Edmonton Oilers 

1987 Edmonton Oilers Cup celebrations and street riots

I want a couple of Stanley Cups reallytake charge in the dressing room and geteverybody fired up and we came out andwe were fired up right in the warm-upright through the hockey game and justplayed as a set of super game earlier inthese playoffs so you'd gone a few gameswithout a goal and you were being askeda lot about how you reacted to that I Iasked you tonight I'm sure you youdidn't need a goal to feel good I meanthose assists were as good as anyanything you put in yourself well to meas I said earlier if I get my name mysign cut that's what we're all playingfor in this captain on the hockey teammy job is to try to make sure thateverybody's feeling good aboutthemselves I'm contributing to thehockey club and you know as I said to meand sisters just as great as a goal oryou know team winning is even better andto be to be on this team I just have tomake sure that I get the puck that thoseguys in the put in the net tiny areamakes a great shot and Randy Greg ofcourse and Kevin all three were goodplays and they finished them off and itwas nice to go there now everybody'sgonna say the Stanley Cup final is overnow you're going home to win it at homewon't that be nice what do you do toguard against the possibility thatyou'll you'll become overconfident andthink that way as well well we realizedthat we still got a lot of hockey leftthat Flyers our team that's got a lot ofcharacter and they're not gonna rollover but we feel confident our fans aregonna be very noisy in Edmonton wehaven't lost in our building in a whilewe play well there we we also realizethat there's a time where experience hasto take over and the older guys have tohelp you help out the the new guys whohaven't been in this situation beforeand realized that we need that killerinstinct and in Game five and wedefinitely don't want a long flight allthe way back Carlino keepers gets $500to the Minor Hockey Association of ourfirst Stars choice Brantford they mightbe getting ready to build a new rinkonce again our final score Edmonton fourand the Flyers one[Music]87 tonight from the spectrum inPhiladelphiabut to you by carving O'Keefe brewery[Music]this is tonight's winning goal ithappened late in the first periodGretzky with the puck over the blue lineon a short-handed situation spots Kevinlo who goes in to score the winning goalOilers win it by a score of 4-2 one leadthe series 3 games to one[Music]now let's go upstairs to Dan Kelly andJohn Davidson okay Jim John my lookingback at this game as the owners reallyhad their act together tonight theirspecialty teams penalty killing powerplay and just their overall defensiveplus offensive play in other words theydid it all well they play a game at ahigh tempo Dan they can play it verywell when they do things well thatincludes a lot of different areas intheir game one was their passingaccuracy you saw them spread out and usethe entire ice surface I thought in game3 which Philadelphia came back and wonthe Flyers closed off the boards and theOilers had the puck trapped along theretherefore they did not pass it well andthey did not get their speed going butin this game they spread themselves outall over the ice surface quick sharpaccurate passing and then finally withthat patience back there they opened itup with a good pass they broke loosethey did everything very well in otherwords they rebounded from a verydisastrous defeat the other night with asolid effort tonight let's go to Davewell it'll be said that the Stanley Cupfinal series turned very definitely inEdmonton's direction with tonight'svictory three to one is of course verydifferent from two two but perhaps theFlyers real chance to make this a serieswas in Game two when they took theowners in Edmonton to overtime but loston URI Curry's winner the Flyers or anyother team would have a hard timeexpecting to beat the Edmonton otterstwice anywhere and the otters as good asthey've been on the road this season didsplit the two games in Philadelphia herethey're quite happy to go home with a3-1 lead they will want very much andwill try hard to clinch the cup onTuesday night cons pipe trophy nomineesGretzky put himself into the running ifhe was ever out of it tonight and MarkMessier and grant fewer are the twoothers you would think in terms of mostvaluable players in these playoffs we'llhave it for you on Tuesday as the Oilerstry to win theand the Flyers try to extend the seriesbehalf of everyone connected withStanley Cup 87 join us then and thanksfor watching now from Philadelphiain