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Action PC Hockey 2nd&3rd period Boston Bruins 1969 vs Edmonton Oilers 1983 game 1 best of seven

hello everyone this is our Red Sox fancoming to you from our Red Sox fanYouTube channel and we're going to bringyou the second period of Game onebest-of-seven in the lobby or in the 69Bruins take on Wayne Gretzky in the 1983Edmonton Oilers legend Stanley Cup andwe're using action PC hockey a verywonderful game or waiting for the 2018version to come out I think that's gonnabe coming up sometime in the summerlet's get to the game here and start upthe game play Bruin scored three goalsin the first period and let's just go tothe box score I will read it to youlet's go to the scoring at the 7:36 markmusic scored when he wrapped it aroundgrant Fuhrer from behind the net andthat was an unassisted goal and then at12:53 to play left to play at the markexcuse me the 1253 mark of the firstperiod Rick Smith scored and it was ashot partially blocked by a defenderwent over pure shoulder assist forCashman and Lorenz - nothing Bruins andthen at the 1836 mark in the firstperiod the Bruins will get their thirdand final goal of the first periodHodge another wrap around from behindthe net he was assisted by Sanderson andStanfield on that one go to the goaliesquick grant Fuhrer has made 21 saves andgiven up three goals Gerry Cheevers hasmade six saves as the Bruins have playedstellar defense in front of him let'smove on to the second period and dropthe puck on the ice for the 1969 Bruinsfrontline of Hodge Esposito Busic thedefenseman are re and Bobby Orr in netGerry Cheeversfor the 1983 Edmonton Oilers trailing bythree the front line is lensman Gretzkyand curry the defenseman our coffee andhugging Gregg Araki's joined us in thechathe says the chief how are you mistergareki hope all as well alright againwe'll be playing as the Bruins and justto quickly go over our strategywe're playing um Oh after we I'm glad Ilooked in here it didn't save mystrategy from the first game our firstperiod so we're going to play psycho lowwhich is plays are more likely to beginbehind the net forwards in the middleand inside position are more likely tobe open point opportunities are lesslikely to be available high potentialfor toner turnovers that's okay we havePhil Esposito so we want to bang thatmiddle of the net and we're going toplay skate and pass slightly more likelyfor a turnover in the neutral zone we'regoing to play two four checkers insteadof one that's slightly aggressivepenalty kill null for checkersdefensively we're going to collapsetowards the net allow more point shotsand fewer inside mid-range shots and apenalty kill we'll keep the averagedepth even strength we're going to playit average on defense that's how we hadit I'm going to click Save all right nowwe're going to drop the puck as mr.Gehrke says he's doing fine good to haveour good friend from the great whitenorth in Canada joining usso Esposito and Gretzky will battle forthe faceoff we're gonna play thisaggressive and here's the puck drop forperiod number two three nothing Bruinsthey battle for the faceoff and Gretzkywins the faceoff Edmonton will have itand up ice they come coffee takes itover the line to curry two Lensmento Gretzky Gretzky's gonna take a shotup by Zito closing on him and it's trueas he puts it through the wickets andWayne Gretzky with under a minute in thesecond period has put the EdmontonOilers on the board as the great onecomes through it's now three to onehe put it between Gerry Cheevers wicketsquick shot Esposito tried to close onhim but it's three to one now and onceagain there'll be a faceoff at centerice under 30 seconds for that goal toscore so the quick striking capabilitiesof the Edmonton Oilers has just beenshown as the total domination of thefirst period by the Bruins is over andwe have another 20 minutes of play andmore so frontline for the BruinsMcKenzie Sanderson and Stanfield thedefenseman rre and bobby orr thefrontline for the Edmonton Oilers nowpolls are hunter McClendon coffee andhoody in net Grant Fuhr they'll drop thepuck again and we will play aggressiveso Sanderson and Hunter will battlegonna face off and hunter wins it forthe Oilers it goes towards McClendon andup ice come the Oilers Pollard McClendonback Oh big hit by Stanfield and posedor goes to the icethe Bruins take possession in theneutral zone my god Stanfield rectum andwe're gonna try skate pass into theoiler zone we bring it into the zone andSanderson passes the Mackenzie Mackenziewith a quick shot poseur closing on himdefenseman coffee and hunter in front ofFuehrer it's gonna be tough to get thisshot through and it's blocked by abelieve hunter puck is loose there's ascramble for it and Edcomes up with it and up ice come theOilers on the counter-attack hunter overthe red line now to McLennan over toHunterHunter's going to take this shot he'sgot a good look as re McKenzie tried toclose on him and McKenzie blocks thatshot Boston comes up with it they cleartheir own zone Bobby Orr brings itthrough center ice to MackenzieMackenzie takes it over the lineStansfield to or back to MackenzieMackenzie will take the shot from thepoint gets through kick save by purecoffee looks to have the rebound andit's a turnover in the neutral zone theBruns quickly bring it back into theEdmond zone and they lose the puck andthere's a loose battle and Messier comesup with it over to Anderson Hanson picksit up gives it back to messy and theBruins on Messi's gonna take a shotblocked by Derek Smith Dallas Smithexcuse me the Bruins are up with itSmith Dallas Smith has it start skatingup ice here come the counter-attack in69 Bruins Cashman in controlsaucer pass to Lorenz Lorenz takes itover the line to Bailey back to LorenzLorenz gonna go for the wraparound asCashman is crashing the net Lorenz stopby Fury what a save sprawled out on allfours puck is loose Matt a little has ithe Anderson steers a deep Messier winsthe race to the puck gets it over alittle low sets up for the slap shothe beat jeepers and everything scoresare sucky fool and it's now three to twoand the fans here at the garden are nothappy with that so the total dominationby the Boston Bruins in period one istotally out the window Edmonton hasscored two goals in less than fourminutes it's three to two we have ahockey game here folksfrontline on ice now for the Bruins andthe fans are shell-shocked Hajj Espositoand Buzek the defenders Ari Ari andBobby Orr for the 1983 Edmonton Oilerslensman Gretzky Curry defenseman Greggand Chara Esposito and Gretzky will goand do battle at centre ice for thefaceoff the Oilers have won the firsttwo faceoffsof the second period they dropped thepuck we're going aggressive and Espositowins the faceoff puck goes back towardshockey over to Busey music takes controlbrings it over the line I passed theBobby Orr number 4 shoots Hodge in frontagain he tried to tip it in but he tipsit wide of Grant Fuhr puck behind thenet there is a battle for itthe Oilers come up with it and it'sGretzky enough ice they come through theneutral zone Gretzky over the characteris gonna take a quick shot from the wingand Gerry Cheevers makes the save andsmothers it and that will cause afaceoff Wow it has been a frenetic paceto start off their second period it'sthree to two the Oilers are right backin it so on ice for the Bruins WestfallSmith Doak Carlton and Marcotte to faceSemenko that's Gretzky's personalenforcer Gretzky Lindstrom coffee andhoney and we're going to play itbalanced they dropped the puck Carltonand Gretzky will battle three-twothrough ins and the Bruins win thefaceoff buckle is dangerously close toCheevers he plays at the WestfallWestfall carries the puck through thezone to huddyto Carlton Carlton gets the puckWestfall gains his own to Smith and as abig hit and that's going to be a penaltyon coffee for cross-checkingon Dallas Smith a few words between theboth of them we'll have to keep an eyeon thatso at 1550 to play in the second periodthree to two Bruins the Bruins go on thepower play as coffeetwo minutes for cross-checking on icefor the Bruins for the power playEsposito McKenzie and Busic Westfall andBobby Orr the penalty kill for theEdmonton Oilers Gregg Gretzky huddie andcurry will continue the power play wedropped the puck Esposito and Gretzkybattle for it Esposito wins it puck goesback towards or over the Busic use it inpossession of it music looking to set upa pass no one really open they're goingto work it around Westfall now hascontrol of it Westfallfor inside for outsidehe's got Esposito looks like he'sbreaking to the net Mackenzie's crash inthe net to it looks like we're gonnawe're gonna penetrate a lot of trafficthere maybe we sneak one through