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2018 NHL Draft: Are the Edmonton Oilers Open for Business?

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if the right player is availableEdmonton Oilers general manager PeterChiarelli is willing to deal the club'sfirst round selection in the 2018 NHLdraft tle addressed the media ahead ofthe draft festivities in Dallas andadmitted the club has had somediscussions around trading the pick theask in return is an NHL caliberdefenseman that can help this club whenthe puck drops in October TLE hasalready been quite active ahead of thedraft by signing several young prospectsadding a backup goaltender Mikkokoskinen and buying out rear guard EricGryba who was banished to the all PeterChiarelli Dave Sanford NHL eye via GettyImages Edmonton has an organizationalneed for a right shot but movingdefender they're in a prime location inthe draft order to pick one of adamvocalist Evan Bouchard Noah Dobson QuinnHughes or ty Smith to address thatnecessity vocalist Bouchard and Dobsonall fit the requirements and one of themwill likely be available at tenthrelated 2018 NHL draft edmonton oilersdraft guide in his short mediaavailability cheerily did mention hisstrategy is to take the best playeravailable when the Oilers get to thepodium in preparing a final mock draftleading into Edmonton's picked one couldassume Evan Bouchard could be the guyavailable at 10:00 we've also heard sometalk about ty Smith potentially beingthat guy as he was in Larry Fischer'smappoint to 0 1 8 th w mock draft re suLT SP IC ke T EAM PLA ye er CL u b1Buffalo Sabres Rasmus fell in Ferland HCs hl2 Carolina hurricane SR AndreyTsvetkov barrie colts hole 3 MontrealCanadiens EJ's breakin yummiest setlii GA for Ottawa Senators o PhillipsEdina Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL v ArizonaPaul diesel Brady kachou BostonUniversity NC double-a 6 DetroitRedwings SD Quinn Hughes University ofMichigan NC double-a 7 Vancouver CanucksT Noah DobsonKaddi Bathurst QMJHL eight ChicagoBlackhawk SP Adam vocalist brighness sHL nine New York Rangers RW Oliverwallström SMT DP USHL ten edmontonoilers the Evan Bouchard London nightswhole Oilers trading 10th pick forimmediate help admittedly gia le saidthe whole lefty versus righty thing ismore of a nice-to-have then must havethat keeps the door open for the club togo after a Hughes or a Smith if the goalis to get better immediately there's ahandful of guys to behead however noneof those guys can be acquired forpennies on the dollarJustin Fock of the Carolina Hurricaneshas been linked to the Oilers for thepast two seasons it seems another nameis a pipe dream in st. Louis Bluesdefender and local product Colton Peregowho's buried on the depth chart behindAlex Pete Rangel oh he's someone whocould flourish in Edmonton but would bean expensive addition Colton Perico AmyIrvin the hockey writers PhiladelphiaFlyers prospect Travis Ann Hein looksready for full-time NHL duties and was arock for their all affiliate during theCalder Cup Playoffshe's a former high draft pick that lookslike trade beta's philly looks toimprove their roster by subtracting froman organizational East wrong arearelated five NHL defenseman worthtrading the Oilers first-round pickthere's plenty more read above but thelast time gia Ellie traded a first-roundpick 16th and 2015 it turned around tobite them in the butt ironically theywere also using it to bring a more NHLready prospect into the fold this is alllikely just smoke and mirrors asChiarelli settles into the reality thatmaking the pick is the best choice atthis pointprojecting edmonton oilers defense for2018-19before draft left the fence rightsdefense iou's dark left Velma damnLarson Darnell nurse Chris Russell andrace temperament betting you'd likely besubtracting a pick and another asset ortwo from the organization to fill a needdo the Oilers have the necessary piecesto consummate a deal for thathigh-caliber NHL rearguard probably notthe organization is low on depth despitehaving some intriguing names and havingdone well in the past three draftsrelated best defenseman available at10th Tyler Yamamoto Tyler Benson ASAPSoften and Kiril Mac Smith look likeexcellent prospects that could fillvarious roles amongst Edmonton's topnine forward ranks even removing one ortwo of those in trades this offseasonwould be like robbing Peter to pay Paulshook gr a leaky boilers picker tradedtrading the pick might mean having topackage it Jessie pulley Jarvey and ifthe justification for that type of tradeis it's the cost of doing businessthe Oilers might as well walk awaylooking across delete the team's thatare now challenging or looking likecontenders all have built from