Philadelphia they beat the Flyersfour to one to take a three to one leadin that Stanley Cup final series onceagain Wayne Gretzky was the story herehe's feeding yari curry for his first ofthree assists on the night that made a 2to nothing Oilers after one period onthe Flyers narrowed the gap to 1 is BradMcCrimmon beat fewer on a 50-footer itwas 2 to 1 early in the second but thatwas his closest Philly would Commonsgrad fear was once again brilliantoverall stopping 27 shots on netevidences final goal Doug Marcia's passintercepted by Mike crucial Missy and hebeat Ron Hextall on the glove sidethings got ugly late look at Hextallhacking Edmonton's Kent Nilson whoa afive-minute penalty for that slash eventhe spectrum fans got rude at the endtaking a shot at oiler coach Glen SatherI'm telling you well maybe the Flyersthink it the least the fans think theirteam might not be coming action anymorethis year game 5 in Edmonton on Tuesdaythe Oilers can wrap it up still a littlecustomer today in the final round of theAtlantic Golf Classic bar of Canadacaptured his first u.s. victory since1981 with a 7-under par 65 those are thefinals of the World Team Cup tournamentin West Germany John left claiming astrained calf muscle but you know what Ithink this is getting to him he has notbeen the same since he came back fromhis layoff I think it's bugging himbecause he's such a tough competitorthis week's tip of the tam goes to apretty tough competitor as well acourageous man from British Columbia whoembarked in a wheelchair odyssey 26months ago and he made it to the finishline this week take a look at oneamazing guy an estimated 20,000 peoplelined suburban Vancouver streets acouple of days ago to welcome their herohome Rick Hansen handicapped in a 1973truck accident he finished around theworld crusade traveling 25,000 miles inhis wheelchair to raise funds for spinalcord research organizers estimated thatHansen raised over 11 million dollarshow many of us could do something likethat not I that's amazing up nextmusical bloopersapparently the loss was not so crushingbecause the orders did come back andthey handed the Flyers a four to oneloss that gives the orders of three toone lead in the series they are onevictory away from their third StanleyCup championship and that victory couldcome Tuesday night at the Coliseum grabFeuer was mr. reliable in-goal onceagain he proves that the glove hand isquicker than the eye the Flyers cannotget it fine borders open the scoring sixminutes into the game yari kuri 1 timesthe centering pass from Gretzky is 13thgoal of the playoffs where coach Glennsay there wasn't comfortable yet hewanted some more and he would get somenear the end of the period ownersplaying short-handed Kevin low backhanding one past Ron Hextall two-nothingorders after one period of play Flyersget on the board eight minutes into thesecond period on the power play it'sgrad Brad McCrimmon the point shot andthe Flyers were thinking come back butnot this game the orders got that goalback with a power play of their ownGretzky sets up the third straight goalRandy Gregg gets it his third of theplayoffs meanwhile grant fewer continuedto frustrate the owners at the other endof the ice and this is what playoffgoaltending is all about what a savethree-to-one orders after two periods ofplay now the order has made it 4 to 1417 into the third period Mike crucialmiski plays the deke around Hextall histhird of the playoffs it was not a goodnight for Hextall Hextall took out hisfrustrations on cap Nielsen watch infront you thought Billy Smith had a badstick Hextall was given a five-minutemajor for that Nielsen wasn't seriouslyhurt and flyers coach Mike Keenan hadsome nasty words about the call but theshouting was all for naught the Flyersgo on to lose this game by a score offour to one though the owners can gain asplit of the two games they gain asplited in Philadelphia and Glen Satherhole was he glad to leave gets abused bya wild Philly fan as the owners headback to Edmonton now with a 3-1 lead ingamescourt Miller at the spectrum for a timegame for look exactly that game threeeven the score was the same but insteadof blowing the lead the orders increasedit and moved themselves within one winof capturing the Stanley Cup we didn'tbleed you know we played a super firstperiod in Game three and I'm pretty goodfirst eight minutes and all the suddenthe tide turned on a couple of powerplays and they came on they really gotsome momentum and they came at us andtonight we just think in thoseopportunities they start coming out aswe just played such a