we'regonna go for the inside play for EDWestfall so westbound's going to try todeke huh D and Gretzky he gets aroundboth him and three stones on reboundwho's going to get it there's a battlefor it Busic has control for the bruinsthey work it back around setting up thepower play back the Busic Busic lookingfor Esposito in the middle Esposito hasit again tonight Phil Esposito theOilers come up with it they're gonna tryto clear the zone and they do down iceit goes minute 22 left on the power playwhat a save by Grant Fuhr on PhilEsposito point-blank range dope has itand up ice come the Bruins through theneutral zone C Anderson loses the puckgets it back over the sand field see himfield sends it to Dallas Smith Smith totake a low angle shot after ursave if it's a kick save by if your puckis loose it's in the crease Stanfieldgets control of it they're battlingStanfield gets it he's looking back andforth he goes they'll set up the offenseagain oh it's a giveaway the Oilers haveit they're going to probably try toclear the zone and they send it back outall the way down Gerry Cheevers plays itworks at the Stanfield 43 seconds leftin the powerplay up ice come the BostonBruins new skaters on for EdmontonStanfield has it over the line over adope dope looking looking 46 percentchance ofgood shots Anderson and honey battlingin front of fewer jokes gonna take thisshot Oh kick save I fear with Sandersonright in his face and chiraq gets thepuck for the Oilers and here comes thecounter-attack with 13 seconds or reallyjust flip it out and Gretzky his head hegives away the puck at center ice fullstrength for both teamsBoston Gaines the Edmonton zone theywork at the Stanfield hodge on the otherside the net huh Ttrying to keep him away Boston will tryto work it around Hodge has it againback and forth he goes they're going todump it dump and chase chip it behindthe net and they give up possession aschart comes away with it and up I usedto come the Edmonton Oilers 13 21 toplay in the second period 3-2 to Bostonthrough the neutral zone Messier slidesit to Anderson interesting Gaines theattacking zone Anderson has the puck nowmay be over and they're gonna call orfor charging my god dude Bobby plantAnderson look like a clean hit to me sonow Edmonton goes on the powerplay fansare not too happy here at the garden asBobby you're wrecked Anderson may besending the Oilers a message so I'm thepower play for Edmonton now trailing byone with 1303 to play lensman messierused low and Greg the penalty killed forthe Bruins Westfall Esposito RA and RickSmith let's go to chat quick GregRockies as Fred Stanfield could reallyshoot the puckI love the 69 Bruins I only have seenthem really and I was bout to Europe wasborn so I only seen them in highlightsand read about them but I love nests inNew England Sports Network did awonderful documentary on thosethat the Bobby or Phyllis physio teamsBusic and and it just Sanderson Wowtremendous alright so we're gonna playclear as we're on the penalty killso Esposito and Mark Messier will battlethree to two Bruins then all EdmontonOilersand the Oilers win the faceoff puck goestowards lensman Messier now has controlof it behind the net he's beingpressured and he loses control the puckRick Smith has it and he flips it out ofthe zone a minute 31 left on thecharging on the boarding call of thecharging call on or and Greg has it forthe Oilers and up I still come back onthe powerplay good job by the Bruins onthe first onslaught Messier to use asthe puck now users gonna try awraparound will Cheevers denyingchambers denies him and he falls on thepuck what a save by Gerry Cheevers andthe faceoff will be in the Bruins zonewith 11:59 to play in the second periodin 56 seconds left on a penalty the bodyor what a save by Gerry Cheevers on thewraparound by use on the ice forEdmonton on the power play AndersonGretzky and curry excuse me coffee andhoody the penalty kill for the BruinsLorentz Cashman Westfall and re under aminute to go in this power play forEdmonton 3-2 to Boston it's been totaldomination by the Edmonton Oilers justlike it was total domination for theBoston Bruins in the first periodrole reversal role reversal here in thesecond period and again the Bruins willplay clear they dropped the puck thebattle between Gretzky and the Rams andGretzky wins it puck goes back towardshuddy and Mattoon high on the power playthey work it around Gretzky now as thepocket passes that passes the coffeeover to curry and to Anderson Anderson'sgonna take the quick shot battling itfrom the net Westfall gets a leg on itit's blocked puck is loose can theBruins clear it nope Gretzky keeps it inand Gretzky's gonna charge the netwraparound and you're still on by GerryCheevers another fabulous save as let'skey try to go to the five holeGerry Cheevers denies and 42 secondsleft on the power plan Bobby Orr11:45 in the second period three to twoBruinsthe power play for Edmonton's pose ourhunter Lindstrom coffee and hoodiethe penalty kill for the Bruins LorentzCashman Westfall and re Cheevers hascome up huge on this power play penaltykill for the Bruins and again we'll playclear as hunter and Lorentz will battlefor the face huh as feature drums gaminghas joined us the chat hello Anthony howare you wonderful game you had todayAnthony I watched it this morning when Iwas making breakfast for my dadthe Ferguson Jenkins outstanding Isuggest check it out people I'm notgonna give it away it was a fun gamethough they dropped the puck hunter inthe rest of the battle and hunter winsit for the Oilerspuck goes back towards poseur and he'llwork it over to Lindstrom Lindstromplace at the coffee and back to hunterI'm just gonna take the quick shot posertrying to screen Cheevers there's theshot chambers kick save buck goestowards Westfall give me coins clearBoston has control 17 seconds ari hasthe puck now and we're going to come outaggressively as Bob you are becoming outof the penalty box and here comes thecounter-attack Lorentz turns it up iceover the westfall West Falls gonna takethe slap shot wide of Fuehrer puck goesbehind the net hoodie ass control forEdmonton and he clears it down the glassor back on ice full strength for bothteams as 11:03 to play in the secondperiod three to two BruinsDerrick Smith bringing it over the redline and we're in place skate and passand/or Buzek Hodges Hodge will take theshot from the wing pose you're trying toclose on puts it right down here whomakes the glove save and there's thewhistle for the face-off so with 10 42to play it is three to two Boston wasall our Bruins in the first Pierre it'sbeen all Edmonton in the second periodlet's go back to the trap we have gritgareki and beat your bums game withanthony check out that wonderful channeldelete your bums gaming and bleacherbums gaming says i'm getting ready tohead to jiu-jitsubut wanted to drop in and say hi andcheck on the score which is much closerthan we left the last night and thenanything from feature excuse me bumsgaming says Fergie is on fire yes he isenjoy jujitsu my friend we'll catch youlaterbe careful Drive careful say hello toeveryonehats off to you and your family myfriend hats off to mr. Gehrke and hisfamily also alright on ice for theBruins with 10:42 to play in the secondperiodMcKenzie Sanderson Stanfield IRA and reand/or for the Edmonton Oilerslensman Gregg Gretzky Chara and curryGretzky and Sanderson will do battle andwe're gonna play aggressive withSanderson & Sanderson wins the faceoffpuck goes back towards McKenzie and RVwho has it Mackenzie has it over to CAnderson and they worked it back andforth and nowSanderson has an opportunity to drive tothe hoop to drive to the hoop to driveto the net wrong game in theater sends a7 inside which means he can he's goodand outside is only three so we're gonnago for a drive to the net and Chara isgonna try to cut off the angle hereSanders and stick handles it around thedefender and you miss through the creaseoh you had the back of the net and thepuck goes out of play on the battle forit over the ice Oh Sanderson beat hisdefender and the puck bad luck for theBruingoes right through the crease thenthere's a battle for it and it goes overthe iceso another face-off in the Edmonton zonein the battle between Mark Messier andPhil Esposito joining Esposito for theBruins Hodge Busic Rick Smith and DallasSmith joining Mark Messier for theOilersAnderson vogelin huge and low and againwe're going to play aggressive asMessier and Esposito will battle for thepuck ID gesture has joined us he justfinished to Bo Jackson baseball gamescheck those out I was there it was funremember to check out ID gesturebleacher bums gaming and if unit ifyou're watching jump in the chat sayhello to everyoneID bleacher bum