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AHL Franchises: The Bakersfield Condors

hey guys welcome first off I do want toapologize about the glaring lights atthe top of my board here if that'sdistracting you I really do apologize Iwas looking for me I was looking forever does get a good setup for this foryou guys to be able to read everythingon the board and this is the best Icould get to plus try and get thepicture quality on the picture as bestas possible so I do have two glaringlights at the top but that's one of thebest angles I could get this out so I doapologize for that anyways this video isgoing to be about the BakersfieldCondors if you follow me on twitter youmay have noticed yesterday i tweeted outthat i'm gonna be starting to talk aboutAHL and ECHL franchises and that i'mgonna go through every AHL and ECHLfranchise and talk about their historyteam facts how they performed last yearnormal players that have on their teamwhat their city is like etc so nofurther ado the first franchise that i'mgoing to cover is the BakersfieldCondors so first of all the BakersfieldCondors play in the American HockeyLeague which is one league below the NHLthey've been a team and the AHL since2015 so they've played three seasons inthe AHLthey are the AHL affiliate of theEdmonton Oilers so for players who playin their minor leagues for players whoplay in the Edmonton Oilers minor leaguesystem they play therefore for theBakersfield Condors and the league belowBakersfield the ECHL that team is thewicket ah Thunder which is the team thatwill cover at some point in anothervideo I don't know when so that's thatso that but the Bakersfield Condors playin Bakersfield California if you don'tknow where that is BakersfieldCalifornia is a suburb of Los Angeles Ibelieve it's northeast northeast of LosAngeles so it's sort of in thatarea so some facts about Bakersfieldjust in general if you're if you everwant to make a trip to Bakersfield I'vegot a couple fun facts for you so firstoff I have a couple pictures of thingsin Bakersfield this is the Kern MuseumKern County Museum this is a museumsorry I know the pictures not very gooda lot here this is the that's the KernCounty Museum so this is a museum thathas a lot of history about Kern Countyand Bakersfield dating back into the1800s in the early 1900s as well as somestuff that went on in Bakersfield duringthe world wars so if you're over thereand you want to check that out I guessthat would be cool I noticed that when Iwas going through the city ofBakersfield when I was looking up thisvideo so I know that's pretty cooland then another one for you is thispicture I have right here one sec guysso this is a place called the FoxTheater so this is a very historictheater and Bakersfield it's a theaterthat hosts ballet acting look you knowwhen you go to an acting theater likeone of those theatres where you just yousort of just sit in a big crowd and theyjust have actors come onstage and theymay do like some kind of old play that'skind of what the Fox Theater is inBakersfield and it's really well knownfor it in Southern California so that'sthat they'll they also have movies thereoccasionally as well as rock bands andpop bands come in there occasionally sothat's another thing if you're you everwant to make a trip to Bakersfield thereyou goso if you want to know put my otherpictures the condors are here that'sjust the Bakersfield logo this is theirmascot and here I'm gonna show I'm gonnabring up a closer view of the mascotbecause I know it's probably not veryviewfrom there this is their mascot I thinkthis is a I've just started stutteringlike this is a very goofy mascot in myopinion I I was actually burned allthese videos I'm gonna look up themascots of every HL and you see HL teamjust because I kind of like looking atmascots this is a really goofy onelooking mascot to me if you want to knowthe history behind not the history butabout about why this wood mascot waschosen in 2015 the Edmonton Oilersthought it'd be cool to get a mascot forBakersfield to kind of represent theirteam as they're known as the oil so ifthey thought they'd done like an oilersort of mascot for Bakersfield so themascot here has an Oilers head and he'sgot like a Superman cape and it's justreally goofy look into me uh-huhto me it's like this probably be areally bad reference but um and I'venever even seen this movie but if you'veever seen the emoji movie and cross thatwith like a superhero movie likeSuperman for example Superman would bethe perfect example if Superman was inin the emoji movie and the moat and theyhad to create like a an emoji lookingcharacter for Superman this is what itwould look like in my opinion justthrowing my two cents and for thatso yeah that's their that's their mascotanyways let's talk about their actualteam now so their head coach right overhere I I'm sorry I don't know if it'ssuper readable that's Jay Woodcroftjig Woodcroft is a relatively youngcoach he's only about 41 years old hewas a video coach for the Detroit RedWings from about 2005 to 2008 beforebecoming an assistant coach for the SanJoseand then an assistant coach for theEdmonton Oilers and Edmonton must havesaw something in him like head coachmaterials so they later made him thehead coach of the Bakersfield Condorsand he's the high coach of that team tothis day so that's that a couple notableplayers I wrote down on their team RyanHamilton and Josh curry neither one ofthem are particularly superstars in theAHL but I thought they were a coupleguys most noteworthy to mention RyanHamilton first of all is their teamcaptain one thing I noticed with RyanHamilton is the past couple years forBakersfield he wasn't able to play afull season for them last year he got hegot a broken leg and then the yearbefore he only played about forty fivegames as well I'm not sure what injuryhe had done I tried looking that up butI couldn't find it but I don't know ifHamilton has had injury problems in thepast but looking at the record whichI'll get into a sec it could haveimpacted their team performance and thenJosh curry as the next player I'm goingto mentioned curry was their top scorerlast year and improved his game pointwise from the year before in 2016 2017josh period 22 goals 14 assists and 36points and he raised his point totals by10 this year giving himself 46 points 20goals 26 assists I believe so yeah hewas the top point scorer for them yeahnow I'll talk about their teamperformance so their team performancewasn't particularly good last year theyonly had 31 wins and 37 losses and theymissed the playoffs so there's somethingthat needs to be fixedfor their team heading into this seasonnext I'll talk about their attendancewise how they're doing so since2015-2016 their attendance hasdropped off so in 2015-2016I forgot the numbers for like ahzabright now I I slightly forgot these docknumbers I do apologize but in 2015-2016their attendance average per game wasabout 50-100 in 2016 2017 it was aboutfive thousand and twenty seven and 2018they were at their lowest and theirhistory isn't a child franchise thatonly forty eight hundred people inattendance so in terms of the businessin terms of business-wise from abusiness perspective they need to getsomething going to get their attendanceup a little bit if they if they want tostrive if it's an AHL team if you knowwhat I mean obviously hey chels not asbig of a level as NHL so the attendanceis going to be lower anyways and plusthey do play in Southern California sohockey isn't a big interest down therebut there is something that could bedone I suppose if they wanted to improveattendance numbers whether that's moremarketing and Bakersfield publicrelations I need that kind of stuff andthen let me think you know I thinkthat's it actually let me just gothrough the board I apologize yeahactually that's it for this video sothis is my first video in terms of AHLand ECHL tranches I'm doing them youyeah the AHL and ECHL franchises thatI'm doing I'm going to be doing a wholelot more I'm gonna be doing all thefranchise's some point what I wanna askyou guys though is what teams do youwant to see I want you guys I would liketo do videos that you guys areinterested in as well in terms of AHLand ECHL franchises like yeah don'thesitate just request a team and I'll goahead and do that team otherwise I'mjust gonna pick these namesthe bag teams out of the bag but yeahfeel free to request any team that youwant and I'll get that team out of theway if you're interested anyways thankyou for watching if this is your firstvideo uh-huhwatching mine by any chance hit thesubscribe button and I'll see you guyslater

Let’s go over the Bakersfield Condors. What a great mascot, I had a good chuckle at him when I first saw that mascot. If there is any AHL or ECHL teams you want me to cover first, comment or message me on twitter.

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