disciplineddefense of a game when Grant Fuhr is agreat goaltender and when we're givinghim defense like that it's awful toughto beat him well I think the differencewas that we were able to play with fourlines tonight and we didn't seem to gettired and although he had at one point Iguess it was four to one against us andpenalties that the Cali killers wereplaying well and they were skatingmoving the puck they were playing smartwhen you leave the zone until we're allfive of us were back and then when wegot the puck we moved it around and saidit threw it around I think we kept goingat him tonight I mean the other night welaid back a little bit let them comewith us tonight we just kept going atthem and as long as we were going atthem we had control of the game afterthe Hextall Nelson incident there weresome pushing and shoving and you guyskept your cool did you talk about it onthe bench not to incite anything not toget anything goingI think that's I mean we're gonnathere's nothing we can do about that Imean we got a we got to accept that andsure the guys in the bench wereupsetting the guys in the race you'reupset but you know it's Stanley CupFinals and we're just gonna accept thatand try to go up win the next game itwas late in a game and you know Iunderstand gave me one so you know I wasI was gonna give somebody one I don'tgive him one what's he gonna do nextgame break my arm I mean let's be honesthere his case should have been calledyou know weather and he didn't see it orwhat happened I don't know but thosepenalties should have been evenobviously the fourth cohort a lot andhurt a lot because we we still felt wecould come back and the fourth goal putus back on our heels a little bit so youknow we're just gonna have to regroupand like I said obviously though youcan't get down two or three goals to agreat hockey team like that he just itcatches up just sooner or later in thestands the flyer fans were once again aboisterous but even though their teamagain fell behind they did their best toget the fires back in the game[Applause]you know they're really vocal andEdmondsonokay what we were one goal down lasttime that was nothingwhat two goals down now no problem we'regoing ahead we got this one to see ittaught up to two back damage see here onThursday Gord it was nice meeting youunfortunately for the Flyers andfortunately for the Oilers that fanscrystal ball was a little foggy now thelong road to the Stanley Cup is almostoverthe owners are one win away at theColiseum from regaining their status asStanley Cup champions with the orders inPhiladelphia I'm Gord Miller for CBCsports I think one of those fans stoleGord Miller is tie tonight once againStanley Cup champions for the Oilersthis is their third championship in thelast four years and it's only the 11thtime in history that one team has wonthe Cup three times one member of theOilers who's been around for all threeof those victories is veteran defensemanKevin low and very late last night whileall of Edmonton was celebrating andthrobbing Peter had a chance to talkwith them Kevin I guess first of allcongratulations thanks Peter Iappreciate it watching the postgame showI think the hardest thing next towinning the Stanley Cup is answering thequestion how do you feel well I feelreally excited this time around I thinkit was a little bit different peoplewere critical of our two losses in gamefive and six and the fact that we won ingame seven it was a classicconfrontation between gold tenors and wereally took it to him it was a greatgame it's gonna go down in history andthe fact that our name is on the StanleyCup makes a difference you know I was abit surprised to hear Gretzky say afterthe game that he thought Hextall mighteven be better than Tretiak how do yourate Hextall well the best way todescribe Hextall is that he hung inthere I mean every game we were gettingleads on them and particularly in Gamefive oh we were really taking a tool butI think we had 15 or 16 shots in thefirst period and we're up by two goalsbut he didn't hold under pressure andI've seen a lot of gold tuners and inour history of just fold under the factthat we gave him so many shots but Imean tretiak's been in one of theGreat's of all time and compared toHextall while coming from Gretzky that'sa great honoryes I remember in the the PhiladelphiaMontreal series there was some talk thatsome of the trail players were gettinghexed by Hextall that was a favoriteheadline in this part of the countrywonder if that happened to you guys atall did you ever reach a point where youthought we're not gonna be able to getit