knee I think he's leftto go dude you get jujitsu and our goodfriend Greg gareki here's the puck Trumpand the battle between Messier andEsposito Esposito Wednesday puck goestowards Busic and Smith who will come upwith it music takes control centersEsposito Esposito with the quick shotmakes the savefolding in badly for the puck with Busicand the Oilers have it they work at theAnderson there's a line change and upice come the Edmonton Oilers as there'sa line change with both teams Semenkonow with the puck the enforcer over theLinstrom Semenko has control Semenko isgoing to take a shotEsposito closing on the enforcerCheeverssaved it with Gretzky poking away andIRA comes in to push Gretzky away and alittle pushing and shoving from the netorder is restored 943 to play in thesecond period three to two BruinsEdmonton has scored two goals here andthey came quite quickly in the start ofsecond period since then the Bruins havesettled down their defense they stilllead by one full strength 943 to play inthe second period on ice for the BostonBruins Stanfield Sanderson MackenzieSmith in Smith that's Rick Smith andDallas Smith on ice for the 1983Edmonton Oilers Messier Anderson youGregg and coffee and we're gonna playaggressive on the puck drop as Messierand Sanderson will do battle there's thepuck drop and Sanderson whiz it means itback towards Rick Smith over toMackenzie Mackenzie through the neutralzoneMackenzie over the Sanderson theStanfield at the point Frank you'reshoot low and he's got Sanderson andGreg battling in front of furorSanderson Chinese to tip it in but itgoes wide and the battling continuesthere's a chase for the puck it's workeda copy for the Oilers and up ice comethe Edmonton Oilers with 923 left in thesecond period and now they flip it downas they change lines so the Oilers get afresh pair of skaters and the Bruins getthe puck re has the puck and here comesthe aggressive counter-attack by theBruins they ding the Edmonton zone theseare good pushing and shoving almost afight but they quickly come in to breakit up and no penalties are called allthat fans wanted to see the glovesdropped there they've had enough of hischip eNOS from the Edmonton Oilers andnow with 834 to go in the second periodthe Bruins with a one goal lead three totwo teams at full strength on ice forthe Boston BruinsEsposito Hodge Busic Rick Smith DallasSmith for the 1983 Edmonton Oilers MarkMessier Henderson used coffee and honeyand they will battle in the neutral zonewill go aggressive as Esposito and MarkMessier go at it with the puck drop andthis time Messier wins it it goestowards Anderson Anderson works itaround to coughing over the line theycome to get the mark message and take aquick shot use screening chambers GerryCheevers does it again after giving uptoo quick call to quick callsthe second period he has been absolutelymarvelous and with 816 to go three totwo Bruins the faceoff will be in theBruins own I had ice for the BruinsCarlton Westfall Mark cot or re for theEdmonton Oilers Messier Anderson usedlow and Fogelman in the chat we havegreg gareki max cornelius ID gesture andbleacher bums gaming was in with us alittle earlier he's going to go do somejujitsu and hello max Cornelius repcheck out that wonderful Channel allrighty Carlton and Messier will dobattle and I think we're gonna playbalanced on this one so they dropped thepuck and Messier wins it puck goestowards the Anderson in low low haspossession passes the Messier theAnderson interested in take a hike shotachievers try to beat him stick high andit's blocked by hungry oh we took thatone right off the chest and up with thepuck is re and up ice on thecounter-attack come the Bruins re hascontrolled abuse ik over the Hodgeslides into or very good Gretzky wrotehim into the boards oh oh that's closeto a cheap shot there curry has it OhBobby Orr is gonna remember that so thegreat one puts a big hit on Bobby Orrand up ice through the neutral zonetrying to gain zone in the bot Boston'sown an Italian by do second copy and theBruins have the puck as once againCoffee is driven to the ice welcome toBoston Rick Smith comes up with a twohuge hits there and the Bruins willskate it in to the Edmonton zone threeto two leads for the Bruins Stanfieldtakes it on the line slides at theMcKenzie to Sanders and Derek Sanderswould take the slap shot he's got a goodlook blocked by Gretzky nice play by thegreat oneI mean one more physical than normal andFogle in comes up with the loose puckand up ice on the counter come the 83Oilers through the neutral zone Cementgo and there's a huge check but it's adelayed penalty re on re Gretzky inpossession carry and grips you overscape the the food's avatar he goesoff ice re put a big lid on cement goand I think we're gonna have to watchthat lady Semenko you know he's lockedthat one away up in the brain so thepower play for the Edmonton Oilerstrailing by one with 621 left in thesecond period three to two Bruins on thepower play for Edmonton Gretzky AndersonCurry coffee and honey the penalty kiltfor the 69 Boston Bruins lorentz dokeWestfall and Cashman and we're gonnaplay clear they dropped the puck andLorenzi Gretzky do battle Gretzky easilywins it and the puck is poked backtowards the blue line Hut he takescontrol to Gretsky Gretsky fiddling andDiddley now did you take the quick shotand Cashman blocks it there's a scramblein front of the net Boston Masspossession of it and don't we'll try toflip it out and he's able to do so as itslides all the way down into theEdmonton zone Anderson comes up with itthe Oilers regroup and set to chargeonce again with a minute 28 on the powerplay up ice come the Edmonton Oilers andthe great one Wayne Gretsky Gretskycarries it out of there oiler zone nowgets it to low into the Bruins zone andback down to Gretzky down low toAnderson Anderson with a point plaquepoint-blank shot as Lorentz closes ingingka this makes the save he covers upwhat I say and now talking Edisonthat's some pushing and shoving butstill no gloves drop oh wow they seem tocome close to a battle there so with 527left in the second period the Bruinsstill maintain a three-to-two lead andEdmonton still has a minute six to go onthe power play on the ice red mittenMark Messier lensman and use low andGreg on the penalty kill for the BruinsHarrison Dallas Smith Rick Smith aMcKenzie I believe this first time we'veseen Harrison let's just check him outyeah this is the first time we've seenhere it's I don't remember him I don'teven think we saw him in the firstperiod so Jim Harrison's on the ice bigcrucial situation hereBruns will play to clear it out andHarrison battles with messy but Messierwins the puck and flips it towards usenow to Lynch Lynch Minh and over toMessierMessier as McKenzie tried to close armtakes the shot and it's blocked byMcKenzie Boston has possession 49seconds left on the penalty on re andagain the Bruins will play clear they'lltry to flip it out of the zone andthey're able to clear it all the waydown ice lensman comes up with it behindthe net resets the offense and onceagain Edmonton will charge into thepower play with 41 seconds left in thepower play 502 left in the second periodtrailing by one Bruins three Edmontontwo and up ice come the Oilers Bruinsback on defensemessiyah carries the puck in and Messiis gonna take the shot and bad you'reblocks it none shall pass and mins Minhhas control Lisbon is going to attackthe net right away with a wraparoundchoosing those stones and puck loose itfrom McKenzie use comes away with it 16seconds left on the powerplay kid byMcKinsey sending use to the ice I'll beback there nice fuchsia cares the puckit's work device the Esposito Espositoon nine on the inside he's gonna driveto the hoop to know who buy I keepsaying drive to the net coffee trying tokeep him awaythat's the Zito using his arm beginningout coffeeEsposito used his arm to get aroundcoffee tremendous strength by PhilEsposito and then put it through pastfear to the back of the net for two twoBruins order is restored here at theBoston Gardento the cheers and delight of the Bruinsfans Wowlet's go to the chat as match Tanya's isdriving to the hoop yeah why not drivingto the hoop can you tell I have somebasketball on my mind anyway this hasbeen a fun game I've said that I beat Isaid driving I always say to the hoop Igotta come up with skating to it I don'tlike skate charging to the net I guesscharging to the net will go anyway forto chew as machs crazy goalrighty 357 to play in the secondperiodBruins go back up by two stopping thisedmonton oilersonslaught finally thanks to PhilEsposito showing his physicality as hecoffee is an excellent player and hebasically muscled his way towards Fuhrerand put the puck in the back of the