Bakersfield Condors 

A couple gets engaged at the Condors game

because the Condors take to the icewhile practicing or playing a game buton Wednesday night they handed the rinkover to a local couple 23 ABC's Alexaray explains how the game changed thecouple's lives for hockey fans the ringaround center ice holds a special placein their heart but for one local couplethe ring means so much more candy andRobert have been together for four yearsfive minutes of meeting him I fell in apothole and twisted my ankle they metright here in town through a mutualfriend at a bonfire about seven monthsago Robert started to plan his proposalto candy the idea to add the BakersfieldCondors in on the surprise came intoplay three weeks ago I told her actuallythat my mom had won some tickets for thegame and that's how I convinced her togo so the team had candy play a game ofher owneverybody waved a candy literallyeveryone Oh yelling right right she ismoving keep going and stop take yourblindfold off seriously are you seriousand Robert kept it a secret the wholetime we were up in standing on linegetting you know food and we were makingeye contact when my mom's tapping me onthe back sliding the ring in my hand andand this proposal came at a perfect timefor candy and Robert just days beforethey had received some bad newsRobert had lost his job with a localelectric company because they wererunning out of work and their car hadbeen broken into Monday morning to wakeup to go to work and our windows arebusted out and all my work toolseverything that I had to go you knowthat was just sitting in there is allgone with that the couple says they arestill grateful for everything they havethis holiday season that look in theireyes a couple of times and not that justout number did so many times especiallyeach other he says the look on my facewas priceless I say the look on his facewas beyond priceless and that proposalon the ice it's perfect everything itwas so worth it every minute of it incentral Bakersfield I'm Alexa ray 423ABC News

Kandee and Robert have been together for four years. About seven months ago Robert started to plan his proposal to Kandee…the idea to add the Bakersfield Condors in on the surprise came into play three weeks ago.

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