past this guy no it was somewhatdifferent than Billy Smith four or fiveyears ago when we first went to thefinals Hextall was making great savesbut he was making the saves after wewere getting leads so we knew he couldscore goals on him we knew some of hisweaknesses but he was making a big hewas he was the difference when we wereup by a couple goals and instead of usblowing him out of the water the Flyerswere chipping away getting back into itbut Smith a couple years ago we justcouldn't put anything by them and Iguess the difference between Smith and XHall is the fact that you know Hextallkept the Flyers into it I think mostexperts think of the Oilers as afreewheeling high-scoring but theseskiers this year you guys did it ondefense at least as much as offense wellwe knew going into the playoffs thatwe'd have to change their style somewhatour coaches believe that that a goodoffense is a great defensive part of ourhigh-flying style is the way we pourcheck and the way we force theopposition into making mistakes andwe're capable of capitalizing on thembut in the Detroit series the theWinnipeg series in the LA series we hadto particularly in the Detroit series wehad to play strong discipline hockey andbe patient and that was a word that wasthrown around the dressing of an awfullot be patient be patient don't get overanxious don't try to blow them on thefirst period and and it was most evidenttonight in tonight's game we weregetting ample opportunities we weregetting lots of chance that we couldn'tput it by Hextall but we weremaintaining our patience June 1st it's along season they Kevinit's extremely long but it to finish itoff this way is the only way to finishit off as far as I'm concerned we cameto the game tonight we knew that thiswas the last game that tomorrow washolidays andwe knew that last summer was difficultbecause we lost we didn't want to haveto make excuses and now there's no moreexcuses were you gonna do this summerI'm gonna travel I'm gonna enjoy thesunshine I'm gonna reap the benefits ofbeing a Stanley Cup champion once againthanks for some great hockeycongratulations again Kevin I'm storylast night that's because rowdy fans gotout of hand celebrating their team'sStanley Cup victory more than 2,000 fanswere still partying on the streets latelast night the scene eventually turnedugly as police used water hoses and dogsto disperse the rock-throwing mob thanksvery much Doug the party mode has turneddown a notch or two although the playersare no doubt still savoring the fruitsof victory the celebration the publicwon at least resumes tomorrow with aparade and rally ITV will be there livetomorrow night one can only hope thefire hoses won't be needed it was athird Stanley Cup in four years for theOilers and for some this victory was asweetest if only because the obstacleswere more difficult to overcome theOilers ended the 87th season in dramaticfashion in game 7 of the Stanley Cupfinal and no one was more excited to bein Lord Stanley's candy store than MartyMcSorley[Music][Music]McSorley who played the best hockey ofhis career in the final was one of sixorders dressed who had never experiencedthe thrill of winning a Stanley Cupothers included Rahill roots Elena andCraig Muni you know this feeling to behere now and you know I couldn't dreamabout this kind of thing happen to meand you know I have to say you knowthanks for the Phyllis potato it fadedme all we have defenseman Randy graycame out of retirement to claim histhird Stanley Cup ring Greg willconsider calling it quits again thissummerbut last night he was enjoying themoment even if I had to be in aretirement thought I would have beencheering as hard as possible for theOilers the group of players that we haveamassed is it's got a lot of a lot ofclass I think a lot of respect for theother teams but we had a great deal ofself-confidence that if we played a60-minute game we'd come out successfulURI curry scored the winner in thesecond period last night likelyovertaking his goal in Game two as thebiggest one of his career curry admitshe had a few butterflies before Gameseven not too nervous you know Weaver wehad a lot of guts so being around a lotthan being maybe this kind of situationbut it's our fourth time on the finalsso you know that might be helped us alotfollowing the game NHL president JohnZiegler presented flyers goaltender RonHextall but the Conn Smythe Trophy isplayoff MVP it was tough to argue withthe choice the Flyers wouldn't have gotto Game seven without him but ordersforward Craig McTavish made an argumentfor his own goalie Hextall