netand that's what they pay Phil Espositofor and he comes through time again andagain and againso on ice for the Bruins now with a twogoal lead in 357 to play in the secondperiodCarlton Westfall and Marcotte thedefenseman are re and Bobby Orr for theEdmonton Oilers hunter paws areMcClelland low and Fogle in againFogelman looks like he's going to barfin that picture and we're going to playaggressive they dropped the puckbattle between hunter and Carlton Dannyis the battle for itHunter finally wins it actually it wasMarcotte as Carlton had to come out hewas taken away by the official hunt youtakes it over the line to pose it in theClinton and the claims gonna take thequick shot mark trying to close on him Idon't chew there's fog that was loose inthe crease and the whistle blowsCheevers made the save couldn't controlit then just fell right on top of thepuck as Oilers were poking away at itsome pushing and shoving but the whistlewas blown the faceoff will be to theright of Gerry Cheevers in the Bostonzone on ice for the Bruins Esposito of aman who just scored the goal Hodge inBusic Derrick Smith and Rick Smith forthe Edmonton Oilers now trained by twoGretzky Semenko his personal enforcerLinstrom coffee and hoodiewe're gonna go aggressive as Esposito onthe great one Wayne Gretzky will dealfor the pump here's the puck drop 335 toplay in the second coil and Gretzkyleans it puck goes towards LindstromLinstrom sends it to cement go to coffeemoves it back to Gretzky again they hitfiddle and diddle sends it to cement ohso Michaels gonna take a shotpoint-blank range Esposito trying toclose out of in frontmusic harassing him from behind thereshaft and Cheevers with the kick savepuck goes toward Dallas Smith lionchange pending for the Bruins Rick Smithnow has it and they're gonna counteraggressively up ice through the neutralzone Hodge dumps it in Espositothey fight for the puffs he gets itpasses though it abuse it over the or orfrom the wing will take the snap shotHodge tries to tip it by but it'sacquired of Fury's knowledge and foolinwe're battling in front of urineEdmonton has control of it and will comeup ice vogelin takes possession andthey're gonna try to get through theneutral zone Bruins have to checkers upfret and they lose itCarlton comes up with itand again they quickly get into theEdmonton zone Smith DeCarlo big hit byGreg on Carlton and Edmonton has itvocally gets to the loose puck and herecomes the counter-attack in 83 EdmontonOilers use accelerates up the ice toplays it to Anderson to Messiermessieurs gonna shoot low Carlton tryingto close on him Westfall trying toharass him from the side Cheevers makesthe save and hold on to the puck there'sthe whistle another face-off to theright of Gerry Cheevers I think I calledhim Gary a couple times it's GerryCheevers I think I think I could sayJerry and with a minute 41 to play in afrenetic hard-hitting second period theBoston Bruins of 1969 for the EdmontonOilers of 1983 - in this legend StanleyCup game one faster seven hard ice forthe Bruins Sanderson McKenzie Stanfieldor an re facing them for the EdmontonOilers hunter paws are McClelland Gregand coffee and Sanderson and hunter willdo battle we're gonna go aggressive witha minute 41 on the puck drop a battleports Anderson wins it goes back towardsMcKenzie around the boards they'reracing for itStanfield recovers it over ice there inthe Edmonton zone they work it toSanderson Mackenzie screening führer asDriggs gonna try to go move him outSanderson to take a quick shotMackenzie tried to tip it by and fearestowns it but goes towards Gregg now heplays at the coffee and here comesEdmonton with a minute 22 left in thesecond period both teams are changinglines but Edmonton works into the Bruinszone now even with the line changelow to Hunter to McClendon McClendonlooking looking looking Oh settingMcClellan's on the ice another huge hitby the Bruins and Sanderson takes thepuck and here he comes flying down iceparty hardyway hearty Derek Sanderson 52 secondsremaining in the second period and theywork at the Stanfield Fiat fields gonnatake the shot Boston Bruins DerekSanderson's got it all started now hugeit taking the puck away quickly going upice delivering it to Stanfield who thenput their shot on and Sanderson battlingtwo defenders to flex it and redirectsit past Grant Fuhr to the back of thenet five there two Bruins with 35seconds to play here in the secondperiod the Bruins have regaineddominance tremendous physicality helpedmuscling the Oilers in this secondportion of the second period what a hitby Derek Sanderson he got it all startedparty hearty play hardy Derek Sandersonoutstanding so with 35 seconds to playthe Bruins have regained a three goalleadremember they started the second periodthree nothing edmonton scored two quickgoals in under three minutes made it 3-2to the nespa Zito put one in driving tothe net battling coffee and he put it byFuhrer and now another tremendousphysical play pure will anddetermination by Sanderson who startedoff with a big hit gets the puck startset up ice works it over to McKenzie -Stanfield then charges towards the netStanfield put the shot on net heAnderson battling two defendersredirects it past Grant Fuhrand we will drop the puck Esposito HodgeBusic re and/or for the 69 Boston Bruinsfor the 83 Edmonton Oilers OilersMessier Anderson used coffee and honeywe will play aggressive this last 35seconds puck drop that's the zero nopeMessier wins the draw towards Andersonand coffee Anderson comes up with itthree-on-two over the line and huddie decoffeeCoffee shoots message screen TVs changedAlden hold on to it and the puck will bedropped in the faceoff zone in theBoston zone to the left of GerryCheevers as the whistle blows with 16seconds left good bid by coffee Messierbattling in further netall right so BC Anderson the man whojust was unbelievable in that goal andscoring out between which did produce agoal for Derek Sanderson so SandersonStanfield McKenzie Rick Smith and AllenSmith will face Messier Anderson usedcoffee and honey and we're going to playaggressive they dropped the puck 16seconds to go five to two Bruins theybattled Sanderson wins it puck goestowards the steam field Dallas SmithSanderson gets it from Stanfield theywork it over the line and they send itto Rick Smith and with five secondshe'll take the shot on Stanfield isscreening furor coffee coming over theshot here makes the save there's abattle for the puck between Stanfield acoffee the buzzer should go off soon andthere it is Anderson a Messier startgoing at itoh no bull way but the officials quicklygetting the breakdown up the fans wannasee Sanderson go Sanderson has justignited this team it started with thetremendous effort by Phil Espositogetting around coffee and scoring butSanderson is just parity to that nextlevel party hearty play hard DerekSanderson so we're gonna continue onwith the game we're gonna finish thisgame up it's been pretty exciting hereID gesture in the chat asks what madeyou choose these two teams to play outgood question ID before I go to the boxscore I'm not going to show you the boxscore I'll read it to you because I haveto put up another window and some gameswork good with OBS and I for some reasonother games when I trade you extrawindows they don't work so good I chosethese two games that two teams excuse methe Bruins I'm a big Bobby Orr fan onethe nicest people in sports if not thenicest person in sports number four justa nice human being period um and he wasone of the all-time greats and they callGretzky the great one and so I took the69 Bruins who won the Stanley Cupagainst the st. Louis Bluesand the 83 Oilers who I believe won theStanley Cup against 83 it could havebeen the Islanders they beat in 83possibly I guess I do think they won theStanley Cup in 83 um anyhow so the greatone rained Gretzky taking on Bobby Orrthat's why I chose his team greatquestion ID thank you alright so in thesecond period the first half totallydominated by the Edmonton Oilers andthen the second half dominated by theBoston Bruins remember Edmonton came indown three goals three nothing theyscored two quick goals made it three totwo and then the second really moretowards the last third of the secondperiod the Bruins came on like dogs ofwar and they scored three goals on twogoals I'm sorry Esposito and DerekSanderson thus getting back here threegoal lead shots in the period Edmonton14 Boston 12 scoring chances Edmontondoubled the Bruins score chances justthat tremendous quick start 12 scoringchances for Edmonton 6 for the Bruinsimmittance block two shots the bruinsblack 7 but both teams were offers onthe power play edmonton old 4 to Bostonold 4-1 Edmonton scored two goals and sodid the Bruins