what indrafting and developing is critical andit's becoming more and more crucial inan NHL with a salary cap system not onlydo you need young talent producing oncheap contracts but you also need thoseguys to replace aging assets unlesssomething comes in on the phone thatChiarelli absolutely cannot refuse heshould keep quiet and make the pick goQuist Bouchard or Dobson might not makean impact as an 18 year old but in ayear or two could develop into thatelusive power play quarterback the teamhas been without if the Oilers arehoping to improve by adding anestablished NHL defenseman maybe theyshould look into trading their 2019first rounder instead of the 10th ofthis year they'd still get a young B manthat helps the club in a year or two ona cheap entry-level contract ELC andthey've got a rearguard that helps themnow hypothetically the club should bebetter in 2018 19 thus the pick would bemuch later than the 10th overallselection this year[Music]build a package around the 2019 piecenot the 2018 piece it's far too valuableto squander in a trade where Chiarelliwould be dealing out of desperation andwhere other GM's can smell he's tryingto salvage his job their takeaways fromChiarelli media availability you canpretty much kibosh any talk of the clubtrading Milan Lucic this summerTLE said he expects the embattled powerforward to be back in Edmonton next yearand perform better having Lucic comeback and score one goal in 43 games nextseason is highly unlikely related MilanLucic trade is unlikely for Oilerswhether Lucic asked for a trade or ifthe club was quietly shopping him itseems like those rumors were nullifiedadmittedly Chiarelli said he's preparedto move the 10th pick for a qualitydefender he's had some discussion butit's not an easy deal reading betweenthe lines maybe he's realized howexpensive that acquisition might be asrecited above Peter Chiarelli danHamilton USA Today sports not beingclosed in on a right shot blue linermight bother a few fans who feel that'sa definitive need whether you like it ornot there's a probability all those mockdrafts and rumored talk about the Oilerstaking Smith Mike prove true Bouchardbeing available at no 10 still makesense best player available also meansChiarelli in the scouting staff haven'tclosed the door on Oliver Wahlstrom he'sa talented goal scorer and some believehe could become a 40 or 50 goal scorerhe shoots shoots and shoots some moreWahlstrom might be the perfect wingerfor Connor McDavid we'll see whathappensforecasting Euler's free agency targetsin the end the Oilers will likely have aless-is-moreoffseason gr le will once again put theonus on the players to perform better ifanything it's probably after the draftthat he turns his attention to addingone or two veterans scoring wingersEdmonton has eleven point two milliondollars in cap space they've still gotto resign restricted free agents our FASarnelle nurse ryan strowman qualifyAnton sleppy chefs rights signed in theKHL i iro picaridin is in the same boatas levy chef but he's likely not toreceive a qualifying offerDarnell nurse Perry Nelson USA Todaysports strim needs to be qualified at 3million dollars a nurse on a short-termbridge deal could be around the samedollar figure so that leaves around 5.2million dollars or so for Chiarelli togo bargain shopping this summer so theoptions the Oilers have are limited infree agency related predictions for NHLdraft weekend but we see a David Quranreturn with in the top six Thomas Vanekmight make sense as a top six left wingoption Vanek had a 5th most goals 24amongst unrestricted free agents UFAsthis summer rick nash has been a mixedbag over the past few seasons but on ashort-term deal that 34 year olds couldwork out in edmonton this is a pivotaloffseason for Chiarelli a year ago hewas a finalist for GM of the year andthis season people were calling for hishead and clamoring for him to be firedif this goes off the rails again no BobNicholson endorsement our vote ofconfidence will satisfy the fan basswill want a new GM[Music]

2018 NHL Draft: Are the Edmonton Oilers Open for Business?
2018 NHL Draft: Are the Edmonton Oilers Open for Business?

If the right player is available, Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli is willing to deal the club’s first-round selection in the 2018 NHL Draft. Chiarelli addressed the media ahead of the draft festivities in Dallas and admitted the club has had some discussions around trading the pick. The ask in return is an NHL-caliber defenseman that can help this club when the puck drops in October. Chiarelli has already been quite active ahead of the draft by signing several young prospects, ad…

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