playedunbelievable that I'll tell you ourgoaltender Grant Fuhr he played just aswell and stood in safer stay for him andit's an injustice that he didn't win aConst my Ronnie played unbelievablydeserve the Conn Smythewe got the cup orders coach glen sathercalled last night's game the best onehe's ever been involved in the Flyersnever quit battling back from a 3-1series deficit and they earned theOilers respect we came back herethinking being five was we're gonna doit then we're going back there played agreat game of Game six and they snuck itout again and we had two days torecuperate I think that was a blessingand this guy is really for our club westayed away from the rank the first daythe second day we had a vice skatecollected ourselves and came up with agood effort the courage it takes to comeback and not quit in those situations isgoing to make our team that muchstronger in the future and theexperience they've gained through thisplayoff series and throughout theplayoffs this year I hopefully is goingto someday make a sound or put us on theother side of the ledger and everybodyexpecting us to win this it was maybethe hardest one because there were somany expectations for us to do it andgoing through what happened last yearwas a big chore for this team toovercome but they've done all thatthey've overcome a lot of adversity itwas great I know I'm gonna be back youknow hopefully played another sevenyears in this league and Azazel's inSmith's but as the guys who've you knowgiven all their career 10-year veteranswho we couldn't win the Cup for himbecause that's the guys who I reallyfeel sorry Brad Marsh mark Howell youcan go down the lineronnie haxon l played unbelievable heshould have been a cup winner this yearbut wasn't meant to be the NHL's twobest teams provided us with the greatestStanley Cup final in this decade twoyears ago orders beat the Flyers in fivegames this year the series went anexciting seven as the orders capturedtheir third Stanley Cup on May 31stending the league's longest ever seasonBruce Buchanan ITV sports while thecelebrations continued here the Flyersreturned to Philadelphia and althoughthey came home without the Stanley Cupthe fans on hand at the airport wereglad to see them regardless[Applause][Applause]we're about 10 minutes short this yearbut you better believe we'll be back afew other notes concerning the cup finalthe final game is expected to have thehighest viewing audience of any NHLplayoff game six TV networks and fourradio stations were broadcasting thegame in fact there was a shortage oftelevision cables when it came time toset up 392 broadcasters and writers wereon hand roughly nine for every playerthere are over 100 technical peopleinvolved in 65 photographers nowsurprisingly there were a number ofempty seats maybe the scalpers didn'tget the money they were after butwhatever the price was paid the dramathe tension the excitement and for mostof us the result should have made itwell worth it well the hockey seasoncame to an end last night the hoopseason police spokesperson Joyland orash explained those tapes will be usedto identify several people the policeclaimed were responsible for incitingthe crowd we're using these pictures inthe film to assist us in apprehendingthese people so that they don't go on toinjure even possibly kill somebody elsehave you arrested any of those so faryes we've made one arrest so far andwe're looking for at least two otherpeople and this is the case every timelike this it wasn't the the real fansthat were responsible for the damage itwas only a few people that decided toget out of hand and wait till the lastminute and those are the people thatwere interested in the CBC hasreluctantly complied with the warrant toturn over the videotapes executiveproducer Terry field says the mediashould not be used as an investigativearm for the police we are now going toshow you those two news stories turnedover to the police tonightit was a victory celebration an Eulerwin boasted 30,000 people jamming thestreets of downtown Edmonton some Eulerfans some just looking for a partymostly younger people[Music]but soon police grew tired of the crowdtired of their drunken tricks anddecided it was time for people to gohomebut the crowd wasn't ready yet it wantedto stay from that moment on the partywas definitely over and tension grew aspeople lined themselves on one side ofthe street the police on the other[Applause][Music]three policemen were taken to hospitalafter being hit by bottles thrown fromthe crowd but they weren't the only oneshurt you like that look it's