as we go to the final 20minutes of game the Bruins have a 5 to 2lead and we shall continueas we're gonna drop the puck for thethird period on ice for the BostonBruins Esposito Hodge Busic re and BobbyOrr on ice for the 1983 Edmonton Oilersthe great one Wayne Gretzky he's beenplaying pretty physical in this gamelensman and curry coffee Union honeyGretzky and Esposito will do battle bothmen have scored goals and we're gonnaplay aggressive here's the third andfinal period unless there's old teamBruins up five to three here's the puckdrop at center icethat's the co Gretzky do battle Espositowins it back towards Busey kannur or asit flips it abuse abuse it quickly takesit over the line sansa task for ZitoEsposito mid-range Gretzky trying toDiop Esposito that's a joke Espositoshoots but fewer stones um puck goestowards hoodynow over the coffee behind the net andworks at the lensman up ice they comequickly through the neutral zone andGretzky is offsides as they try to getat the Gretzky they did but he enterentered the Bruins zone too quickly sothe puck drop will be just outside theBruins zone on ice for the Boston BruinsLorentz Cashman Bailey ree and or forthe Edmonton Oilers Gretzky Vince trimSemenko Gretzky's personal enforcer lowand Fogle in we could see some actionhere as Semenkois on ice and who was a Cashman whowrecked them or was it one of the Smithsanyway cement go looks like he has bloodin his eyesrage you can see it they will drop thepuck and we're gonna play balancedGretzky and Lorentz will do battle andlarette's wins it good job by the refspuck goes back towards Balian or or hasit they send it down and what happenedthere Vogel in penalty is calledinterference as they try to work thepuck to Cashman so a great opportunityhere for the Bruins a power play withunder a minute gone in the third periodfocalin is in the boxtwo minutes for interference the powerplate on the ice for the power play forthe Bruins Esposito Mackenzie BuickWestfall and Bobby Orr the penaltykilled Gretzky Lowe coffee and curry goto the chattier Eric from higher groundgaming has jumped in the chat how areyou my friend check out higher groundgaming he's got a lot of wonderful stuffup there he is coming so close tocompleting a 78 strat-o-matic replayI've been playing something offline hehas actually gotten ahead of me I'musing digital diamond baseball his teamthe Red Sox are faring better than myteam using digital diamond baseball andwhen it's all said and done we're goingto compare stats hopefully we've talkedabout a few times never been able toconnect up it hopefully that will happenhope all is well Eric with you mr.Brodie miss mags in just hope all isgoing good eric says I've been playing alot of RPGs on Steam hard to get intothe mood to record lately been busy withtutoring finishing up the school yearEric also says I finished my first redwhite and blue racing world cup race howwas that give us a little detail myfriend unless you're putting down thechannel then you know we'll wait towatch itand what our PG games are you playing onSteam they're gonna have a summer salecoming up soon I got to get back into uhGrim Dawn I really did like that I likethat game alright so Esposito andGretzky will do battle Bruins on thepower play boilers on the penaltyEsposito yo wins it back towards Busicgoes the puck to Westfall TAS the ZitoEsposito to or or the one kayak piercedowns him puck is loose copies battlingfor it coffee has it passes around thenet so are you Esposito on curry as atry to counter short-handed and herecomes Esposito up ice wow did he recommand the Bruins will continue the powerplay they gained entry into the Edmontonzone Buzek to Esposito Espositoworks his way through traffic coffee andBusic battling in front of Grant Fuhrlow training for Esposito takes a shotit's black I don't know who got itlowered coffee coffee blacks it andMackenzie keeps it in to Westfall backto McKenzie behind the net barely get bycoffee sending Mackenzie's to the icesprawling to the ice Lowe has the puckhe tried to clear it they can't it'skept in by the Bruins they work itaround you sick now has Busic lookinglooking looking Mackenzie in the middlehe passes the Mackenzie Gretzky tryingto body and Mackenzie makes some spacethat's for Zito and low badly in frontof Fuehrer Oh crease look like that goalsix low has it and steers it down icebut it doesn't go all the way down theBruins regained the puck and now headback into the neutral zone with BobbyOrr up ice comes Bobby you are on thepowerplay 50 seconds leftEsposito Mackenzie back to or or withthe slap shot blocked by curry battlefor the puck view sick-ass control forthe Bruinsmusic looking looking looking he's gonnashoot Caesarstone them puck loose itfrom the net that's buzina crashingtowards the net Lowe gets it out or itcomes up with itin possession they bring it back in pastneutral ice into the Edmonton zone 37seconds left on the penalty to focalin1741 left in the game Bruins up by threefive to two or at the wind lookinglooking looking fifty-four percentchance of a good shot he's gonna try towork at the Esposito or in the pressureand it poked away by Lowe it was a riskyplay to try to work it to Esposito andadmits he gets it out of the zone andthe Bruins will start up ice with 18seconds left in the power play andDerek Smeath Dallas Smith trying tocarry it out of the Bruins ownEdmonton's a little aggressive as theyknow the penalty will be over shortlyand Sanderson now takes it over theEdmonton line Sanderson gets control thepuck over to Dallas Smith passes theHodge vogelin back on ice full strengthfor both teams17:04 to play Sanderson with the puckand they're gonna pass it around againreset the offense they get bifocal inhow do you do and now Greg broke hisstick and they turn it overbut emiting has it and the whistle blowsand the faceoff will be outside theBruins own I think the whistle blewbecause of the broken stick I'm notquite sureOh upside down early too quick into thezone I was gonna say usually don't calla whistle on a broken stickso with 1634 to play in a hard-hittingslobberknocker the Boston Bruins of 19695 the Edmonton Oilers of 83 to the hitsjust keep on coming as Eric from higherground gaming says one deck dungeonsthat is also a little divinity originalsin and he's playing some RPG games onSteam and the Steam sale will be comingup soon so on ice for the Bruins with1634 left in the game Carlton Westfallmark got Rick Smith Dallas Smith for theEdmonton Oilers we have to get it goingthey trailed by three Messier Andersonused Greg and Chara and we're gonna playbalance as Messier and Carlton willbattle a tough day battle for Carltonwins it puck goes towards mark cottonDallas Smith near the boards and theyflip it out of the zone down into theOilers own as they reset their defenseAnderson comes up with it and up icecome the Oilers Bruins hoping to takepossession at sunrise but they do notpose Gregg is racked by Steve by seeingthis endear extensive with another bighuh and since Stan feel that the bookraces into the Edmonton zone behind thenet Mackenzie bantling with Greg Smithand Sanderson and Derrick Dallas Smithon the outside we're gonna play dump andchase Stanfield will dump it buying thenet far corner Bruins don't get to itChara gets to it first and up ice comesEdmonton with 1537 to play down by threegame one best of seven McClendon overice over the line to Hunter to MacLeanlink to low London the one-timer asMcClendon goes to the net the screenCheevers re trying to get him out of theway and low Wowbad shot why he never had a chanceLorenzen comes up with it and up icecome the Bruins they lose the puck as itlooks like there's a line change or theyjust sent it downGretzky's in possession with it and upice comes Edmonton trailing by threewith 1458 left in the game over toCarrie Carrie takes over the line guy onCheevers tried to beat him high stickside and that is wide and the puckthere's a battle behind the net theBruins have it Bobby Orr comes away witha great job by number four Bobby Orr andup ice come the Bruins and Bobby Orrthrough the neutral zone and over toCashman Cashman gains of zone over toSmith Rick Smith Cashman Bailey Baileywill take the slap shot from the wing -man in front of fewer bailey fans barelyon it well wide of Grant Fuhr puck isloose there's a battle Edmonton comes upwith it coffee sends it to hoody andhere comes the counter-attackingEdmonton Oilers trailing by three longpass to Gretsky Gretsky takes overlaterally shoot no he passes it tidy andnow back to Gretzky over the coffee Lakejob of passing one time for my coffeeand he's y Cheevers might have deflectedit re comes up with the puck and hemoves it out of harm's way back toneutral ice Messier gains control