anextended road trip so there's someconcern there but the last time I lookedwe had 20 some games 25 26 games left inour season and that's a third of theyear that affects individuals thataffects the group that affects theorganization and we've got to get inhere now and dig inespecially in this home game so it setsus up to go out in the road and playwell and I will talk a little bit aboutthat but it will also address the thestarts and see if we can repair thatteams that have the allman call to focuson of a playoff spot of success ofhaving a great year it keeps everythingtogether right it gives you a commongoal when you know if that goal goes outthe window how do you keep 20 guysfocused on the same thing it's not easyand you know obviously looking at thestandings are getting closer to notbeing in than in and that's just thereality of it and as we move forwardindividual pride and detail will show upin our game so that's just based on theindividual how they approach the gamethe professionalism that they have thatthe detail that they have in their gamethey're going to expose themselvesindividually to the organization moreimportantly to their teammates andprobably most importantly to the fans soeach individual will have to make adecision on on how they want to approachthe the games not just one but many thencollectively what do we want to do as agroup we can't become selfish and andtry and do things on our own we alsohave to remember that if we develop orevolve into habits that are notconducive to potential success it'sgoing to take a lot longer to come outof those whether it's now or later on sowe've got a lot of work to do as anorganization andand individually collectively patrickmoon admitted this is the first time inhis career where he's seen his name onthe trade boards where he's gone throughbeing at the center of trade deadlinethe way he end up being here what haveyou noticed in his game do you thinkit's affecting them and and what's yoursense of his I think it's affecting himI don't think patty has been as as aneffective player as he has been in thein the last little bit do a large partprobably to that you know he's human hehe hears things he deals everybody dealswith him differently but part ofaccepting your role in the NationalHockey League and with any team is thatthat could potentially happen you knowyou're gonna end up in a negotiatingsituation as well as a player if youhave a long career that's gonna happenand you know what he has to do now andwhat some other players need to do is isPark it when the game starts once youget on the ice you should be able toproduce that's the fun partthat's your escape and you know playingwell and playing with some fire can onlyhelp everybodyDrake looks like you might be able toplay tonight with a shield on update onZechariah is there anything SEC resultfor sure for tonight two games pardon metwo days before our next game may helphim you know that'll take some time wellwe'll figure that out as we goday-by-day Drake told me on the ice hefeels pretty good they're gonna have toevaluate him after the skate thismorning he's got a lot of damage to thatmouth jaw lip area and if he's goodhe'll he'll go nothing's broken withSakura though pardon me nothing's brokenin there not that nothing's beenrevealed as broken but sore[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]

Watch interviews from the Oilers dressing room plus head coach Todd McLellan prior to tonight’s game.

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