likeeverybody's just sitting here it alsoyou want to just have a good timepolice then called in the firedepartment to help them but nothingseemed to work[Applause]as the early morning wore on the crowdgrew more and more defiant inching itsway back from where police and earlierchased them but police weren't ready togive up eitherdozens of arrests were made but thepeople still wouldn't leave finally theriot squad was brought inhours later with the help of dogs thefire department and police the battlewas finally over the police won thecrowd left leaving behind a big messstore windows broken and glass andgarbage littering the streets for milesRick Bogusky CBC News Edmontonthe cleanup started bright and earlylast night's party left numerous windowsbroken along Jasper Avenue police say 19stores were damaged in the melee thatfollowed the order victory it was a beerbottle there was half of one still onthe florist so I don't know where therest was Jones Bukowski got a telephonecall at 4:00 this morningthe front window of her optical storehad been smashed well I think what theydid really wasn't called for it's tryingto get excited I think a lot of peoplewhere I was myself and but I mean thisis this isn't fun this that this isdamage you know but I don't think it wasnecessary at all further down the streetthe glass repair crew was working atweiners shoes the window had beenknocked out there as well we doappreciate the Oilers winning the hockeygame but it does get a little carriedaway at times as you can see with asmashed window here but I find aludicrous that people will smash windowsin the party atmosphere so to speak eventhe men who earn a living fixing brokenwindows wondered whether or not all thedamage was really necessaryI did my celebrating at home I didn't goout in the streets and pick somebodyelse's property or whatever you knowokay thank you I don't think it's theman to do this you know what do you meanby that well I think if you're trulyfine you support the players you don'thave to go out and get rowdy andvandalize and whatnot for EdmontonOilers fans stanley cup number three isthe sweetest victory yet but for some ofthe shopkeepers down here on jasperavenue some of the sweetness of thatvictory was soured by the vandalism thattook place long after the final whistlewas blown Kevin Tibbles CBC NewsEdmonton and a teenage girl celebratingthe victory last night on the front lawnof the City Hall and there spilled overa class one hundred and second eighthAvenue we've got a lot of people herelet's go right up to the podium is theStanley Cup champions are beingintroduced by the voice of the OilersROG tulipsnumber 17 he got the game-winner onSunday yari curry20 Yaroslav pasarnumber 23 Mowlam a number 35 and emonumber 10 sot canon number 12 Davehunter number 24 kevin McClelland number7 Paul Coffey number 11 Mark Messiernumber four Kevin low number 28 CraigMuni number eight Wayne band or numberfive Steve Smith number 15 Kent Nielsennumber twenty-nine Roxie Roxie Lennonnumber 25 Mike Mulder16k book burger number 33 Martin it'searly[Applause]number 32 Darryl way ladies andgentlemen the 1987 Stanley Cup championEdmonton orders[Applause][Music]ladies and gentlemen would you pleasewelcome our tremendous tremendous crowdon hand and it's an exciting time andalso a pleasure to welcome kharlamov toour telecast team this evening Carlacertainly a great deal of excitementover the last few days and this is agreat crowd this is this is unbelievableI couldn't believe that this moviepeople just read from one place at onetime it's been such an exciting lastweek and this is just a great into itspent fantastic we also have LeeMcKenzie of Monday magazine and our CityHall reporter bill laying down in thestraw[Applause][Music][Applause]talking to some of the people in thecrowd here and there are some veryinteresting and very excited people downhere Chrissie the adrenaline levels wentup about 300% and the Oilers came outjust a couple of minutes ago we're goingto talk to these folks first let's goback up to our broadcast booth and ChrisCuthbert ok thanks very much bill rightnow the deputy mayor aldermen Jan rhymeris speaking to therapport is in China and so she ishandling the proceedings and now let'sgo back to the stage where the ownerPeter Pocklington is ready to addresstheI see you've got lots of fans in mytravels all over North America I'vevisited many many cities and it's thespirit of the people of the city thatmake it a great city there's no bettercity in all of North America thanEdmonton Alberta because we've got thegreatest people not only