forthe Oilers 1407 - playing the games fiveto two Bruinsand we've been trying to gain entry intothe Bruins own use recovers it to Gregto Mark Messier Messier poke check losesthe puck re comes away from itgood job by the Bruins defense and upice on the counter-attack time theBoston Bruins line change let's fall skito down and now Westfall gives it awayso tic for tack now Paul Coffey tries togain the neutral zone Bruins with tocheckers up in the neutral zone canEdmonton work it through bozer they dotakes it on a line back to coffee thehunter has the puck to poser poser isgoing to take the shot re closing onthem Cheevers with the glove save andyou hold on to it and there is thewhistle so with 1258 the plane is hardin in game the 1969 bruins 5 the 83edmonton oilers to bruins looking attake a one game to none lead in thisbest of seven Eric from higher groundgames is al you'll never get hired for asmooth jazz radio station I don't wantto be hired for smooth jazz radiostation as Max is going lol alright onice for the Boston BruinsEsposito Hodge and BuickRick Smith and Dallas Smith I alwayswant to call him Derek Smeath DallasSmith facing for the Oilers Mark MessierAnderson used Greg and char are 1258 toplay Bruins with a three goal leadEsposito and Messier will battle we'regonna play aggressive we got PhilEsposito battling for the puck Messierwins it spoke towards the Anderson theywork it around and Anderson gets it backAnderson to try to wrapRick Smith trying to close out ofCheevers cities and Cheevers Falls Idon't want to say by Gerry Cheeversagain he had a few hiccups to start thesecond period but that's been it hiccupsgone great save by Cheevers the man withthe stitches on the face mask and with1229 to play the faceoff will be to theleft achievers in the Boston zone teamsboth at full strength on ice for theBruins Sanderson who has just been awrecking ball McKenzie and StanfieldDallas Smith and doke for the EdmontonOilers the great one Wayne Gretzky hehas a goal today lensman jury low infocalin and sanderson and Gretzky willdo battle and we're gonna go aggressivethey dropped the puck with 1229 leftfree game Gretzky wins it puck goestowards low in lensman low has it overto Kari to Gretzky will Gretzky shootGretzky looking looking looking back andforth he goes trying to create anapproach the bruins come up with itwho has the buckets mckenzie here comesthe counter-attacking boston bruins with12 13 left Sanderson Stanfield to or atthe right point back the StanfieldStanfield's gonna fire away French shooton pure pharisee puck in front of thenet Hunter and Sanderson battling for itwho's gonna come up with it Stanfieldends up getting it good hustle by theBruins Stanfieldit's gonna take another shot on nettries a wraparound save Sanderson andhunter battle for it and mcdhh enhancecontrol hunter gets it the focal endingup ice come the Edmonton Oilers withunder 12 minutes of playing this gametrailing by three trying to gain theneutral zone here through the neutralzone Terry to Gretzky to kick off in thePatricia curry to deflect the passcheers but it goes why chase now bySmith Mackenzie in the corner there's abattle forwith lensman smith as it works at theDerek Sanderson here comes thecounter-attack up ice come the BruinsSanderson the Gaucho McKenzie is wreckedwhat a big hit by Hardy Edmonton has thepuck at the red line if LindstromBruns looking for a revenge on that hitline change for both teams and summategoes back out on the iceSemenko over the Gretsky Gretsky toshoot low aren't Cheevers Espositotrying to close chambers with the savingit covers up and there's the whistle andHodges and Semenko finally start to goat it this has been brewing but againthey do not drop the gloves the fanswant to see the gloves drop wow what agame it's been so with 10:40 to playfive the two Bruins face off to theright of Gerry Cheevers he'll be MarkMessier and Carlton doing battle joiningCarlton for the Bruins on ice Westfalland Mark got Smith and Dallas Smith andRick Smith joining Mark Messier Andersonused coffee and honey in the chat DaleLonsdale how are you my friend Oh ballis good thank you for joining us we'regonna play balance as Mark Messier andCarlton do battle the linesman drops thepuck and Carlton wins the faceoff puckgoes back towards behind the net and ifsmith's comes up with it over to markcop mark up back to Smith over thewestfall they glean in the zone dr.Carlton quick free shot by Carlton markcrashing towards of thatnow fans go nuts as market went crashingtowards the net six to three Bruins sixto - excuse me Bruins and it looks likethey're well on their way to a game onevictory and again that early hiccup inthe second period is all but gone markgot scores on the deflection pass Fuhrerthat's Grant Fuhr assists by Carlton andWestfall absolutely outstandingagain the Bruins had a slight brain fartearly in the second period since thenthey have been very physical very gutsyunbelievable the Boston Bruinsall right 1022 play Bruins up by 4 onice for the bees Carlton Westfall markedout re and or they will face for theOilers of 1983 hunter poser McClendonGreg and CharaDon Lonsdale says he's doing goodexcellent we always like to hear thatall right we're gonna drop the puck andwe're gonna play balanced as hunter andCarlton will battle a battle for it andCarlton wins the faceoff puck goes backtowards already and Westfall who wasgoing to get it and the Bruins get itbut they just try to flip it out andreset their defense and Edmonton'squickly back in the neutral zoneMcClelland trying to gain entry into theBruins zone hey there's a line changeposeur takes it over the line pass theboga rex Vogel in the heart it'scontinued by the Bruins mark that comesup with it and up ice come the Bruinslooking to score more under 10 minutesleft in this gametightly checked by coffee and then usecomes over and pokes it away good job bya mitten Gretzky til Lindstrom Lynchfrom trying to gain the Bruins zone orclosing on them and again a line changeLindstrom takes it over sends it toGretsky Gretsky with the quick shot onTVs Point clinic and Cheever stones uppuck is loose resadly port and Lorentz comes away withit and up ice come the Bruins 911 toplay in the game and again they aregoing to continue with their aggressiveplay this is the way they have a fourgoal lead they take it into theEdmonton's oh oh my lord as use rex reand now n mittens on a three on two rushand messier gets the puck as re andSmith trying to close the messy he'sgonna have a clean shot on Cheevers andchin another stall with Mark Messier anda some pushing and shoving and forAchievers the whistle blows face off tothe left of Gerry Cheevers in the Bruinszone with 841 to play back to the chairAgee gesture says the fat lady isstanding to sing you are correct my goodfriend ID gesture remember check outthese wonderful channels ID gesturehigher ground gaming max Corneliusbleacher bums gaming broke black me in94 fill the issues guy what's blazing insports tabletop baseball Plus check outmy page for the related and featuredchannels also strat-o-matic DelawareJohnny Indy boots JD and check out theirchannels and who's related let's allsupport one anotheralrighty back to the game I'm feelinghappy my Bruns are on the verge ofwinningso it's 841 to play six to two Bruins onice for the Boston Bruins Sandersonwho's been a wrecking ball MackenzieStanfield Dallas Smith and dope forEdmonton the great one Wayne Gretzkydoes have a goal today lensman Curry lowand flow going to Gretzky's credit hehas played more physical than usual andwe're going to play aggressive withSanderson as they dropped the puck he'llbattle the great one Wayne Gretzkyseason wins it while the puck wentdangerously close to Cheevers he workedit behind the netSmith hasn't tried to get through CenterI hit my curry over to Gretzky lensmantakes possession over ice Gretzky behindthe neck he's being pressured hemishandled theand Sanderson has control great job bythe Bruins three three hundred to rushwe're gonna play the rush back Fogle inand low on the wrist McKenzie Sandersonand Stanfield here comes the rushSanders Stanfield splits the defenderstakes a puck is looseStanfield no we can't get to itLinds Minh has it and up ice comesEdmonton behind the eight ball to saythe least down forward 758 to play thepuck has worked the coffee's gonna takea quick shot achievers jeepers with thesave he covers up waits for the whistleand there it is good job by GerryCheevers again he have not hiccup earlyin the second period one the Oilersblitzed the Bruins but they regainedtheir feet with a about a third waytwo-thirds through the second period andcame back like the dogs of war they areon ice for the BruinsCarlton Westfall mark got Rick Smith inre they will face for the EdmontonOilers Mark Messier Anderson used Gregand Chara Carlton Missy will battlewe're gonna play aggressive they droppedthe puck the battle for theCarlton wins it puck goes back towardsWestfall and Smith Westfall hazardsaucer pass carries through to Carltonwah-wah Pat's got an answer with achance to score and he has a couple ofskating length on Chara but Greg isclosing in from the side we're gonna gowith the penetration because he's a fouron the inside two on the outside WayneCarlton crashing towards the netand he's knocked up by Messier so goodjob by Mark Messier coming in anddeigning the loose puck is char 7:15 toplay all but lost now for the Oilers ourplace comes Edmonton still playing hardhoney has it safely to McClellan intreble McClendon would dump it inthere's a race for the loose puck andwho's gonna come away with a coffee asit works at the hunter Hunter hascontrol and he's knocked off the puck byalready big hitthe Bruins continue leaving the licks onthe Edmonton Oilers the pups work toWestfall and up ice on thecounter-attack come the Boston Bruins642 left in the game over to McKenzieMackenzie's nail at the blue line hecannot gain entry tremendous hit byhuddie three on one rush for the OilersBobby Orr is back trying to help GerryCheevers Gretzky works at the lensmanlensman driving the net out but againthey don't drop the gloves no penaltycall though the officials have beenquite lenient here the fans want to seeit the fans want to see a four goal leadthey want to see a Boston Bruin and anEdmonton or go at it let's go to thechat for a moment grits is a low detailas mixers have to go down days take careeveryone Thank You mr. Gehrke our goodfriend Greg directly from Canada have agood night health and happiness toinfinity and beyond for yourself andeveryone in the chat and all yourfriends and family and Eric from higherground gaming to Steve powers just starthis web after further review going doingblogs and reviews and other things yeahhe was talking about that the other dayhe has a race game up I watched it liveit was a lot of funall right back to the final 607 here onice for the Bruins Lorenz Cashman BaileySmith that's Dallas Smith and doke forthe Oilers Messier Anderson used Gregand Charlie I'm sensing the fights gonnabreak out and they're gonna drop thepuck we're gonna play balance Lorenz andMessi will do battle for the puck dropand Lorenz wins a good job by Lorenzpuck goes towards dokkan baby go gasp OhMy lordy try to bring a vise he waswrecked by used tremendous hits in thisgame and gaining the puck and theyworked it back to the red line isfocalin as with 544 to play the Oilersquickly set their offense and moveforward trying to gain entry in theBruins own Messier takes her linedelivers it to use Danny Anderson or onAnderson Henderson's gonna try to workhis way in close to shoot Cheever stonesin good job by Bobby Orr harassing himor gets it out so he flips it no wecannot get it outit's tipped in by Mark Messier we shouldtake a quick shot on Cheevers good luckhad chambers with the glove save and thewhistle blows for 52 to play in the game6 to 2 the 69 Bruins over the 83Edmonton Oilers on ice for the BruinsEsposito Hodge Busic Dallas Smith anddope for the Edmonton Oilers the greatone Wayne Gretzky lensman Prairie Gregand Chara so Esposito and wretzky willdo battle we will play aggressive bothGretzky and Esposito have scored in thisgame here's the battle Esposito wins itpuck goes towards music and doke doke asit over Dallas no oh my lord as theycome up ice a lensman just annihilatedSmith still on the ice now he slowlygets up music looking for revenge oncurryEdmonton trying to gain the offensivezone they dump it in deep and theycannot get to it the Bruins havepossession and Bobby Orr comes away withwith 413 to play and up ice againaggressively that's the way we're gonnaplaygets it for more and Hajj is racked bycurry what a hip checkso the hits continue and now Edmonton'sdoling them out with 346 to play butthey trail by for poser has the puck canthey gain the Bruins own line changeposeur brings it over dr. defendersclosing on hunter Wrexham into theboards payback is a bi TCH Hodge comesaway with a 314 to play there's gonna bea flight folks and everyone sensing itand up ice aggressively come the Bruinsonce again they work it off the linethey sent the Busic and offsides iscalled and there's some chirp in betweenthese two teams under three minutes toplay now 247 left in this game 6 to 2Bruins on ice McKenzie SandersonStanfield re and or for the BostonBruins of 1969 on ice for the 1983edmonton oilers hunter pose artMcClelland coffee and hoodie if we seeso many people come out in these finalminutes a fight will break out myopinion Semenkothe personal enforce of Wayne Gretzkyhis Luca Brasi as you would say and hereis the puck drop between hunter andSanderson and Derek Sanderson has bloodin his eyes he has been a one-manwrecking crew they dropped the puckSanderson wins a few choice words forhunter puck goes back to Stansfieldthey work it to McKenzie over hit byHunter and there is going to be a fightfolks the hard hits continue the puckhas worked back to full and they knowthey have no chance of winning it now231 to play they're just looking to layhits on and possibly a brawl and this isreally unusual for the others they dohave some tough players they work itaround Gretzky to carry Curry's gonnatake the shot Sanderson and Stan feelcozywhat's his eyes up to the boobs of theBruins feed six to three with 210 toplay nice shot by curry assist fromGretzky so Gretzky has a goal in assistsand curry what a sniping shot twodefenders closing in looking to recommand he just liked that Cheevers neversidesix to three to ten to play on ice forthe Bruins Sanderson McKenzie Stanfieldre and or for the Edmonton Oilers MarkMessier Anderson used coffee and honeySanderson will battle Messier we'regonna go aggressive they dropped thepuck and Sanderson wins it puck goestowards Bobby Orr on Stanfield or has itand orders use all the fans do not likethat use as in the neutral zone undertwo minutes of play they work at theLinstrom Edmonton cement go is on icesubmit go is iodized he sends it toGregglet's see if some echo will come defendthe great one they work the puck that'sa feeling still applies they come andSemenko goes on ice but now Mackenzie iswrecked by Lowe the heart it's just keepon coming a minute 20 30 to playSanderson's looking to hit somebodyvogelin has the puck Sanderson justleaves Gretzky's coming flying over 50now get the games a zone sendsit up means me back to curry dirtylooking for a second girl Gretzkycrashes towards the net Sandersonbattling Gretzky pushed him out of theway here's the shot watering of GerryCheevers and Sanderson gives a nicelittle shot to Gretzky or comes awaywith it he just flips it to the neutralzone edmonton takes possession at thered line McClendon he has hunter andposeur out in frontMcClendon over the line please at thehunter to poser poser to lo loaded quickshot achievers Cheever saves ithold on pushing and shoving the Lord asthe whistle blows a minute 10 left inthe game 6 to 3 Bruins so Messier willbattle Carlton Westfall Martha and reand/or join Carlton for this finalminute 10 joining Mark Messier for theEdmonton Oilers Anderson used Greg andChara we're gonna play aggressive theydrop the puck and they will battle againMessier wins it puck goes back towardsuse and Chara back to Messier over theinteresting intercept is gonna fire awayand that's wide Messier could notdeflect it chase down in the corner aswestbound re go for it Bruins havecontrol they work at the mark got aminute for and we're gonna come outbalanced they pass it to open iceCarlton wins the battle for the loosepuck and he brings it into the Edmontonzone he's gonna take a hard shot wide offuehrer not known for his outside shotunder a minute to play hereAnderson hands it will the gloves bedropped with under a minute up ice comethe Edmonton Oilers Gretzky the coffeeback to Gretzky he's behind the net overthe lensman as here crashing down onGretzky lensman from the faceoff willtake a slap shot re battling Gretzky reblocks it puck is loose here's a chaseand there's a battle on my godit goes over the the glass out of play43 seconds left in the game 6 to 3Boston will take Game one of this bestof seven legend Stanley Cup on ice inthis final 43 seconds Carlton Westphalmark cap Rick Smith Dallas Smith forEdmonton Mark Messier Anderson news Gregand Chara have no Semenko so maybe thegloves will not drop folks again we'regonna play balanced they dropped thepuckthere's a battle for the puck Messierwins the faceoff puck goes towards usingChara as the clock ticks down the bookswork to