do we havegreat people we've got a great hockeyteam and greatness greatness stems fromwhat they believe in they believethey're great and they're proud to bepart of our great city thank you folks[Applause]thank you Peter ten years ago last Marchwhen Safer was named coach of theEdmonton orderers the owners haven'tmissed the playoffs since then along theway he's won three Stanley Cupchampionships in a Canada Cup he's goingto be a Hall of Famer ladies andgentlemen the coach and general managerof the orders Glen saferI guess I need to be an old fartI want to thank the city for puttingthis day on for us I think it's justunbelievable I wish Mary decor was hereinstead of China so we could all thankhim but he's probably having a hoot overthere too on behalf of the hockey clubwe're all very proud to representEverton we think we've got a great cityI think we've got the greatest hockeyteam in the world thank you very muchplease welcome the captain of theorder's Wayne Gretzky[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]I'd be after the occupiers we want tothank the city for throwing this paradetoday of course all you people forattending I know there's a lot of thingsthat go on in town but it's nice to seethe appreciation of everyone show upthank you very much[Applause]Thank You Wayne thanks guysthey're on their way to reception at theConvention Center so let's say sayonarato the Edmonton orders[Music]the 1987 Stanley Cup champion EdmontonOilers[Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]well it was a freak appearance by thenew schedule but certainly anenthusiastic crowd on hand and MayorLawrence took or perhaps should hurryback from China because I think WayneGretzky might be able to run for mayorright now and be successfuljudging from the reaction to the crowdand will rejoin Thank You Lee I knoweverybody has their own way ofcelebrating the Stanley Cup in beingexcited but it must be unique for theplayers wives and family so it's it'skind of a big release and and there's nothere's no feeling like but it must be apressure cooker take us through the lastcouple of weeks leading up to the cap ohthat's that's a little hard to do youcan't make many decisions your husbandwon't make many decisions so you have todo it all on your own riches is a toughpart for a wife to doso much so it is it's pretty tough youcan't talk too much and he's prettytouchy and upset if he's not playing andreally high and off the walls playing soit's pretty tough it's pretty tough tokeep your family going at the same paceI've had been all year but everythingchanged you say you want it that's allwe can do here now let said moment ofthe summer and it it's just like gettingout of school actually it's not the samebut as kids feel it's like getting outof school kids are pretty good Alyssawho's in in the first grade schools seemto really notice her and ask her a lotof questions and she handles it quitewell she knows quite a bit about hockeyand quite a bit about the inside of itso she does quite well the little one isa little that's another storyshe's kind of she's like her dad a lotand she gets excited like her mother butthis is quiet when she needs to be likeher dad I thought this might be a littletoo much for my kids so I decided to getthe sitter and keep Matt home and[Music]z crowd with a fellow by the name ofBrad Richardson's Rhettsee any of those games at the Coliseumbut you got to see them on TV did youhave your heart and your throat at thatlast game oh yeah I just always pullingfor the order it was a pretty close gamebut I knew they'd win it it's tonightyours yeah it sure isI missed the celebration downtown theother night but this is this makes upfor itwhat do you think your team now wellit's the third Stanley Cup next year butI hope so you think it's the start of adynasty oh okay thanks very much Bradwe've got sue Whelan entertaining thecrowd down here now are you are yougoing to go over to the Churchill'ssquare and take part in the rock concertimmediately following this yeah sure umand it's gonna be a peaceful celebrationtonight I take it yeah all true Oylerfans oh yeah okay thanks very much Bradlet's go back up to Chris Cuthbert allright thanks very much bill we do have arock concert which is about ready tostartjust across 102 this here is the rockgroup and if you'd like to come down I'msuresome people down in the city square aswell there is a private reception at theconvention center for the EdmontonOilers tonight that's why they left asquickly as they did and also at theWestin Hotel there is a an openreception for anybody that