CarltonDallas Smith ready to drop the glovesbut Edmonton doesn't want to drop gloves35 seconds and again we're gonna play abalanced carlton applies over to markand Mark cot is wrecked by Fogel inEdmonton hazard 30 seconds left theytake it on a lining lensman to carry toGretsky Gretsky fires awayhow are you trying to close on BET's keyhe blocks the shot the puck is looseBoston has it 24 seconds and he'll playit safe they slip it outMartok gets to it Evans in zone over there2 or the cows and cousins knocked offthe puck by Lowe Lowe has it 19 secondsplay up ice quickly come the Oilers theywork at the curry curry takes the shotit is blocked by bottom your 6 2-3brewings as the clock ticks downs offans standing and cheering Carltonhazard again we'll play it safely out ofthe zone the Boston Bruins win Game one6 to 3 in a slobberknocker hard-hittingfest there is some chipping us a lot ofpushing and shoving but no one droppedthe clubs they were looking for Semenkobut he went off ice so the Bruins in the3rd period were out shot by Edmonton 11to 7 me2 had 13 scoring chances theyonly got one goal um the Bruins at 6 andthey got two goals blocked shots two forEdmonton 3 for Boston and mitts in nopower plays the Bruins were old for 1the final score 6 to 3 let's hitcontinue and will bring up the box for agame over yet let's bring up the boxscore ok um star players Derek Sandersonwho was a one-man wrecking crew just ohmy god the play where he just I forgotwho we cryon the check he got the puck started yougo up ice past it I think it was aStansfield crash the net battling twodefenders redirects a past Fuehrer gameover he changed the whole Esposito ascore before that and then Sandersonjust totally changed the momentum of thegameEdmonton will get one more goal back butsix to three Sanderson absolutelyoutstanding so now let's go to the boxscore and we'll bring this up bear withme a moment we will bring the box scoreup new window capture so the box scoresup you should see that in a moment let'sgo to the chat I'm like oh her pilgrimsjoined us hello herb how are you myfriendfootball as well he serves as Wow comejust in time looks like another goodgood one for the home team lol hey aland everybody Thank You herb for jointis a slobberknocker her I wish theywould have video replays I hope they dothat for 28 teens version I will bebuying the hockey game um I wasn't goingto but if they say they've improved theanimation again every time they'veimproved the animation for any game it'sbeen absolutely outstanding and thesedad if you're looking to get intocomputer gamesI recommend Dave Koch there's enoughvideos out there not just mine to checkthem out and he has great sales forbaseball if you're looking for one gamethat computer game and it's not youdon't yo you know not a card in dice oneout of the park 19 and it's gonna go onsale soon for that it's $40 can go onsale from 1999I mean it's $39.99 gonna go on sale$19.99 alright let's go to the goaliesfirst has their up so we'll do thegoalies Grant Fuhr 37 saves but he gaveup six goals Gerry Cheevers 28 saves andhe gave up three goals the hard hitswere just incredible let's go to thescoring summaryBoston would score the first three goalsand they all came in the first period atthe 7:36 mark Busic unassisted with thewraparound one nothing Boston Rick Smithmade it to nothing at the 1253 mark thefirst period assisted by Cashman andLorena's then at the 1836 mark justbefore the end of the first period Hodgewould score on a wraparound assisted bySanderson in Stansfield then theEdmonton Oilers came out like a house onfire just I don't know how to they cameout strong Gretzky we were 21 seconds inhe scored a goalassisted by Lin's Minh and curry andthey were on the board it was three toone then under four minutes still in thesecond period at the 308 mark lowknocked a pass Cheevers assisted byAnderson and it was three to twoedmonton pulled within one Boston wouldthen scored three goals at the 1603 markEsposito bodies way in towards the netarming Paul Coffey and then flipping itpast Grant Fuhr assisted by Bobby Orrand that was four to two and then DerekSanderson approxima about three minuteslater rekt I forgot who he nailed on thehead took the puck away start to go upice send it to McKenzie back theStansfield see anderson crashed the netbattling two defenders Stanfield withthe shot on it and Derek Sanderson pokedit by redirected it into the back of thenet and it was five to two Bruins regaintheir three goal lead they go up by fourwhen Mark got put the shot pass Fuhrerassisted by Carlton Westfall and it wassix to two and that came in the thirdperiodthose other two goals were in the secondas it runs regain control of the gameand then we at the 1750 mark of thethird period near game and carryassisted by great ski and the finalscore six to three Derek Sandersondefinitely played the game for theBruins he was a wrecking crew with hugehits party hard play hard DerekSandersonhe had one goal one assistand two hits Stanfill that to assistwith two hits Bobby you are one assistin to block shots for the Bruins for theEdmonton Oilers curry one goal oneassistthree bigots Wayne Gretzky of goldenassist and use three I think those aretakeaways and for big heads so it was aslobberknocker of a game max drains hisfun game to watch misses a load of herball right let's go to gifts will do theplayer statistic I don't I'm not I gotplayer statistics we'll just do theplus/minus as I guess coffee of the - toGretzky was a +2 huh D - - hello +1curry +2 Greg zero vogelin +1 messiausrah zeros they gotta improve on thatlensman +2 hunter - three and he's acenterman left wing center that's notgoodanderson zero poseur a -3 try Rozier OhMcClendon - 3 mins Lindstrom and Semenkozeros for the Boston Bruins bring thatdown the Makabe stream how far can we goherehere we go Bobby Orr was a 0 re was azero Dallas Smith a +1 Mackenzie andStanfield Sanderson with zeros Westphal+1 Esposito Busey hijra zeros Rick Smith+1 doke zero mark Carlton Plus OnesLorenza 0 Cashman Balian Harrison whoplayed only sparingly as he only playeda minute 6 they're all 0 so they had noone in the negative that's let's go backto leave it on the scoring here alrightwell I hope everyone enjoyed itwe'll bring a game - probably some timenext week or maybe Sunday I don't knowit was a fun game and I think the streamwent pretty quick a minute 30 we did twoperiods in a minute clarity I had enoughwe I thought I chatted and I think I dida good job with also conversing andinteracting with the chat that's bigwith me you guys come hereand are kind enough to watch I feel Ishould interact and plug if you haveyour stations or just talk to you guysbecause you're my friends and I had agood time I hope you guys did and we'regonna come back we're gonna attempt Gamethree what time is it 9:30 - yeah we'regonna take Game three using strategybaseball Red Sox Royals we had themother of all glitches last timehopefully we have a real game this timeso thank you again let me thinkmax Corning has her pilgrim higherground game with there check out hischannel check out max Cornelius hischannel thinker - Greg gareki who left alittle earlier I detest you thank youvery much my friend check out hiswonderful channel Dale Lonsdale thankyou and glad you're doing well long timeno see I think I got everyone andbleacher bums gaming with Anthony checkout that wonderful channel and tomorrowAnthony will be going live with arematch Muhammad Ali and John L saw beenusing his glory day boxing game whichhe's developing card and dice mostlycentering around dice very fun game Ican't wait to purchase it I have notpurchased a cardan dice game in yearsand I'm gonna purchase that one becauseit's well done it is very well done andhe's perfecting it and tweaking it as hegoes along so thank you very muchgentlemengreatly appreciated till next time I'mgonna come back in about 10 minutes withgame 3 1978 what if the Red Sox defeatedthe Yankees which they did usingstrategy baseball and it's going to beGame three the Red Sox took the firsttwo games in clean City looking for thesweep again we tried Game three a fewdays ago it was a mother of all glitchesif we had a fun time I took me about aninning and a half and I realizedsomething's wrong it was a gazilliontriples and we just played it out foraha the game crashed and then we testedout some other games and they work wellother season so hopefully Game threewill work so thank you till next timehealth and happiness watch out for thecurveball in the dirt don't get hit bythe big left hook god bless and peace

Bobby Orr and the 1969 Bruins take on Wayne Gretzky and the 1983 Oilers
In the best of seven Legends Stanley Cup

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