wants to takepart what happens tomorrow for all theplayers everybody dispersed for thesummer calm those guys from Finland andSweden they have quite a ways to go alot of the guys are taking off and justrelaxing they wanting you know I'll havea nice time nice time in the Sun whichwe're getting a little bit of today butnot as much as I'd like so I know thatwe we have to stay around our daughtersin school so kicked in British Columbiait's nice it's nice here in Edmontongood it's a nice place to go to[Music]extraordinary bag here this is Dale nowDale what is it flying are in there whatis the lyrics we are the champions thebest team in HR the best team what doesit mean to me it means we're the bestand I'm a die-hard owner find win orlose I'm with them all away and we'regonna have the cup for another fouryears they don't like us because we gotthe best and nobody can beat us so theydon't like to see them[Music]Liat turn nuts late a nice evening afterall though the Sun just tucks in behindthe claws but we're a little concernedwhen we woke up this morning it was itwas blustery and the crowd was not thatlarge until about 5 o'clock and theneverybody just seemed to fill up thisfront lawn and it just spills all overthe city square and said we had atremendous crowd out I'm sureKarlovic the boys the players appreciateitthey appreciate their support they lovetheir letters they'd love to read themin the dressing women and it's really anice feeling to show you know you comeand you play for your city and you playfor your teamjust as long as they don't die in theparade before they win the Stanley Cupthat guy - now let's not do that againbecause that doesn't seem to work outthis isn't great you know ever plan thisdid a great job out here when it wasn'tas nice weather so it's great to seewell we've enjoyed it and as I said theevening isn't over for the rock group isjust setting they will also have a bigevening planned for anybody that wantsto take part and out in the ballroomcelebration continues and it looks likeit will be more peaceful more peacefulcompared to what happened on Sundaynight we've got the real fans here todayto say thank you and congratulations fora great season I don't think the realfans were out late Sunday night I don'tthink that was quite scary and you knowyou don't like to see that future and wewant to wish you all the best withwhatever he and you and the kids decideand thanks for joining us thank you verymuch Carl Amogh wife of and Emolga ofthe Edmonton Oilers the 1987 Stanley Cupchampions it's a nice habit to come downhere but for the third time in fouryears and we've been another verysuccessful celebration now let's go backto Newsday and rejoin Dana Lewis pipesfrom all three of the city's TV stationsthey're trying to figure out what wentwrong Sunday night and who wasresponsible[Music]why this happy celebration turned sourwidest crowd suddenly rioted againstpolice[Applause]the rioting went on for hours threepolicemen were injured there were dozensof arrests police ordered in dogs in thefire department to help them chasepeople away from the city's downtown[Applause][Music]the firemen say they don't like havingto help the police control the crowdsthey say it's not their job that firemenunlike police aren't in a position toprotect themselves but the acting citymayor disagrees by and large if thepolice are in charge of a situation andthey need some type of assistance andand hosing people down is certainlypreferable to any other kind of methodof crowd dispersal I would think youknow you see in the United States wherethat you know things can get fairly uglywith some of the situations they have Ithought it was a very reasonableapproach and we should be trying tocooperate with one anotherReimer says she still doesn't have afull report from last Sunday's riot butshe says she's satisfied police actedproperly that they didn't over exercisetheir power you know it isn't an easyjob from the police and of it at thesame time you want to make sure that youknow people are out there they can letoff steam because there's been a lotthat's been being building up but at thesame time that they don't become violentand destructive all day police werediscussing a plan for tonight'scelebrations they say they want to beprepared if the crowd gets out of handthey say this time they're not gonna putup with any open drinking and that extrapolice will be on duty and the firedepartment will once again be standingby Ric Bogusky CBC News Edmonton we willhave more coverage of tonightyou

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